Rain Lily Flower

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 09:06 am

Rain lilies, also called the Zephyranthes Rosea, is a tropical flower. Also considered a wildflower, it is called so because it blooms after a long, hard rainfall. These perennials belong to the Amaryllidaceae family. Native to the southeastern part of the US, these are found in Central and South America. 

In Greek, Zephyrus is the name of the God of the West Wind, and anthos means flower. It is also called a Fairy Lily for its seeming ability to appear out of nowhere.

What Does The Rain Lily Flower Symbolize?

The rain lily flower symbolizes new beginnings, hope, marriage, prosperity, and rebirth.

These flowers frequently blossom after a shower and have the power to appear out of nowhere, reminding us that joy is unpredictable and can often be found right around the corner. As a result, they also represent happiness and joy.

All in all, the rain lily flower symbolic meanings are:

  • hope
  • new beginnings
  • marriage
  • happiness
  • prosperity
  • resurrection
  • rebirth

Meaning Of The Rain Lily Flower Colors

Orange color

An orange rain lily flower’s meaning is prosperity and confidence.

White color

The white rain lily flower represents resurrection, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Pink color

A pink rain lily flower symbolizes love. This is a perfect symbol for people to have loving relationships and strong marriages.

Yellow color

A yellow rain lily flower means happiness, hope, and joy.

Interesting Facts About The Rain Lily Flowers

  • The rain lily mostly grows in areas with a lot of rain.
  • There are 70 species of rain lily and many hybrids.
  • Most rain lily plants have foliage that looks like grass. A few species have wide lives.
  • They like tropical weather and can grow in colder temperatures. In cold climates, they are best grown in containers.
  • Every part of the rain lily plant is toxic to humans. It causes vomiting and diarrhea if eaten.
  • Some rain lilies are fragrant and attract pollinators like butterflies and bees.
  • It is called the fairy lily because the flowers appear like magic after a hard rain.
  • Rain lilies multiply by seeding and by bulb division.
  • Rain lily flowers resemble a crocus in shape and are often mistakenly identified as such.
  • A white rain lily is calming like the rain.
  • Rain lilies, especially the white ones, are called storm lilies, Peruvian swamp lilies, and autumn crocus.
  • In some countries, rain lilies have become more like weeds.

How To Grow Rain Lily Flowers

Rain lilies can be planted in any landscape—rock gardens, along walkways, small spaces, and even in borders.

  1. Plant the rain lilies in well-draining soil rich in organic matter.
  2. Choose a spot where the plant can get full sun.
  3. Water bulbs well after planting.
  4. Surround the soil with a 1-inch layer of fine mulch.
  5. Add fertilizer to the soil if it has a high clay content.  

How To Care For Rain Lily Flowers

  1. Only water the rain lily plants during extremely dry periods.
  2. Fertilized regularly to make the flowers bloom profusely.
  3. Replace the plant’s potting soil once a year to provide them with enough nutrition. 

Best Time To Gift Rain Lily Flowers

Now that you know more about the rain lily flower’s meaning based on color, it is easy to pick one for a gift. You can get white or pink flowers for someone who has just married or moved into a new home. You can present yellow lilies to anyone who makes you happy and represents joy. If you are unsure, get all the colors as a present. 

The recipient can plant them in their garden or keep the container in a prominent spot. This will remind them of the reason they got rain lily flowers as a gift. Rain lilies make good and thoughtful gifts, and you can never go wrong with these beautiful flowers. If they are available, you can choose a fragrant variety, too—beauty and fragrance in a single package.


Rain lilies are easy to find in garden centers. If you want to grow them from a bulb, you can order them online and create a beautiful flower bed with different colors. These flowers are easy to grow and require just a bit of maintenance. They can be planted in combination with other flowers for maximum effect.

You can give them away as personalized gifts now that you know the exact rain lily flower meaning based on each color.

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