Tiger Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

The Tigridia, often known as the shell flower, is a genus of roughly 35 flowering plant species in Mexico to Chile that belong to the Iridaceae family. It was previously esteemed by Aztecs for its bulb-like corms, which had a chestnut-like flavor, and is today farmed for its beautiful blooms.

It is a perennial plant that grows from bulbs in corms. Tiger-flowers They come in various shades of red and feature three lower floral portions that alternate with smaller petals, all of which having an orange-red patch in the middle. 60cm (2ft) stems support the flowers, which are surrounded by thin swordlike leaves.

Since tiger flower meaning can be used for so many occasions, they’re a go-to choice for every occasion. These beautiful flowers may be used for a variety of occasions, from a romantic anniversary to a funeral or a statement of support. Not only that, but colorful lilies are a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion such as purchase of a new house.

And over 2,400 years have passed since the discovery of the lily flower. Lilies have a reputation for being magnificent flowers throughout ancient Greek mythology, wherein Zeus’ wife, Hera, is said to have created lily blossoms. Drops of her milk, which she refused to give to Hercules, were really thought of as the seed for developing lilies!

To Begin the Process of Growing Tigridia

It’s simple to grow Tigridia in the yard and the results are stunning in the middle to late summer.

· Make sure the soil is well-drained and the spot gets full light before planting Tiger Flower Bulbs, also called the Mexican Shell Flower (Tigridia pavonia). Sunbathing in the afternoon is a perk. In addition, they may be grown in containers.

· These Tiger Flower Bulbs should be planted around 2-3 inches thick, 4-5 inches apart or watered well. Our recommendation is to plant in clusters of 5-6 bulbs again for best effect, since they will reach a height of 12-18 inches when fully grown.

· The Tigridia’s tiny stems will be well-supported by low-growing blooming perennials, so be sure to include them in your planting plan. Consider using Saponaria, a low-growing ornamental grass, or interspersing it with Lavender or Agastache as a border plant.

· Keep the soil wet and well-watered after planting your clusters. These plants can tolerate somewhat drier soil since they’re content with the typical amount of moisture in the soil.

· It is possible to cultivate them in annuals in zones 2-7, where they are hardy to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Aztecs of Mexico enjoyed eating the roots because of the taste, which has a chestnut-like undertone. Jaguar Flower was the name they gave it. If you think of Tigridia as a tiger, jaguar, shell, or peacock in your head, you’re not far off. Tiger flower meaning is associated with a lot of different meaning.


What Do Tiger Flower Symbolize?

If you’ve ever wondered what the Tiger Flower meaning signifies, it’s most likely due of the markings on its petals! Wealth and pride are connected with these lilies that have a few spots. As a result of its bright hues, it symbolizes happiness and self-confidence. What makes tiger lilies so vibrant is that they come in a variety of orange tones.

How to Grow Tiger Flower?

To maintain the health of your tiger flower clump, it’s a great idea you dig up and split your plants per three years or so.

Dig up these bulbs with a fork or shovel in the autumn. The stems should be broken off when the bulbs are removed from the ground.

Detach the parent bulb from its offsets. Do not use rotten or dried-out parent bulbs.

The bulbs should be placed in a bag with a little amount of sand and kept cold and dry throughout winter. Sprouts are best planted in the springtime.


What Are the Various Types of the Tiger Flower Mean?

Many varieties are available, and the finest selection may be found online. The following are a few of our favorites:

This white variation has a red and yellow speckling in the center of the flower. Two-foot-tall plant.


“Aurea” is an orange cultivar with a reddish center cup.

There are deeper red tiny flecks in the central cup of ‘Lilacea’, which is a bright purple.

Bulk mixes of nameless tiger flower types are routinely offered, and they come in a wide range of hues. Tiger flowers may be grown for pennies on the dollar this way.


Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Tiger Flower

Cultivars of Tigridia

The Aztecs grew Tigridia more than a thousand years ago.

Many species have been grown specifically for their attractive blossoms in the modern era, and the result is an abundance of species with an array of vibrant colors. Tigridia pavonia, a plant cultivated in the same way as Gladiolus, is the most widely grown species. Tiger flower meaning is associated with the good forune.

Features and Advantages

The Aztecs employed Tigridia pavonia to cure infertility. It has been consumed by Mexican groups for millennia, but only a few varieties are safe for consumption. Tiger flower meaning goes way back to the Aztecs, for example, cultivated Tigridia pavonia for its tasty fruit. Cacomitl” was the name given to the bulbs since they were utilized as a food source.

How to Grow a Successful Tiger Flower?

Almost usually, a plant’s inability to bloom can be linked back to a lack of fundamental necessities, such as sunlight exposure, fertilizer, or water. Taking minimal maintenance of these plants is usually sufficient to keep them flowering. Digging up and replanting a cluster that has become overgrown will help it bloom more often.

Best Time to Gift Someone Tiger Flower

Depending on the species, culture, and color, lilies may represent devotion or purity in different ways. In the Greek tale of Hera and Zeus, flowers are connected to rebirth and motherhood because of their association with the goddess. When it comes to weddings in China, flowers are utilized since they are linked to a century of love. In addition, they are linked to good fortune.