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Rhododendron, is an elegant, vivacious and evergreen flower grown in many parts of the world. It is used both as an ornamental flower and also for gifting purposes.

Rhododendron is a very large genus of about 1000 species of small tress and woody plants of the healthy family of Ericaceae. In the plant world Rhododendron genus is one of the largest genera. The vibrant bell-shaped flowers forms shrubs which are entirely formed of flowers. They grow up to 14m ( 16 ft). They are mainly found in Europe, Asia, Northern Australia and North America. Rhododendron is the state flower of West Virginia and Washington in the United States. It is the provincial flower of the province of Jiangxi in China. It is the state tree of the popular states of Uttarakhand and Sikkim in India and it is also the national flower of Nepal. In Nepal, this flower is known by the name of Guran.

Etymological meaning of the Rhododendron flower is that the genus name is derived from Ancient Greek words. Rhodon” which means “Rose” “Dendro” which means tree in Greek and it translates to “Rose tree”. It can also be interpreted as steadfast, solid and firm.

The Rhododendron flower falls under the Genus or scientific name Rhododendron.

Rhododendron flower, blooms in a variety of colors like, white, red, pink, orange, yellow and purple.

There are 3 types of ornamental Rhododendron. Evergreen shrubs blossoms throughout the year and are smaller than trees. Deciduous shrubs sheds leaves twice during the year and are small rhododendrons. Evergreen trees stay green throughout the year and grow tall and become trees.

While there are around 1000 species of Rhododendron, but only 15 are grown commonly in nurseries or by home growers. Some of these species are, Rhododendron Blue Peter ( excellent choice for gardens), Rhododendron Elviira ( low maintenance shrubs), Rhododendron Boule de Neige (bulbous and dense shrubs). Rhododendron Bow Bells (evergreen shrubs), Rhododendron Windsong (slow growing evergreen shrubs), Rhododendron White Angel ( low maintenance evergreen shrubs) etc are also great specimens.

What does the Rhododendron flower symbolize?

Rhododendron, is native to sunny places and therefore it symbolizes light and warmth. In fact, a Rhododendron plant has many positive symbolism associated with it. It connotes energy, good vibes, positivism, cheer, goodwill, appreciation, serenity, confession of love and friendship. Whether, you gift a Rhododendron flower bouquet or grow it in your garden, the flowers will bring in a lot of optimism and love. It radiates positive energy and thus this flower is so popular in so many countries.

The general meaning of Rhododendron flower is a beautiful and heartfelt compliment, “you make everything much more beautiful and nicer”. No wonder with such a loving symbolism attached to this flower, this flower is popularly given as a gift.

What do the various colors of the Rhododendron flower mean?

The Rhododendron flower color that you wish to gift or give away symbolizes your own floral language. Depending on the occasion you choose the color. Each color of the Rhododendron flower has a meaning and significance attached to it and hence you should give special attention to each color in order to choose the appropriate color. Let’s see the significance of each color.

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Red Rhododendron: The red color is widely associated with the feeling of love and passion. Like most red flowers, red Rhododendron is also strongly affiliated with the emotions of love, sensuality and intense passion. A red Rhododendron is commonly gifted between lovers to express and convey their feelings and fondness towards each other. When you gift a red Rhododendron, you send a personal message to your dear ones. However, you can even gift a red Rhododendron to a friend whom you dearly love without necessarily professing your love.

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Orange Rhododendron: An orange Rhododendron is a symbol of strength, vitality and liveliness. If you wish to give someone strength and encourage someone positively then an Orange Rhododendron is an ideal flower to be gifted. Orange is a bright and positive color. Hence, when an Orange Rhododendron is gifted it connotes a lot of positivity and uplifts the mood of the receiver.

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Yellow Rhododendron: It’s a common belief that the color yellow is generally associated with funeral. So, for many people a yellow Rhododendron is considered to be the appropriate flower to be given during a funeral service. It is used as funeral floristry. But this does not mean that the flower has any negative connotation, in fact it has positive notes associated with it. The yellow Rhododendron is considered as a symbol of showing love, respect and remembrance towards the deceased. It symbolizes the happy moments spent with the deceased and it is not a flower for mourning.

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Pink Rhododendron: The color pink is a very warm and soothing color. Pink Rhododendron is used in occasions ranging from wedding to a funeral. In a wedding celebration, pink Rhododendron flowers are used as an ornamental flower for decorations and wedding arrangements. These flowers are known to stand for wealth, luxury, success and material pleasures. They are a symbol of wishing good luck and a bright future to the happy couple. Pink Rhododendron is also given during a funeral service as it invokes a feeling of calmness and warmth.

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White Rhododendron: Like the pink Rhododendron, the white Rhododendron is used for wedding decorations. The color white stands for peace, purity, innocence, faith and civility. If you have a wedding reception then choosing white Rhododendron is a perfect choice. They not only look beautiful but they are the right flowers for this solemn occasion. You can even combine different colors of the Rhododendron flowers to create a bouquet. These lovely flower decorations will send a loving and touching message to all your guests.

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Purple Rhododendron: The color purple stands for dignity and pride and is a color associated with nobility. When you gift purple Rhododendron it signifies elegance and this color flower can be gifted in any special occasion. It will surely enhance the value of the gift if you give someone a beautiful bouquet of purple Rhododendron flowers.

What are the interesting facts and characteristics of the Rhododendron flower?

Some of the interesting facts about the Rhododendron flower are as follows:

Rhododendron was discovered in the 16th century by a Flemish botanist named Charles L’Ecluse.

Rhododendron belongs to the daisy family and it blooms from April to September.

Rhododendron was named as Alpine rose by the British as they first spotted this flower in the European Alps in the 17th Century.

In the year 1736, botanist John Bartram and the Quaker Peter Collinson had brought Rhododendron nudiflorum, viscosum, maximum, and canescens to England.

The official floral emblem for the state of Washington was made of Pacific/Coast Rhododendron.

The world’s tallest Rhododendron is 32 meters (108 ft) in height. It is located at Mount Japfu near Kohima, Nagaland, India.

The leaves or flowers of this plant should not be consumed as it leads to several ailments. Like, abdominal pain, stomach irritation and abnormal heart rate. However, in some Asian countries this plant is considered to be edible.

Extracts from some species of Rhododendron flower is used to make essential oils.

Some of the Botanical facts about the Rhododendron flower are as follows:

The evergreen Rhododendron flower is grown all over the world. If you wish to grow these flowers in your garden or simply maintain them as a cut flower in your vase, the following be useful. Go through the below mentioned tips and facts for their care. Taking care of Rhododendron flower is essential to maintain their health and beauty.

Growing and maintenance of these flowering shrubs are not complicated at all. To grow these plants, just pick-up a half-shaded area. Rhododendron flower likes a lot of sunshine and be pampered by the sun. But, be careful, these flowers do not require very high temperature. This applies to both Rhododendron flowers grown in a flower pot and cut flowers. So, make sure that the room in which these flowers are kept or grown are well ventilated so that they do not dry out easily.

When it comes to irrigation, if you want an utmost development of this plant then prepare your soil well. Rhododendron, grows best in humus acidic and well drained soils. Make sure that the soil is never left dry completely. You can also add some fertilizers and manures to enrich the quality of the soil. This additional plant nutrition will help the plant to grow beautifully and the flowers to bloom in its full glory. Be mindful, Rhododendron flowers have a low tolerance to lime. You should avoid soil that contains lime in it. A healthy flowering plant will surely enhance the beauty of its surrounding space.

Thy do not spend too much time during the planting phase as Rhododendron have shallow roots. You must water and prune the plants regularly to avoid leakage of Rhododendron’s leaves. In order to provide the plant with optimal conditions, you can use rainwater to water the plants as it does not contain calcium and hence, doesn’t affect the acidity of the soil.

If you use Rhododendron flower as a bouquet in a vase or as an individual cut flower, then be mindful of these details. The talk of the flower should not be submerged too deep in water. This makes the stem of flower very soft and it becomes difficult for the flower to absorb water properly. But do not worry, there is a solution to the problem just in case you have the stem too deep in water. Just cut the stem short with a sharp knife and make it a slanted cut. This way you can avoid the stem getting too soft. Please, do keep checking the level of water daily and the also change the water to ensure the flower is sufficiently supplied with nutrients. Also, keep the vase in a place with the right amount of sunshine and not directly under sunlight.

Rhododendron, is not very tolerant to large differences when it comes to temperature and lighting. So, make sure that you keep the plants in a steady place. You should keep cutting the dry flowers, so that new and fresh flowers can bloom.

By maintaining optimal conditions you can ensure that your Rhododendron plant is healthy and each breeder will give you beautiful blossoms.

When is the best time to gift someone Rhododendron flowers?

The gifting of flower is an age-old tradition to communicate feelings and emotions when it wasn’t appropriate for someone to openly express their feelings. Strong feelings like love, mourning, appreciation could not be communicated loudly. Therefore, the universal reason we gift flower is to communicate and connect with each other.

In every culture, gifting a flower has a symbolism and meaning. Also, the color of the flower is important as each color has a significance attached to it. When, you gift a flower you should pay special attention to the color you choose.

The Rhododendron flower is quite a versatile flower. When it comes to elegance, purity and love then Rhododendron flower, is a perfect choice for gifting. It’s a flower that is known to uplift moods. It has positive connotations and symbolism associated with it and hence can be given to just anyone. You can give a bouquet of Rhododendron flower to your lover, grandmother or a dear friend. Because of its versatility and its positive symbolism a Rhododendron flower can be gifted during several occasions. From birthdays, to wedding anniversary, to celebrating success, house warming, the occasions are endless. You can choose the appropriate color of the Rhododendron flower to convey your feelings and thoughts.

As you can see, Rhododendron flower has positive meanings and interesting symbolism, so go ahead and gift these beautiful flowers to your loved ones. It will surely uplift not only your mood but the spirit of your beloved as well.