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Red roses are a time-honored favorite across the globe. They have captured the hearts and minds of lovers, gardeners, and anthophiles. Whether it’s a single red or a dozen, presenting these beauties to another person especially on their birthday or anniversary is the perfect gift. In fact, a dozen long stem roses are the most popular gift choice on

Valentine’s Day. Nobody can misunderstand the meaning of a dozen red roses because

no other flower on Earth conveys the words ‘I love you’ more beautifully.

Generally, roses are very versatile. Did you know there are over 150 varieties? Some of the most popular varieties are:

  • Climbing roses
  • Tea roses
  • Miniature roses
  • Old Garden roses

They exist in every color imaginable such as yellow, white, pink, orange, fuchsia, and more. The color of the rose has symbolic significance as well. For instance, pink roses represent charm, flirtation, and beauty. White roses symbolize devotion, purity, and innocence. Can you guess the meaning of a dozen red roses? Love is the most obvious answer.

The connection between red roses and love

Roses, irrespective of the color, are a symbol of everlasting beauty. The color red represents intimacy and passion. When you combine the color red with a rose, you get something that is highly meaningful and worthy of poetic praise. As conveyed by the notable English poet, John Keats, ‘Beauty is truth’. True love is the real meaning of a dozen red roses.

When red roses possess a darker hue, they emit an enticing fragrance. The color, the scent, and the appearance of a red rose make a perfect flower. The kind that represents love. A dozen red roses pop out in a garden of flowers. Their intricate petal arrangements signify the numerous layers of love. These are layers that are revealed as the relationship between a couple progresses.

Another reason a dozen red roses are popular among lovers everywhere is due to the rose’s perfect form. Like the rose, love is seen as a perfect feeling. An emotion craved by every human being. This is why red roses are the best bloom for lovers.

Lastly, red roses are a universal symbol of romance and love. They are mentioned or depicted in mythology, literature, the arts, and even on hit television shows like The Bachelor. In case you ever forget your anniversary, spouse’s birthday, or want to convey your deep affection to your spouse or partner, a dozen red roses make the perfect gift.

A brief look at red roses throughout history

Throughout the ages, the red rose was always associated with passion and love. In Roman and Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was associated with roses. During the late 1700s, Robert Burns, a notable Scottish poet, compared his love to a rose in the poem A Red, Red Rose. In the Victorian period, any form of PDA (public displays of affection) was not only frowned upon but punished as well. How would lovers convey their feelings for one another? By giving and receiving roses. It was during the Victorian Era that the language of flowers came to light. Since it was impossible to openly express your feelings for someone, it was commonplace to send a bouquet of beautiful blooms. If a gentleman sent a lady a dozen red roses, it was an open confession of their love and adoration.

The meaning of a dozen red roses was aptly conveyed in the famous book, Alice in Wonderland. In the book, it was the Queen of Hearts who had a passion for red roses. She valued them so much that the gardener would paint the white roses red. They were fearful that she might decapitate them if it was determined that they had planted white roses by accident.

The symbolism of a dozen red roses

Imagine you receive a dozen red roses without a gift card that reveals the sender’s name. What are the first few thoughts that will run through your head? You might think the following:

  • I have a secret admirer.
  • What a beautiful bouquet?
  • Wow, my spouse/partner loves me, etc.

All in all, the bouquet would evoke positive feelings within you. This is the power of a dozen red roses. The deep, red hue of a rose will appeal to anyone. But do red roses always mean love? Not always! The color red also represents aggression and anger. Interestingly, hate and love are very strong emotions that affect you strongly. But rest assured, someone who hates wouldn’t think about sending you such a romantic or aromatic blossom.

The color red has a psychological impact on your mind. In fact, scientists have found that colors have a direct effect on your mental and physical health. For instance, the color red increases confidence and heightens the libido. When your spouse or partner offers you red roses, you don’t have to guess the meaning of a dozen red roses. Your partner is letting you know they’re in the mood for a little romance and cuddling.

A dozen roses also symbolize the twelve months in the Gregorian calendar. Every rose signifies a promise that you will love and adore your partner or spouse throughout the year. Similarly, there are twelve numbers on a clock face and twelve zodiac signs. As a result, many people feel the number ‘12’ represents the cycle of life. Consequently, twelve red roses represent a union of souls and lifelong togetherness. So if you’re wondering what to give your partner on Valentine’s Day, we recommend a dozen red roses. A bouquet of these red beauties will do more than convey your love and admiration for your partner. It will make your partner feel extra special.

What does it mean to receive or give red roses?

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Giving or receiving a red rose signifies the expression of romantic love. This theme has continued since time immemorial. In fact, the meaning of a dozen red roses was and remains true love.

To gauge the deeper meaning of this magnificent flower, you have to examine the meaning associated with the act of giving your loved one this beautiful bloom. The color red conveys deep emotions. In fact, deep red roses just shout love. Bright red or burgundy colored red roses represent unrequited love. Let’s not forget the meaning of rosebuds either. If you give your significant other a red rosebud, it symbolizes innocence, young love, and purity.

Shades of red roses

When selecting red roses, consider their shade as well. You can get red roses in three shades: dark red, bright red, and red. If you’re thinking of giving your spouse a red rose arrangement, think about what meaning a dozen red roses should convey. Do you want to express passionate love, mature love, sexual love, etc?

A bouquet of bright red roses is vivid to behold. This is the classic rose shade and it conveys desire and passion. It stems from a period of restricted love, the Victorian Era. This was a time when men and women were forbidden to court one another or even hold hands in public. Any kind of loving exchange was only possible after a marriage promise was shared. It’s not surprising that during this time two lovers would express their feelings by giving and exchanging bright red roses. Let’s not forget that bright red also represents fire, bravery, and courage- traits shared by Victorian period lovers.

Dark roses are just as fascinating as their bright red counterparts. Deep-red or burgundy roses convey passion in a more meaningful and soul-grabbing sense. On the opposite end, dark red roses also signify that love is coming to an end- an appropriate way to say goodbye to your beloved. This type of rose is often used at a funeral when two spouses part forever. It means ‘my love will live on forever’ even if the couple is no longer together physically.

The darker the shade of red the deeper the meaning. In fact, the meaning extends beyond the emotional and into the spiritual. It is a special bond shared between the giver and receiver.

Final words on the meaning of a dozen red roses

For most people, roses are a symbol of love and commitment. Red roses in particular are adored and respected by all. The color red is daring, bold, and a stand-out star in a garden of flowers. When you combine the beauty and fragrance of a rose with its intense hue, you get a perfect specimen and representation of true love.

If you are looking for a gift that expresses your feelings and regard for your partner, we recommend a dozen, long stem, red roses. This majestic flower makes a memorable statement. Whether you’re asking your partner for their hand in marriage, expressing your love, or going out on a for the first time on a date, red roses make the perfect gift. In fact, you’re likely to receive a positive reaction from your spouse every time!