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Linnaea borealis (Twinflower) is a small plant found in circumboreal habitats throughout the northern hemisphere. Linnaea Flower grows in open forests, heaths, and open dry slopes in the mountains from Siberia to Sweden and across North America. The specific epithet Borealis means “northern” and refers to the plant’s geographical range.

Linnea is a Scandinavian name, and the Linnea flower meaning is “lemon tree.” Carl Linnaeus, a well-known 18th-century Swedish botanist, coined the name. He was working on a system to classify his plants and animals, which he named after himself the ‘Linnaean’ system. This is the reason why this name is so prevalent in Scandinavian countries.

The common name is derived from the plant parts’ twin-like nature. The nodding pink to white bell-like flowers are born in pairs on short, thin Y-shaped stalks that rarely exceed six inches in height, hence the common name “twinflower.” 

Before understanding the meaning of the Linnea flower, it is important to know the details about this wonderful flower. Linnaea borealis is a flowering plant in the Caprifoliaceae family (the honeysuckle family). It was the only species in the genus Linnaea until 2013. 

Despite its preference for cool, dark forests, it appears to have no specific habitat preference. It is equally common under a moderate deciduous canopy in moist or average soil moisture conditions. When it is not in bloom, it is frequently overlooked, ignored, or crushed beneath the foot of a passing hiker.

The flowers are highly fragrant and last for about seven days. They appear in June or July. The leaves, round and leathery, are also twins, paired on opposite stem sides. The plants are semi-woody, loosely matted, and evergreen, with leafy branches that creep across the ground on long runners. The maximum height is approximately 4 inches.

What does the Linnea flower symbolize?

Linnea flower symbolizes beauty. This flower symbolizes the emotional spectrum—a whirlwind of emotions behind a calm exterior. Linnea flower is well-known as a reliable companion.

All in all, the Linnea flower symbolic meanings are:

  • purity
  • beauty
  • excitement
  • tactfulness
  • kindliness

Meaning of the Linnea flower colors

White color

White is the color associated with purity. Like the white color’s symbol, white Linnea flowers are most intimately correlated with innocence and purity. The delicate white petals of Linnea flowers symbolize truth, purity, and perfection. 

White Linnea flowers are ideal for conveying that lovely combination of glamor and pureness. White Linnea flowers can also be practical and eye-catching when combined with flower designers’ blooms.

Pink color

Pink Linnea flowers convey love and affection. These flowers are sometimes associated with femininity. Furthermore, pink Linnea flowers represent softness and politeness.

If you want to express affection to someone, you can present pink Linnea flowers because they represent care. 

Purple color

The purple-hued Linnea flower represents many things. It symbolizes nobility, honor, and glory. This flower also represents extravagance, divinity, and suspense. 

Purple Linnea flowers are exquisite and make a one-of-a-kind gift. These purple Linnea or twinflowers also represent faith and can be found in various religious rituals.

Interesting facts about the Linnea flowers

  • Linnaea flower leaves can be used as a general tonic during pregnancy and for women with painful or difficult menstruation. Linnaea Flower has been used in this manner in both North American and European cultures. 
  • Linnaea Flower leaves are used to make tea or made into a tincture to be used as medicine for this purpose. This species is also helpful for those suffering from the common cold or insomnia.
  • Mashed leaves can treat bruised skin and other common skin conditions such as eczema, measles, hives, and ringworm.
  • This species has recently been used in cosmetology and can be found in some skincare products.
  • Linnea flower is desirable for permaculturists due to its multiple functions in the forest and garden, including medicinal and aesthetical functions.
  • According to research, the American Linnea flower cannot pollinate close relatives and requires less closely related individuals nearby to set seed successfully. As a result, if a population becomes small or isolated from others, it is more likely to become extinct.
  • The Linnea Borealis is Sweden’s unofficial national flower. Although Sweden does not have an official national flower, it does have flowers representing provincial land divisions.

How to grow Linnea flowers

Linnea flowers aren’t very hard to plant; they are simple and low-maintenance.

  1. Plant the Linneas in fertile, well-draining, and moist soil.
  2. Place them in a spot with full or partial shade.
  3. Water regularly to maintain moist soil.
  4. Apply a slow-release shrub fertilizer.

How to care for Linnea flowers

  1. Water the Linneas once or twice a week to keep them vibrant and healthy.
  2. Add compost yearly to provide needed nutrients and to support proper soil drainage.
  3. Remove any damaged or dead branches.

Best time to gift Linnea flowers

Linnea flower indicates immense beauty. Thus, you can gift this flower to your dear ones. You can give various types of customized floral gifts made of Linnea flowers on any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.


Linnea flowers are tiny and not ideal for a bouquet, but they still carry a special meaning and beauty.

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