Contemplating the meaning behind long stem roses

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Seen as universal symbols for love and friendship, roses- like life itself- come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s not all, you will find roses in almost every region of the world, and they’ve been known to grow naturally on almost all continents. This highly appealing flower has always been shrouded with symbolism and historic significance. We can even trace back to several hundreds of years when human cultures from across the globe mingled. And with them the roses too, giving rise to the many different kinds of roses that we find today.

With many different kinds of roses evolving with the human society, each rose, each color, and even their numbers have a special significance. From expressing gratitude to eternal love, long stem roses have a very deep significance in our society. In fact, a bouquet of roses can be very easily turned into a beautiful message. Today we will be diving into the vast depths of history to understand the long stem roses meaning.

Colonial traces

Looking back at history, we know roses gained popularity during the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Roses were a popular object of devotion, often offered to the Goddess of Love. We’re not sure if the Ancient Greeks serenaded to their significant others with a bouquet of roses – we know for a fact that Europeans did obsess over long stems in the 1800s. It is not clear how the practice came into being, some say that the great bard of Avon, Shakespeare might have something to do with it. One thing we know for certain is the fact that long stemmed roses first emerged around the 1800s and ever since long stem roses meaning has been debated.

The long stem roses of today can be traced back to a class of roses known as the ‘Hybrid Tea’. They were made when European roses were cross-bred with a class of Chinese roses. So in a way the long stem roses’ meaning also serves as a reminder of Europe’s colonial past.

The perfect choice

The cross-bred hybrid tea in the 1800s is today known as a turning point between the traditional garden roses and the modern variants. Long stem roses have a single bloom with the aroma of the tea rose. That’s not all, these roses bloom throughout the year and grows easily. This made the long stem roses easily available, adding to The long stem roses meaning and importance in expressions of love.

Being readily available is yet another added advantage to the already elegant roses, prompting growers to cultivate the long stem rose in many color palettes. This in turn, started a chain reaction starting from the 1800s all the way to modern era – a perfect choice for every occasion.

South American blossoms

Long stem roses being among the most sought after flowers, their production quickly spreads throughout the globe. Giving long stem roses meaning a whole new global dimension. South America is one continent where roses had not evolved naturally. They were introduced by colonialists during their expeditions to the continent.

The weather in South America proved to be ideal for producing roses with slender, long stems and the newly introduced flora flourished. Ecuadorean roses are widely known throughout the world for their large blooms and even longer stems, setting high standards in the community.

The emotional connect

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Long stem roses meaning is deeply entertained with human emotions. The immense emotional connection only adds to the visually stunning long stem roses. Traditionally, long stem roses were given to each other to signify ‘I will always remember you’. In addition to this, the roses are also known to convey feelings of love and companionship. Long stem roses are most popularly associated with expressions of true love, signifying a long-lasting relationship. Some speculate that the longer the stem deeper the feelings.

A color for every occasion

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Shakespeare said that a rose by another name smells the same. However, a rose by a different color has a completely different significance. Cultivating long stem roses in a wide range of color palette began as early as the 1800s. This was prompted by the fact that long stem roses were considered as the perfect choice for expressing love and also a wide range of human emotions.

Red long stem roses as we are well aware of them, have captured the hearts and minds of lovers everywhere. Giving a stem of red rose to your date, is a popular tradition on Valentine’s Day. It is even considered as the ideal way to confess your feelings and say ‘I love you’. The long stem red rose significant, passion and romance. White long stem roses on the other hand signify peace and respect. They also signify new beginnings. Their pristine appearance makes them ideal for deeper, more soulful moments.

Yellow long stem roses unlike its white and red counterparts can be presented to anyone without much contemplation as the color is widely associated with friendship. However, in the medieval times, yellow was associated with jealousy and infidelity. Today, they bring cheer and joy with their bright blooms. Peach long stem roses are a common sight in the business world as they signify gratitude. Some say it even signifies loyalty.

Orange long stem roses are more common in a family setting. They are commonly exchanged between family members and the flower signifies the emotion of pride. The bright blooms are a perfect way to tell someone how proud of them you are. The same is true about coral long stem roses but with a slightly deeper emotion of love. As the rose itself includes a slightly pink hue with the warmth of orange, it can be used to tell your significant other that you love them and you are proud of them.

Pink and lavender long stem roses are all about elegance and enchantment. The dark hue of lavender signifies the emotion ‘I’m bewitched by you’ Pink on the other hand speaks ‘You are graceful’. Together the combination is visually stunning while also charged with emotion. A combination and pink and lavender long stem roses in a bouquet is perhaps the perfect way to show you’re head over heels.

How many are one too many?

A lesser explored aspect of long stem roses meaning is their numbers in a bouquet. Every number has a different meaning and understanding it can help you pick the right number for your bouquet.

  • A single long stem rose – Single roses have been symbolized as an expression of love at first sight. It dates back to the 1800s when men would offer any nearest flower they could get their hands on to confess love at first sight. As roses were not very common everywhere except in elegant gardens, it slowly gained an elevated status.
  • Three long stem roses – Three roses simply means ‘I love you’. If you are confessing your love to someone, you better not make it look like a hasty last minute decision like a single rose. Your object of desire might think you grabbed the nearest flower before proceeding to confess your love. To show that you did indeed plan it and put some thought into it, it’s always a good idea to carry three as convention dictates.
  • Five long stem roses – Five roses are offered generally after confessing the feelings of love. Five and more number of roses signify how much you care about the person. They can signify friendship and familial bond depending on the right color.
  • Six long stem roses Thinking of popping the question? Six roses is the perfect choice. They traditionally signified the emotion ‘I want to be yours’. Six roses are a perfect choice to tell the person you are dating that you would want more of them in your life. They are traditionally known to be associated with getting engaged
  • Nine long stem roses – Nine roses are widely accepted as a symbol of eternal love. The same goes with a dozen roses too. They are popular in weddings and moments of commitment.
  • Twenty-four long stem roses – With the exception of showing that you care a lot about this person, 24 roses have another meaning. They say ‘You are always on my mind’ – One rose for every hour of the day.

Long stem roses are steeped in history and human connection as deep as their bright hues. From their colonial roots to their bright hues, every aspect of the long stem rose is all about timeless beauty and elegance. While we have outlined the more common and traditionally known long stem roses meaning, it is up to you to create your own message. The different colors and numbers can be combined to craft a unique message of love, friendship, pride, reverence, and much more. So let your creative juices flow and do not limit yourself. Feel free to be bold and explore with combinations of your own because that’s what love is.