List of flowers that start with N

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Flowers have the capability of brightening up a place and people’s moods. No matter where a person is, an area filled with flowers will make him feel happy and at peace. Thus, flowers not only have an aesthetic appeal but also a psychological effect on the well-being of the people. Moreover, many flowers have medicinal properties, and some are edible too. So, today, we bring to you a list of beautiful flowers that start with the letter N accompanied by interesting facts about each.


Scientific Name: Narcissus

Places of Origin: Mediterranean region and Asia

The beautiful white and yellow narcissus flowers are one of the prettiest and most famous flowers in the world. These flowers are known by numerous names and have a large variety such as jonquils, daffodils, and paper whites. The best advantage of growing these flowers is that they do not require a lot of maintenance. Hence, they are easy to grow and cultivate. They are especially famous in Germany. In many countries, they are symbols of rebirth and hope.

2. Narrow-leaf Coneflower

Scientific Name: Echinacea angustifolia

Places of Origin: North America

Narrow-leaf coneflower is a perennial flower belonging to the family of sunflowers. They are found in the shades of pink and purple and ate quite popular as showy plants. Their bright colors attract pollinators. They also have a lot of medicinal properties and are in use in herbal medicines since ancient times.

3. Nasturtium

Scientific Name: Tropaeolum

Places of Origin: South and Central America

Nasturtiums are popular for their bright and cheerful colors. Hence, they are a must cultivated flowers in gardens. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also have a lot of other functions. For instance, they are rich in nutrients and hence, used in preparing several healthy dishes. They also act as pest repellents and their bright colors attract pollinators. Apart from that, nasturtiums have a lot of significance in medicine too.

4. Nemesia

Scientific Name: Nemesia

Places of Origin: South Africa

Nemesia is one of the most popular flowers that start with N. They have bright colors that make them great options for ornamental purposes. Most Nemesia flowers also have wonderful fragrances. They can be commonly found in cottage gardens and as hanging basket plants. Moreover, they are also considered to be a symbol of friendship in various communities.

5. Nemophila

Scientific Name: Nemophila

Places of Origin: United States, Canada, and Mexico

Popularly known as Baby Blue Eyes, Nemophila flowers are extremely charming and delicate beauties. They get their name from their refreshing sky-colored petals. In the flower dictionary, they also denote victory and success. If you want to add unique light colors to your garden, Nemophila is perfect!

6. Nepeta

Scientific Name: Nepeta

Places of Origin: Europe, Asia, and Africa

Nepeta is a delicate looking perennial flower that is easy to grow and cultivate. Hence, for those who have just begun gardening, growing Nepeta is a good option. But the unique feature of this flower name is its euphoric effect on cats. The strong fragrance of Nepeta attracts cats in particular and hence, they are commonly known as catmint or catnip. In folklore too, this flower is quite popular. It is believed that Nepeta has the power to capture the heart of your beloved.

7. Nerine

Scientific Name: Nerine

Places of Origin: South Africa

This flower that starts with N is also known as Guernsey Lily as it was abundantly grown on an Island called Guernsey along the English Channel. This breathtaking flower has a unique shape and is available in bright colors. Therefore, they are popular as ornamental flowers. They can also be used as indoor plants. According to common belief, Nerine symbolizes freedom and good fortune.

8. Nicotiana

Scientific Name: Nicotiana

Places of Origin: America, Australia, South Pacific, and Africa

It is not difficult to guess from the flower’s name that it is a producer of nicotine or tobacco. Hence, Nicotiana is also known as “tobacco plant.” These beautiful flowers are popular in cottage gardens. They are also strong attractors of pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies. Nicotiana does not require high maintenance. Therefore, it is easy to grow and is also available in a variety of colors such as pink, white, red, and purple. Another fact- they have a wonderful fragrance!

9. Nierembergia

Scientific Name: Nierembergia

Places of Origin: Argentina

Nierembergia is a small cup-shaped ornamental flower. Due to its shape, it is also called cup flower. Named after a Spanish theologian and naturalist, Juan Eusebio Nierembergia, these flowers thrive in hot locations. Moreover, they are annual flowers requiring low maintenance. They also attract a lot of birds.

10. Nigella

Scientific Name: Nigella

Places of Origin: Southern Europe

Popularly known as “Love in a Mist,” this flower that starts with N is a romantic’s favorite. Nigella is an annual flower that is found in numerous colors such as pink, lavender, blue, and white. These delicate looking flowers can transform any garden into a fairyland with their magical appearance.

11. Nolana

Scientific Name: Nolana

Places of Origin: Chile and Peru

Also called Chilean bellflower, Nolana is a unique and rare annual plant. Its trumpet-shaped petals are very attractive and so, it is used for ornamental purposes in gardens. Generally, they have blue colored petals with white and blue shades in the center. This distinct combination surely makes them a treat to look at.

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12. Nelumbo

Scientific Name: Nelumbo

Places of Origin: Asia

Commonly called Lotus, Nelumbo is a beautiful flower that is especially popular in Asian countries. They are aquatic plants that thrive in swamps, lagoons, lakes, and ponds. Lotuses also have a strong mythological influence in Hinduism where they are often connected with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is also a sacred flower in Buddhism. In India, Nelumbo is considered the national flower of the country.

13. Nerium

Scientific Name: Nerium

Places of Origin: Mediterranean, China, Portugal, and Morocco

Nerium commonly referred to as Oleander is an evergreen shrub popular for decorative purposes. This ornamental flower that starts with N is quite famous among gardeners as they are highly adaptable and evergreen flowers. The reason it is named Oleander is because of its association with the Greek legend of Oleander. In this tale a young man of the same name drowns in the sea while on his way to meet his beloved. When found, his lover picks the beautiful flower that was clutched in his hands and plants it in the name of their everlasting love. Since then, Nerium is known as Oleander.

14. Nettle-leaved Bellflower

Scientific Name: Campanula trachelium

Places of Origin: Denmark and England

Nettle-leaved bellflowers are bright perennial flowers having bell-shaped petals. Mostly, they are found in blue and purple color tones. This flower also falls in the category of showy flowers. In the US it is also known by an interesting name “Bat in the Belfry”. The reason for this unique nickname is the stamens of the Nettle-leaved bellflowers that look like bats hanging on the bell of a church.

15. New Guinea impatiens

Scientific Name: Impatiens Hawkeri

Places of Origin: Papa New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

New Guinea impatiens are bright colorful flowers perfect for brightening up your gardens and your mood. These low maintenance but high-performance annual flowers are available in a wide range of colors. Some of them are orange, pink, red, purple, white, etc.

16. New York Ironweed

Scientific Name: Vernonia noveboracensis

Places of Origin: Unites States

These flowers that start with N are perennial purple-colored flowers that are easy to grow and take care of. New York Ironweed is a member of the family of daisies but is available only in one color that is purple. Due to their bright color, these flowers are also used for ornamental purposes.

17. Nodding Wakerobin

Scientific Name: Trillium flexipes

Places of Origin: United States

Nodding wakerobins are beautiful flowers with three petals generally in white color. These perennial flowers exude grace and are very delicate looking. That is why in various folk tales, Nodding Wakerobin is also considered as a symbol of modest beauty. However, no matter how much you wish to, never pluck its petals otherwise the plant itself dies. In various areas such as Ontario, these flowers have been declared endangered. That is why, in many areas, plucking Nodding Wakerobins in the wild has been made illegal.

18. Nymphaea

Scientific Name: Nymphaea

Places of Origin: Cosmopolitan distribution

Nymphaea is a tender aquatic plant, also known as Water Lily in the United Kingdom. The inspiration for their beautiful name was taken from the nymphs of Green and Latin mythology. These bright and pretty flowers are known for their elegant beauty and are extensively used for ornamentation. Some parts of the flower are edible as well. We hope you enjoyed our list of flowers that start with N and learned interesting facts about the same.