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The Tigridia, often known as the tiger flower, is a genus of roughly 35 flowering plant species from Mexico to Chile belonging to the Iridaceae family. It was previously esteemed by Aztecs for its bulb-like corms, which had a chestnut-like flavor, and is today farmed for its beautiful blooms. It is a perennial plant that grows from bulbs in corms. 

Tiger flowers come in various shades of red and feature three lower floral portions that alternate with smaller petals, all with an orange-red patch in the middle. 60cm (2ft) stems to support the flowers, surrounded by thin swordlike leaves.

What Does The Tiger Flower Symbolize?

While the tiger flower adds an enigmatic presence to any bouquet, its meaning is less than ideal. This flower symbolizes cruelty, so be cautious about who you give it to!

All in all, the tiger flower symbolic meanings are:

  • cruelty

Meaning of the Tiger flower colors

White color

White flowers represent innocence and purity.

Red color

Red flowers symbolize romantic love and passion.

Yellow color

Yellow flowers signify happiness and joy.

Orange color

Orange flowers convey excitement and enthusiasm.

Interesting Facts About The Tiger Flowers

  • The Aztecs utilized tiger flowers to help those who were having difficulty conceiving. The flower was named ocēlōxōchitl, which translates as jaguar flower.
  • Certain tiger flower species are even safe to eat after being roasted, which are common in American Indian and Mexican diets.
  • Tiger plant fried bulbs are supposed to taste like chestnuts.

How To Grow Tiger Flowers

Growing tiger flowers in the yard is simple, and the results are stunning in mid to late summer.

  1. Plant the tiger flowers in sandy or loamy and well-draining soil.
  2. Choose a spot where they can get at least six hours each day.
  3. Water the plants regularly.
  4. Apply a diluted liquid fertilizer in the months before bloom time to encourage a splendid display.

How To Care For Tiger Flowers

  1. Once established, water the tiger flowers only when the ground begins to dry out.
  2. Apply a light dressing of all-purpose fertilizer once the leaves are 10–15cm high. 
  3. Cut back when the foliage turns yellow as the plant begins to go into dormancy.  

Best Time To Gift Tiger Flowers

Since tiger flowers can be gifted for many occasions, they’re a go-to choice for every occasion. 

These beautiful flowers may be used for various occasions, from a romantic anniversary to a funeral or a statement of support. 


Many species of tiger flowers are now cultivated for their brilliantly colored flowers, and many have been developed to be used as ornamentals.

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