Almond Blossom Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors


Have you heard about almond blossom flower? Did you ever get a chance to have a look at them? These are very beautiful flowers, spectacular indeed. This article covers details on Almond Blossom Flower meaning, symbolism and colors. Understanding Almond Blossom flower meaning will help you to use them on the right occasions.

Scientific name and etymology: Almond Blossom flower belong to the family of Rose. These are deciduous trees that is they shed leaves every year. They are in the family of Prunus Dulcis. French word Almenade or Almande and Latin word Amandula are the two word from which the name almond would have derived. Scientific name of the almond blossom flower is Amygdalus dulcis Mill. Prunus communis has the botanical name Prunus dulcis.

Where it grows? Grows well in hot and dry climates. Suitable irrigation is must for Almond Blossom to grow. Originated in Iran and found in the countries around Iran. Then spread to Mediterranean region, Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Now we can find them in California, Unites States, morocco, Italy and Spain are the other places where we can find these trees abundantly. Almond blossom tress need acidic soil, clay and sand to grow properly. They do not grow well in wet soil. Loamy soil has high concentration of organic materials that aid in the growth of the tree.

If there are water puddles in an area that is not suitable for almond blossom tree planting. They grow well with other blooming shrubs. You can water them three times a week. But if it is raining then you should reduce the number of times you water them. Fertilizer with nitrogen in small amounts is good for increased flowering.

Pruning aids in the production of almond blossom flowers. After the flowers bloom fully do light pruning for right level of branching.

What do almond blossom flowers symbolize?

Almond blossom flower meaning has main points we can discuss.

· Almond blossom flowers blooms at the start of spring. Theses show the earliest signs of spring. So Almond blossom flowers got the name who awakens.

· Almond blossom flowers symbolizes alertness, delicacy, charm and sweetness

· In China, almond blossom flowers symbolize feminine beauty, caution and fortitude in sadness

· In Bible sometimes almond blossom flower symbolized divine approval, favor or virgin’s purity.

· Symbol of bravery, courage, purity, hope and love. According to Greek mythology the almond blossom is a sacred symbol of unending real love.

· In many art works almond blossom flowers represent the life.

· Because it is the first blossom to appear in the spring it is a symbol of beginning.

· These flowers are Jewish symbol of hope and renewal.

What do the various colors of the almond blossom flower mean?

There are two varieties of almond blossom flowers: White almond blossom and pink almond blossom. White blossoms produce sweet almonds and pink produce bitter one and pink has cyanide in it. Both the colors have deep almond blossom flower meaning in them.

Pink Almond Blossom Flower:

In the central valley of California you can find pink and purple almond blossom flowers. During almond season there will be a beautiful display of a mixture of pink and purple almond blossoms in the valley. It is a spectacular view indeed. The color pink represents calmness, love, kindness, feminine and vibrant. This color is in association with love and romance. Feminine qualities such as softness, nurturance and compassion are the feminine qualities of pink almond blossom.

Pink almond blossoms will induce emotions like joy and happiness.


White Almond Blossom Flower: Flowers have 5 white petals and a pink center. At the center you can see multiple stamens. That is where pollen is laid. These stamens surround a single pistil. The color white means purity, honesty and simplicity. This color evokes the feelings of innocence, empowerment, goodness and a beginning.

It evokes the moods of creativity. Probably that is why Van Gogh was motivated to make his live art based on Almond blossom Flowers.


Interesting facts and characteristics of the almond blossom flower

· During Jewish holiday of Tu B Shevat flowering branches of almond trees are taken into synagogues to celebrate the arrival of spring.

· Its beauty motivated Vincent Van Gogh so much that he painted them

· These flowers inspired Dale Chihuly to make their glass sculptures because of their beauty.

· Flowers are palatable. You can eat them raw or better tastes as honey. Almond Blossom flower Honey is extremely sweet. In fact, you can use them to garnish your dishes. This is used in ice-cream and in cocktail preparation.

· Flowers taste like nuts. These flowers have an aroma that is similar to lily and jasmine.

· Almond blossom flowers have a natural component called Taxifolin. Well, Taxifolin has anti-carcinogenic properties.

· These flowers are very beautiful and are appreciated for their beauty.

Best time to gift someone almond blossom flowers

· As mentioned earlier almond blossom flower is the symbol of unending love. So it is appropriate to gift to those who are getting married, newlyweds. We cal also gift them to who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries.

· Since almond blossom flowers represent the sweetness and delicacy you can gift them to parents of born babies too.

· Almond Blossom Flowers bloom in early spring. So these flowers remind us of the earliest signs. So, it is very ideal to gift those who start new life.

· It also represents alertness, We can give them to a diligent student as to compliment them for their alertness.


So, in conclusion we have seen Almond Blossom Flower meaning. And we also saw symbolism, and the colors of the Almond Blossom Flower. We have seen that Almond Blossom Flowers represent a variety of things such as alertness, delicacy, charm and sweetness. And how it symbolizes different things depending on the color of the Almond Blossom Flowers. This article discussed almond blossom flower meaning color pink represents calmness, love, kindness and Romance. We have also discussed the interesting facts about the Flower. Well, we learnt how they are palatable.

Besides, we can eat them raw or better tastes as honey. Last but not least we have seen almond blossom flower meaning and whom to gift this magnificent Flower. Like giving them to Students, Newlyweds and Newborn babies are idea-. Overall the Almond Blossom Flower is a spectacular creation designed in a marvelous manner.