Elena Lopez


Ten Flowers That Have Surprising Meanings

Image credit Everyone loves flowers. They are beautiful, smell wonderful, and can convey meanings without words. Flowers are an important part of major life events and rituals. Weddings, celebrations, and even funerals use flowers. Have you ever wondered whether there’s…


Ten Amazing Facts About Roses

Image credit Rose is no ordinary flower. It is a very special, legendary one with a bloom that represents love, beauty, peace, among several other things. The word ‘Rose’ comes from the Latin word ‘Rosa’, meaning ‘love’. Rosa, Rosina, Rosie…


An Awesome List of Flowering Summer Plants

Cover Image Source Few sights are more exuberant than a summer floral garden in bloom. Summer plants that flower are typically showy with bold and bright colors and proliferate blooms to attract nature’s pollinators. The presence of fluttering butterflies, buzzing…


Different Types of Lilies

Cover Image Source Flowers are parts of plants or trees that enhance the beauty and appearance of a particular plant or tree. There are varieties of flowers available in the world. But you will see only a few flower varieties…