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The scientific name of the Sweet Peas flower is Lathyrus Odoratus. ‘Lathyros’ is a Greek word meaning pea or pulse, and the Latin word ‘Odoratus’ means fragrant. In the 17th century, a wandering Franciscan monk discovered the sweet pea flower. The famous poet Keats (1795 – 1821) had given this flower the name ‘Sweet Pea’. In Edwardian England, Sweet Peas flowers were the floral emblems. These flowers were a must at most dinner parties and weddings. The Sweet Peas flowers became very popular in the Victorian Age because they had charming colors and a pleasant fragrance.

But it is also true that every species of this flower are not scented. The shape of a sweet pea flower is like a butterfly and it has five petals. This flower starts to blossom from spring end till the beginning of summer. The aroma of a sweet pea flower is like candy. Its plant is a climbing plant like a garden pea and has tendrils. A sweet pea plant can grow up to 6 to 8 feet (2.44 m) if it gets support.

What does Sweet Peas Flower symbolize?

If you consider the language of flowers, the sweet peas flower meaning is a blissful pleasure. These flowers grow in clusters and stand upright and symbolically also stand for farewells, good wishes, kindness, and friendship. If you look at these flowers when they are in full bloom, a sense of positivity will fill your mind. The Sweet Peas flower also stands for gratitude and you can give them to thank someone. This flower is the official birth flower for April.

What do the various colors of the Sweet pea flower mean?

Sweet Peas Flower meaning based on its color:

The sweet peas flower is found in various colors. Among them, the widely seen and loved are white, red, pink, and purple. These flowers can make any space look bright with their vibrant colors. Some sweet pea flowers can be multi-colored too. A pinkish-red and white sweet pea is called ‘The Painted Lady’ and a mix of red, cream, and burgundy colored sweet pea is called ‘Queen of Heart’. Lavender, cream, and blue sweet peas are known as Jewels of Albion. A rose, pink and lavender-colored sweet pea is called ‘Cheri Amour’.

But let us know in depth the sweet peas flower meaning when it comes to the most popular and common ones:


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White – Any white or even cream sweet peas flower meaning is tranquility, gratefulness, and innocence. You can give someone Royal Weddings, Cream Southourne, and White Supreme sweet peas to express how thankful you are for their help and support.


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Red – The color red is a symbol of fearlessness, passion, love, longings, and strong emotions. A red sweet peas flower meaning is very distinct too. If you are going to meet a person who you are falling for, a dinner date maybe, you will do well by carrying a bouquet of red sweet peas. When you give these flowers, it means you enjoy their company and are thankful for it, and you are going to see them again soon!


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Pink – A Renaissance or Watermelon Sweet pea flower symbolizes youth, cheerfulness, fineness, attractiveness, and love. Pink sweet peas are popularly used in decorating marriage venues and arranging wedding bouquets. This is because the color is not very extravagant and loud but adorably soft.

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Purple – You can give purple sweet peas to show someone that you admire and respect them. If you want to tell someone how their personality or success has impressed you, you can reasonably do that by giving them purple sweet peas. The variants of purple sweet peas flowers are Chelsea Centenary, Electric Blue, Erewhon, and Blue Celeste. Chelsea Centenary has a pale-lavender color, Electric Blue blooms in azure color, the flower petals of Erewhon are blackish but are deep purple.

Interesting Facts and characteristics of the Sweet Pea flower:

  • A sweet pea smells different at different times of the day.
  • Weather and its age affect the smell too.
  • Some cultures believe sweet peas possess magical properties. It can make a person spiritually strong and wise.
  • The shape of a sweet pea flower is like a butterfly.
  • It is the first-ever crossbreed flower species, done way back in 1882.
  • Sweet Peas became a floral sensation in the Victorian Age and was the Edwardian era’s floral emblem.
  • The Aegean Islands, Southern Italy, and Sicily have their native habitats.
  • In the past, people used this flower as a perfume by attaching it to a button-hole or carrying it in the pocket.
  • Though sweet pea seeds look like seeds of green peas they are inedible and toxic. It has a neurotoxin.
  • Because it has a self-pollinating ability, the sweet pea flower contributed to the study of genetics and the field of medicine.
  • Sweet Peas can be used as a natural fly deterrent.
  • According to Numerology, this flower falls under number 5 and also under the planet Mercury.
  • Keats was the first person to call this flower ‘sweet pea’.

The best time to gift someone Sweet Peas Flowers:

You can give sweet peas to others whenever you want. As Sweet Peas are considered to be a good omen, you can gift them to the bride at a wedding. You can wish her good luck by giving sweet peas flowers as the wedding gift. This is especially practiced in France.

Sweet Peas are believed to be April’s birth flower. So it can be an ideal gift for any friend or family member whose birthday falls in April.

These flowers also stand for bidding farewell. You can give a bunch of sweet peas to someone who is about to start a journey.

Sweet peas flowers also signify friendships and you can give them to someone you want to be friends with or to someone who is already a friend.

These are also great gifts when you want to show someone that you are grateful to them and how much you appreciate them. When you want to remind a loved one that you care and are thinking about them, all you need to do is send them a bouquet of sweet peas.

When you are shy or uncomfortable expressing your feelings through words, on most occasions, a bouquet of Sweet Pea flowers will do the job for you.