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The Adonis flower belongs to the Ranunculus family and a native to Asia and Europe. Also called Adonis Vernalis is known as pheasant’s eye, yellow pheasant’s eye, and false hellebore. 

This flower grows across a wide swathe of North Africa and Europe in forests, meadows, and the steppes of Eurasia. Patches of Adonis can be found in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden. In the Mediterranean region, it is called Adonis Annua because it flowers once a year.

The Adonis flower means “sprouted from the blood of Adonis” in Greek. Adonis was Aphrodite’s lover, and this name is given to the blood-red flower. 

It is a lovely flower in your home and a garden for its visual beauty. Many species of this flower are on the verge of extinction.

Many varieties of the Adonis flower can also be found in North America and cultivated for their beautiful flowers. 

Adonis is part of the buttercup family (ranunculus), the only flower that doesn’t have nectar. However, it still attracts pollinators by offering pollen as a reward. 

Ants usually eat Adonis fruits. The leaves and roots of the plant are presumed toxic to livestock and humans.

What does the Adonis flower symbolize?

Also called the windflower, red adonis flowers are beautiful to look at. These flowers symbolize the death of Adonis, a young god and hunter in Greek mythology. He was very loved by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Persephone, the underworld queen. 

He was killed when he went hunting one day by getting stabbed by a boar’s tusk. The red petals are said to be due to the spilling of Adonis’ blood. If you love someone very much and they passed away unexpectedly, plant it in your garden as a remembrance.

Among Christians, the red Adonis flower is believed to be the blood of Christ as it dripped while he was on the cross.

Since the flower is associated with death, it also reminds us of bad events and memories. Having this flower around you can help you not to put your mind on stressful situations.

An important meaning of the adonis flower is determination, and its message is “I cannot forget you.” Since it grows year-round in temperate climates, it is the right flower to send as a message of love and trust.

It is a lovely ornamental flower that is unique and possesses outstanding beauty. Many species of this flower are on the endangered list, making them rare. If you find a person of the opposite sex attractive, this flower can be sent to express that message.

All in all, the adonis flowers symbolic meanings are:

  • sad memories
  • determination
  • beauty
  • remembrance
  • uniqueness

Meaning of the Adonis flower colors

Red color

The red adonis flower means remembrance. It symbolizes the unexpected passing of a loved one. You can plant these flowers in your garden as a reminder of their absence.

Yellow color

Yellow adonis flowers represent determination. Like the sun, they glow and draw pollinators and attract attention. By growing in the most unexpected places, they stand for determination.

Gold color

Gold adonis flowers represent beauty. If you like someone, send them this flower as a sign of interest.

Orange color

Orange adonis flowers represent uniqueness.

White color

The white adonis flower symbolizes sadness. This flower serves as a reminder of loved ones who have passed away.

Interesting facts about the Adonis flower

  • Adonis flowers are very colorful and bright.
  • Adonis flowers were used as ornamentals in the 19th century.
  • The height of a plant ranges from 4 inches to 16 inches. The leaves are feathery. The number of petals on a flower can vary from 5 to 30.
  • Adonis plants are protected in the UK and cannot be picked.
  • Adonis flowers are very poisonous.
  • Adonis plants are also poisonous to many animals, such as dogs, horses, and cats.

How to grow Adonis flowers

Adonis plants are spring and autumn flowers. They are grown from seed. This plant is easy to grow and care for.

  1. They should be spaced 5 to 12 inches apart. 
  2. Adonis prefers part shade conditions but is well-watered; it can also be grown in full sun. The soil has to be moist.
  3. The soil should be mostly sandy and have a pH between 6 and 8.
  4. An Adonis perennial needs regular fertilizing and a good layer of mulch to survive winter conditions.
  5. The plants become dormant in September. You could dig them up and leave the roots in place.
  6. Adonis doesn’t do very well in pots as they don’t like being moved around.

How to care for Adonis flowers

  1. Before working with adonis plants, remember to always use gloves; rashes and other skin irritations can result from skin-to-skin contact.
  2. Juvenile water plants occasionally during dry times. The deep, branched root systems of perennial plants enable them to become self-sufficient after establishing themselves.
  3. They are optional to prune. Adonis flowers do not enjoy the competitions. As a result, make sure no rival plants proliferate nearby that could shade the adonis plant.
  4. Although fertilizing the flowers is not typically necessary, it can boost their growth and health. Species determine the ideal time to fertilize.

Best time to gift Adonis flowers

Now that you know the different adonis flowers meanings, pick the right flower to give as a gift to someone you are close to. This wonderful flower is a good addition to any flower bed. 

Read up on the different adonis flower meanings and choose the right one to give to your friends or someone you are interested in.


Many species of adonis flowers are on the endangered list. Some of them bloom in the spring, but if you have a suitable location, you can grow this beautiful flower in your garden.

They are generally beautiful and showy but have tragic connotations. They symbolize sorrowful memories and the remembrance of someone close to you who passed away unexpectedly. However, these flowers can also represent beauty and uniqueness and convey “I can’t forget you.”

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