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Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but their fragrance can also invigorate your spirits. Keeping fresh flowers in a vase at home adds to the appeal of the space it is placed in. Whether it is your guests or your family members, the sight of pretty flowers can brighten up anybody’s day.

If you are in the mood for something new and adventurous, do not settle for everyday flowers that every florist in your area sells. Instead, look for something exotic. The search and effort will pay off. These lovely rare flowers in vase will truly transform your living space into nature’s bounty.

A List of Lovely Rare Flowers in Vase

Nature has many exotic and beautiful flowers to offer. Keeping a rare flower in your home is not only a treat for the eyes, but also for the overall ambiance of your abode. Guests and visitors will be impressed and intrigued by the sight of exquisite flowers which are rarely found in the local flora.

You should be able to find most of the flowers mentioned in the list below in high-end florist shops. Some of them are more exotic than others and may have to be shipped to your place. But the effort will be worth it as they will add great value to your interior decor.



These exotic flowers are shaped like hearts. Unlike usual flowers, an anthurium is not composed of multiple petals. It has a single petal which goes around the stem. A typical anthurium is medium in size and goes very well with ceramic vases, although a transparent glass vase will also do the trick. This flower comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white, red to pink. Due to their thick appearance, an anthuriam flower symbolizes abundance, hospitality and joy. Place them in your living room among other central pieces of attraction. They also serve as an excellent decoration flowers for weddings.



There is a lot going for tulips. Their petals boast an array of colors in them, often belonging to the same shade. The stems are long and shoot up straight in a tall, elegant pose. Tulips are so beautiful that their loveliness can give roses a run for their money. In a single flower, you can witness colors like white, yellow, red, orange and even purple and lilac. Their vibrancy is a treat for the eyes. No wonder, tulips stand for prosperity, royalty, true love, endurance and abundance. You can keep multiple tulips in a single vase. Whether you want the tulips to be of the same color or different shades is up to you. A good place to showcase them is near the entrance of the house, or your bedroom. Their very sight will rejuvenate anyone who looks at them.



A very interesting looking flower, the hyacinth on close inspection is actually a cluster of many small flowers. These tiny flowers grow closely around the stem and smell very sweet. Together, this cluster resembles a cylindrical shape rising upwards. Even its stem and the surround leaves point upwards, as if encompassing the hyacinth in a crown. The color of the petals range from white to blue and pink. Due to their thick stems, it is advisable to put a single hyacinth in one vase. If it is a wide vase, you can accommodate two hyacinths in it. These flowers symbolize honesty and sincerity. Therefore, a good place to put them is in the study or reading area.

Birds of Paradise


This exotic looking flower is native to South Africa and actually resembles a bird from a distance. The petals come in various shades of orange, yellow and red. The scientific name of Birds of Paradise is Strelitzia Reginae. It is popularly also called Crane Flower, due to its semblance to the tropical bird. Even its foliage has an ornamental appeal to it, which is shaped like banana leaves. This exquisite looking flower symbolizes freedom, optimism, magnificence, success, loyalty and royalty. Due to its inherent significance, placing Birds of Paradise in the living room enhances the opulence of that space. The flower also makes for an excellent gift for occasions such as anniversaries and success parties.

Calla Lily

The scientific term for calla lily is Zantedeschia aethiopica. They are also known as arum lily. They are native to the southern African regions of Eswatini, Lesotho and South Africa. This funnel shaped flower looks beautiful in its pure white form, which is the most common color in the species. But you can also find calla lily in pink, red, yellow and purple colors as well. Their unique appearance stands for rebirth, youth, enthusiasm and beauty. A good spot to place calla lilies in a vase is at the dining table. They will liven up any lunch, dinner or breakfast in your home.


Another great option for lovely rare flowers in vase is Amaryllis. The petals of these flowers are arranged in such a manner that the overall flower looks like a trumpet. Amaryllis is native to tropical regions like South Africa, the Caribbean and the South Seas islands. But the term Amaryllis originates from “Amarysso” which is a Greek word. “Amarysso” means sparkle or illuminate. That is an appropriate way to describe the Amaryllis flower. The most common colors for the petals are white and red. But you may also find flowers which are salmon, pink, apricot, rose or burgundy in color. Certain varieties are bicolor, coming in combinations such as green and purple. The flower symbolizes strength, pride, antiquity and self-confidence.

Lily of the Valley

These exotic flowers are indigenous to the cool northern regions of Europe and Asia. They go by many other names like May bells, Mary’s tears, Our Lady’s tears, Glovewort, muguet and Apollinaris. One stem bears many tiny flowers which are clustered together. The petals come together in the shape of a small bell or pendant. The color of the petals is exclusively white. Although these unique and fragrant flowers look amazing, you should be cautious if you keep them at home. They contain high quantities of cardiac glycosides which is extremely toxic to both animals and humans. So place these flowers away from the reach of children and pets. As a symbol, Lily of the Valley stands for chastity, humility, peace, cleanliness and honesty.


Some of you may be surprised to find Lotus on the list of lovely rare flowers in vase. After all, it grows in water. But with some care you can invite this exotic flower into your home and place it in a vase. For larger flowers choose a bowl like vase which can accommodate the flower in its entirety. Culturally, lotus is the national flower of Vietnam and India. A single flower has a multitude of petals that cascade down from the top in an aesthetic structure. The color of the petals can be white, pink, blue and lilac. They have a pleasant and fruity smell to them. Lotus symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, self-sufficiency, regeneration and rebirth. An ideal location to place this flower is near the kitchen.


Originally found in subtropical and tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Australia and Pacific Islands, Gardenia is a sight to behold. First, they look very similar to roses. Without a closer inspection you may actually confuse them with one. Second, these pretty flowers belong to the coffee family of plants. The petals of gardenia are exclusively white. Their fragrance is not like roses, but they have their own soothing charm. You should keep them in a vase inside your bedroom to aid you sleep and breathe better. Gardenia symbolizes hope, purity, calmness, restoration, innocence, self-reflection and protection. They make an excellent choice for lovely rare flowers in vase.

Ecuadorian Roses

Roses come in varying shapes, sizes and colors. But not all of them hold the same appeal. The one variety that truly stands out among the rest is the Ecuadorian rose. A typical Ecuadorian rose head is at least two inches bigger in diameter than the roses found in other regions of the world. The petals of the Ecuadorian rose are thicker and fuller, and more resistant to tearing. Even the stems of this rose variety grow taller, reaching up to heights of 5 feet (1.52 m). Needless to say, the sweet fragrance of the Ecuadorian rose outclasses every other rose in the smell department. These flowers are a great option for lovely rare flowers in vase. They will make your entire living room smell exotic. Symbolically, rose stands for love, romance, harmony, unity, affection and devotion.


These unique flowers are native to tropical American regions. Even their leaves are used for the purposes of decoration and ornamentation. A typical flower is asymmetrical in structure, which adds to its unusual appeal. The petals range in color from orange and yellow to white and purple. Due to their variety in shape and size, calatheas stand for adventure, new beginnings and hope. They make for excellent lovely rare flowers in vase, especially as a gift on house-warming parties.