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The crystal lotus flower meaning is related to its beautiful structure and color. The crystal lotus flower comes in a lot of varieties and carries a different and interesting meaning which is followed by many people since a long time.

In many Asian cultures, the crystal lotus flower meaning is a related to portrayal of holiness and thus this flower is highly respected in several cultures. Lotus flower in itself is a sign of spirituality and is seen as a divine symbol all around the planet.

Crystal lotus flower meaning can be seen a bit lesser natural and appealing in the first view. But, it also has its own meaning, symbolization, variation of colors and benefits. The growth and the developing process of the lotus flower is different and unique in itself than many other flower breeds. It sinks every night inside the water after sun goes down, and it roots stay attached to the dirt. A pretty red, pink, eye-soothing flower comes up in the dawn, early next morning – clean, clear and shiny. It has also been seen as a reincarnation of spiritual awareness and awakening in many Asian traditions.

Real lotus flower can be a problem in the house because of the dirt. Lotus flower is a little difficult in the houses, but one could decorate and sublime their home and its interiors by crustal lotus flower.

How’s Feng shui Related to Crystal Flower?

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Feng shui is the Chinese art, which tells about the process of harmonizing the environmental energy of person and places. It helps in the health issues and wealth of the individual. This art involves the concepts of visible and invisible components. It works by balancing the energy surrounding the house and forces by seeing things arranged in a way such as odors, colors, hearing, and many other. It comes from the traditional Chinese culture and the core of general and basic knowledge, which also known as the Chinese spiritualized medicine.

So, putting the crystal flower in the environment around or inside the house, office, or interior would impact your daily life routine and spiritual process.

As said in the Buddhism, that the journey of the lotus flower is the mirror to the human’s own spiritual journey. Growing in suffering our spirits behave like a lotus bud, in muddy dark closed tightly and sown. By Buddhism virtues, and going through the various experiences of life, we slowly can open the enlightenment in ourselves. It grows in the mud while unattached to it, clear and shiny, so it also shows unattachment to the filth, while growing and flourishing out from it. It appears several times in Buddhist mythology, scriptures and art. Legend says that while being born, lotuses grew in Buddhas footsteps, which could also be a saying.

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In Hinduism, lotus flower is related to purity and divinity. Mostly divine gods are shown sitting on the lotus flower. While standing, the Gods are shown holding the lotus in their hand. Hindu scriptures also say that lord Brahma took birth from the lotus flower which emerged from the Vishnu’s navel. Divine beauty figure lord Krishna is also referred as “the lotus eyed one.” Lotus coming out of the dirt and flourishing also shows the family of the flowers to stand and come out of filth, wrongs, and dirt. It is a symbol of standing alone in search for the enlightenment in you. It is related to carrying the spiritual duties in you, without being disturbed or diverted by the materialistic things around you. Its a high level of enlightenment.


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According to Ayurvedic chakra, seventh chakra and crown chakra, believed to stay in center of the spirituality source of pure consciousness and awareness, is compared to the thousand petals of lotus. So, the lotus flower is connected to our being. The crystal flower has a delicate appearance, but there lies a deeper significance in like the real lotus flower. It gives a peaceful mind, makes the surroundings pure, which allows to achieve the life goal while giving optimism. The lotus will be the modulation of chi by stopping, accelerating and elimination stagnated chi. The exercises related to chi determine the success, calmness, and focus riches over time and contentment,

The crystal lotus flower meaning has a lot of significance. It also symbolizes adversity and triumph. The flower petal provides safety to he fishes and thus it also symbolizes wealth preservation. It is also connected to prosperity. The crystal lotus flower meaning is also the sign of achieving success and solving problems. Feng shui describes it as the provider of good fortune, love, development and other plenty great outcomes. It is also said that it attracts money and brings great luck. In the study of Feng shui, the crystal flower is called the treasure instrument and is regarded as a treasure. Crystals/gemstones collect the light ,which radiates good enthusiasm and energy. Also, the positive energy is reflected, which helps in maintaining and energizing the family relations and connections inside the house.


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Like the natural lotus flower, crystal lotus flowers also come in various colors which carry different meanings:

BLUE: Blue color crystal lotus flower represents serenity, calmness, peace, freshness, and sensitivity.

GREEN : Green color lotus crystal flower gives the feeling of nature, freshness happiness, the balance of life, success, harmony, optimism, youth, and energy.

YELLOW : This color is happy and joyful and shows energy and dynamism. It also symbolizes intelligence and softness.

RED : This color flower transfers the energy and power and represents initiative also desire too. Red is the love color as well and shows passion, temptation, strength, power, emotion, luxury, energy, perseverance, determination and struggle.

PURPLE: This color shows subtlety, romanticism, idealism, mystery, and protection. This color flower symbolizes freshness, luxury, peace and purity. Mental activity is also stimulated and calmed by this color.

PINK: It shows softness, innocence, romanticism, sweetness and mostly positive values. It is also the symbol of peace, calmness, serenity, confidence and tranquility.

WHITE/ TRANSPARENT: Purity values are represented by white or transparent crystal lotus flower such as purity, innocence, and balance. Refinement and nobility is also shown by this color, as well as serenity, calm, and peace.

MULTICOLOR : Multicolors form a rainbow in the crystal flower with the set of many colors. Alliance and serenity is shown by this color.