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Belonging to the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae, celosia is a genus of edible and ornamental plants. They are also known as wool flowers, cockscombs, or red foxes. 

They are said to have originated in the highlands of East Africa. In Swahili, these flowers are called Mfungu. The Celosia plant is native to Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

The botanical name celosia is a derivative of Keleos, an ancient Greek word. Keleos means ‘burning,’ referring to the plant’s flower head resembling a flame. 

The celosia plant has over 50 different species but can be divided into three types, crested celosia, plumed celosia, and spiked celosia.

What does the Celosia flower symbolize?

The celosia flower symbolizes boldness and courage. It is a very unusual flower. There are different symbolism associated with the celosia flower’s meaning.

The celosia flower conveys undying love in some cultures. As it flowers from summer to autumn, it radiates vibrancy and brightness, even when the season becomes dreary. It is believed to possess the power of love.

The celosia flower plant is very resilient. It does not lose its strength and beauty even during harsh weather. Due to their hardiness, the celosia flowers have come to signify strength and immortality.

The Celosia flower’s meaning gets a more profound depth through its colors. Red is the most common shade found in the blooms of this plant. But the purple, yellow, and pink blooms have also become quite popular.

All in all, the celosia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • friendship
  • love
  • immortality
  • affection
  • joy
  • silliness
  • warmth
  • humor

Meaning of the Celosia flower colors

Pink color

Pink celosia flowers can indicate passion and love in various contexts, not just romantically. Pink represents our fondness for friends and family in floral language; thus, pink celosia flowers are an excellent choice for practically every occasion.

Purple color

Purple celosia flowers come in a variety of rich, brilliant colors. Purple flowers represent admiration, elegance, loyalty, and dignity in floriography and have been utilized as a regal color throughout history. Purple celosia flowers can also symbolize success, money, and good fortune.

Red color

Red celosia flowers are bright and beautiful, and they symbolize strong emotions. Red flowers are associated with beauty, love, passion, and romance in floriography; therefore, these flowers are ideal if you want to express love and affection to a romantic partner or spouse.

Orange color

Orange flowers represent positive traits like vitality, enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. These blooms are quite vivid and bold, especially if they are plumed. Orange blooms complement celosia flowers’ flame-like look.

Yellow color

Yellow celosia flowers are bright and cheery, frequently bringing cheer to otherwise depressing situations. Yellow represents pleasure, hope, and joy in floral language. Celosia flowers are occasionally utilized in Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations, and yellow celosia flowers are the ideal choice for this event.

White color

White flowers symbolize rebirth or renewal, hope, innocence, and purity. White flowers are very widely used as bridal flowers in floriography. White celosia flowers, associated with eternal love, are suitable for weddings from midsummer to fall.

Interesting facts about the Celosia flowers

  • The celosia flower plant is often cultivated as a leafy green vegetable.
  • The celosia flower is a popular ingredient in soups and maize porridge in Congo and Benin.
  • The celosia flower is highly nutritious. It is rich in iron, protein, calcium, vitamins A and C, and phosphorus.
  • There are many medicinal uses for the celosia flower. It can treat blood diseases, tapeworms, chest problems, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, and eye problems.
  • The celosia flower has a soothing herbal fragrance.
  • There is a belief that if pregnant women dream of the celosia flower, they will have a daughter.
  • If a single woman dreams of the celosia flower, she will soon meet her true love. Man dreaming of this flower means he will attract prosperity.
  • The rooster is considered an auspicious animal in Chinese culture. It is believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits. The celosia flower’s meaning is deeply engraved in this culture. It is believed to attract luck.
  • In ancient times, celosia flowers were used in rituals, religious ceremonies, and mourning.

How to grow Celosia flowers

The celosia flower plant can grow from 6 to 36 inches (15.24 cm to 91.44 cm). The leaves are blue-green with a glossy texture. The flowers can be red, pink, purple, gold, or bi-colored.

  1. Grow the plant in a warm, sheltered spot that receives at least half of the day’s sunlight.
  2. Maintain an even moisture level in the compost.
  3. Feed while the plant is in bloom.
  4. Plants should be discarded and composted once they have completed flowering.

How to care for Celosia flowers

  1. Water to keep the compost equally moist at all times, but avoid overwatering.
  2. While in bloom, apply a liquid fertilizer once every 10-14 days.
  3. Remove faded flowers to keep the plant clean and encourage fresh blooming.

Best time to gift Celosia flowers

The celosia is a perfect flower to be gifted when you want to wish someone courage. The vibrant colors and shapes make the celosia flower an ideal addition to a gift bouquet for any occasion. It is the traditional flower gifted during Labor Day and football parties in some cultures. As the celosia flower symbolizes love and warmth, it can also be gifted as a romantic gesture.

The stunning bright flowers of the celosia make it a popular choice for flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. The velvety texture of the flower also gives it the name Velvet Flower. They add a dramatic statement to a floral arrangement and nutritional value to a delicious meal.


Celosia flowers are lovely, vivid annuals with numerous meanings and symbolism. Affection, love, individuality, partnership, resilience, and strength are all connected with these flowers.

These flowers were used in Victorian flower language to instill confidence and courage in the recipient. Celosia flowers in a variety of colors are thoughtful or appropriate gifts for a variety of occasions.

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