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Has it ever happened to you that you were in a bad mood and someone gave you a flower, or perhaps you chanced to look upon a flower by the road? What did you do then? Did you smile? Did you think of someone? Maybe you bent down to smell it Did seeing those flowers make your day a lot better?

Flowers have that power! Some flowers more so! Which is why we love it when we receive bouquets, because we feel loved or cared for. It is also why flowers are used during ceremonies and festivities the world over.

Different flowers are know for their special properties. Some for their strong fragrance, some for their size. Many are known for their wonderful colors. The pansy is one such flower.

One of the most commonly seen flowers, the humble but pretty, pansy is often known for its vibrant and varied colors. But did you know that it is also a great mood-lifter?

The pansy has hidden meanings

The pansy comes in many shades and designs, and is very pleasing to look at.

But can you guess that there is a world of hidden meanings encased in this tiny flower?

A flower that is commonly found in almost all seasons, the pansy is loved by many. But not everyone knows the powerful messages it carries within. Not only that, every color of the pansy has a different connotation. If you want to impress your partner, you’d better know if you should give a yellow pansy or a purple one. Or perhaps a white pansy? Or do you feel blue would better suit the occasion?

Missing someone? Send over some pansies.

The pansy flower takes its name from the French word ‘penser’ which means “to think”. This is why the beautiful pansy is associated with ‘thinking’, ‘thoughtfulness’ or remembering someone. And if you really want them to know, send over a pansy or a few! It really screams out “I’m thinking of you!”

The Freethinkers Society use the pansy flower as their symbol. Through the image of the pansy, they highlight their philosophy that thinking should be bereft of social dogmas, stereotypes, traditions or irrationalities. Freethought is commonly shown through the violet pansy. The pansy flower evokes thinking which is without restrictions or chains.

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What does a pansy symbolize?

If someone offers you a pansy, it means they are thinking of you. But it can also indicate fondness.

Pansies have long been associated with admiration, affection and adoration. It is used to show love, but more often platonic love. So it’s a great gift for your best friend, parents, siblings or family!

But this is a more recent phenomena. A few centuries back, pansies were not used so much for platonic love as they were for raging passion.

The Secret-Code of the 19th-century.

During the Victorian era, courtship was not as open an affair as it is now. Many lovers had to meet, or even communicate, in secret. Pansies or rather, a bouquet of pansies, were often presented to potential partners. They were often wrapped in doilies amongst other herbs and gifted to romantic interests. People in love would often gift each other pansies to tell them “I’ll remember you” or “I’ll miss you”. It was used as the flower of remembrance and romance.

How do you use the secret now?

The Victorian society was obsessed with hidden meanings and covert messages. But who would’ve thought that flowers could be used as secret code? Different types of flowers were often used to denote different meanings, especially in poetry or paintings. But what was secret then, need not be a secret to you anymore!

You already know now the meaning of the pansy flower, but what do the colors of the pansy symbolize? Read on to know what the specific colors mean and how you can use it to convey your affection to a beloved. Of course, you can always gift someone pansies to make their day better and brighter. But wouldn’t it be more interesting to send across hidden meaning to them through the colors of the pansy flower?

Color my love!

The purple pansy

The color purple generally symbolizes royalty. Here too, the purple pansy is used to denote royalty, nobility and magnificent beauty. The deep hue seen in the middle of the purple pansy is associated with strong memories. Just like the richness the color, the purple pansy is loaded with meanings.

The yellow pansy

The vibrant yellow colored pansy flower is given to someone who is feeling sad or lonely. The bright color is believed to uplift their mood and give them joy. Yellow is a warming color and yellow pansies symbolize positive cheer and happiness.

The white pansy

The clearest of colors, white, is associated widely with innocence and purity. White pansies are gifted to new loves with whom someone would like to begin courtship. The white pansy is like a white slate which can be colored in the days to come.

The main colors of the pansy are purple, yellow and white but nowadays, pansies come in myriad colors and combinations.

Let’s see what some of the other colors mean.

The red pansy

The red pansy is the easiest secret to guess. As red is always associated with love and deep affection, the red pansy too, denotes a flaming romance, or a desire for it. Give some red pansies instead of roses the next time you want to tell someone that you’ll miss them passionately.

The orange pansy

The color orange, like yellow, is vibrant and energetic. The orange pansy, therefore, is gifted to those who you would like to make happier and more optimistic. Although a rare color, orange pansies have a strong impact on someone’s mood.

The blue pansy

The blue pansy is the most fragrant of them all and is the most straightforward in its meaning. Blue indicates honesty and loyalty. Blue pansies can be gifted to those to whom you want to promise a loyal companionship. But, be careful to not give very dark blue or indigo pansies to a loved one.

The black pansy

Black is commonly considered an ominous color and is avoided for gifting. In this case too, black pansies are generally avoided as gifts or are presented to those with whom your future is unsure. The black pansy is gifted to mean that “I have feelings for you, but I am unsure of your feelings”. It can also mean “I love you but I know you don’t love me.”

Now that you know the secret message hidden within the different pansy colors, go ahead and gift some to your loved ones.

The many colors and their respective meanings can also be altered depending on the color combinations of the pansies and their designs.

So, what does the pansy flower mean?

  • Lovingly thinking of someone
  • Loving affection
  • Lost in thoughts of someone
  • Remembrance
  • Free thinking and openness
  • Consideration of a relationship

Some more secrets

Some flowers are associated with birth-months, depending on their qualities or time of bloom.

The pansy flower or the viola plant is taken to be the birth flower of those born in February. The pansy often blooms around February and is therefore, associated with that month. It is also the month of love and thereby, it fits perfectly! So don’t hesitate to gift a February-born a bunch of pansies on their birthday, or the next time you see them.

Pansies are awfully common and it is a shame that we don’t gift each other flowers as much nowadays. Isn’t it fascinating how much meaning a small flower can hold?

Did you know?

Pansies are edible flowers, which are often used to decorate because they are so beautiful. Eating the flowers are not only completely harmless, but also beneficial for health.

Pansy flowers are a good source of nutrients. They have been used in traditional medicine making for centuries, especially in Chinese medicine. They are also believed to have anti-cancer properties. Pansy flowers have chemicals which help break down cancerous tumors and make a person healthy.

In Ancient Greece, many believed that pansies made a raging heart calm. This was true, even if they did not know why. Salicylic acid, an active ingredient in aspirin, is found in abundance in pansies, and hence ingesting them made the heart calmer.

Pansy flowers also help cure respiratory illnesses by having anti-inflammatory properties. They have saponins which help clear the passages and help in better respiration.

The Roman scholar, Pliny, had written that pansies helped relieve dizziness and headaches. This is because the pansy flower is mildly sedative and the fragrance is very pleasing.

Pansies are highly sensitive to the conditions in which they grow. This is why herbalists or gardeners use the different patters of pansy flowers to differentiate between many factors. They can identify specific elements like the quality of the soil, the moisture content, weather conditions etc. from how the flower looks. Similarly, conditions can also be altered in order to create specific types of pansy flowers.

Who knows, maybe we can find more secrets in these new colors of pansies?