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Flowers are probably the loveliest things on earth. Unarguably, among the uncountable variety of flowers roses are the most popular. These incredible flowers undeniably have something special about them. Dainty, fragrant, soft, and delicate, the pink rose is the oldest of them all.

The flower language

Have you ever wondered why do Valentine’s Day roses look so different from wedding roses? Why are funeral flowers white and friendship flowers yellow? 

It is because flowers have a language. The concept of using flowers for communicating feelings began thousands of years ago. Love, admiration, and other sentiments have been attributed to different flowers and colors. The language or flowers or floriography has existed since the Victorian era. Flowers were then arranged in a particular way to send secret codes. Pink roses have been a part of this secret language for a long time. Cultures and traditions around the world have used floriography for centuries.

Some Interesting facts about the pink rose

Roses have a colorful past. The pink rose is not only among the prettiest flowers but also has an interesting past. A fossil of a pink rose found by the archaeologists is believed to date back 40 million years. Drawings of pink roses have also been illustrated in ancient artworks. In all probability, pink roses in their earliest known existence grew wild but their age-old subsistence makes them a classic! Rightfully, pink roses are considered to be ancestors of all roses. After all, the pink rose does not seem to be as fragile as it looks!

 Some ancient Hebrew texts mention that pink roses were the only blossoms that were allowed inside the holy city of Jerusalem. These flowers symbolized a journey towards perfection and were possibly the only variety of roses that existed in those days.

Pink roses have found their mention in literature, artworks, wallpapers, songs, and even in color names. Roses were popular in China, Mediterranean countries, and Persia as early as 500Bc.

In ancient times, gifting a pink rose symbolized the wish to present the prettiest flower available in nature as a gift of unselfishness and purity.

What do pink roses represent?

Roses come in all shades of pink. Hot pink, bubblegum pink, baby pink, coral; name a shade of pink and you will find a pink rose to match it. Pink roses are often spotted in bridal flower arrangements, baby shower bouquets (especially if it is a girl). Pink roses are considered to be the most delicate, gentle, and feminine of all roses. It is a color that’s extremely popular among young girls. 

Pink roses are gifted to express joy, admiration, sympathy, and gratitude. Subtle pinks and vibrant hues communicate differently. Every shade of pink rose symbolizes a different emotion. But, things aren’t easy to decipher always. You would surely like to understand the meaning of each shade before buying a bunch of pink roses for anyone. Well, if you are planning to gift someone pink roses, here is a handy guide to keep you updated about what different shades of pink mean. 

The good thing about pink roses is that they are suitable for giving without having to worry about misunderstandings. Pink roses do not symbolize romance but are more inclined towards the gesture of expressing gratefulness, sympathy, appreciation, and beauty.

What do shades of pink roses and flower combinations symbolize

Hybridization or roses have given birth to an array of pink roses. With the advent of various shades, different meanings were attributed to light, bright, and dark pink roses. When used in arrangement with flowers of other colors, the pink rose can indicate stronger feelings in an amazing way. However, even the flower language is going through evolution like everything else. It is always wise to include handwritten messages to avoid misunderstandings and to clarify what you mean to convey.

  • Shades of pale pink roses stand for admiration or a budding love which is growing but has not attended to the stage of passion. It symbolizes the happiness derived from the relationship. Pale pink roses can also mean poise and grace and your admiration for those qualities.
  • The bright pink roses like fuchsia and hot pink are appropriate for expressing appreciation and thankfulness. If it’s gratitude you want to convey, a bouquet of bright pink roses can be an excellent gift. It is also appropriate for weddings and joyful celebrations.
  • Flower arrangements of pearly light pink roses combined with cream and white roses  signify joy and happiness. They show transparency and pure intentions. The light pink rose can also be a suitable choice for sympathy or condolences.
  • Dark pink roses are often gifted to mothers, wife, aunts, mentors to express gratitude and thanks. These can also be gifted to congratulate or to cheer up someone who is healing or grieving. These roses can be combined with pink hydrangea to fortify the expression.
  • Blooming roses, budding roses, roses without thorn have different things to express. A pink rosebud signifies youth, an innocent heart, and beauty. Gifting pink rosebuds could mean appreciating innocence, purity, and a happy heart.
  • When pink roses come without thorns, they indicate love for the recipient for a long time or love at first sight.
  • The combination of pink and red roses may indicate happiness in a romantic relationship.
  • An arrangement of pink and white roses, articulate appreciation of innocence and gentleness.
  • Not only the color, but the number of roses can also indicate specific meanings. One pink rose says ‘I like you’, 2 pink roses signify mutual love and admiration, whereas, a dozen means ‘be mine’. 13 roses could mean either you have a secret admirer or friends forever but not in love.

The language of flowers is not very simple. Over the centuries, they have been misinterpreted and developed into new meanings. Like any other language, the language of flowers is changing with time.

What does the pink rose stand for today?

Pink roses are the second most popular flower choice all around the world, after red roses. Pink roses spell elegance, style, and class. Florists around the globe choose to make arrangements with pink roses for its femininity, delicate appeal, gentleness, and grace. Pink roses create more excitement in relations as they are mysterious and can mean a variety of emotions. 

These fabulous flowers are often used for decoration simply for their grace and beauty rather than their associated meaning. Pink roses give any room a welcoming feel. These gorgeous blooms fit into any room in the house, office reception, or even a hotel lobby. Since pink roses are not associated with romantic love, they can be gifted freely to almost anyone.

Scientific studies reveal pink roses can affect people’s mind and improve efficiency. When placed in an office, the pink rose can create a calming environment and assist in relaxation. 

Some popular and most beautiful varieties of pink roses

  • Pink Mondial is a light pink variety of rose with ruffled petals. It is a popular, elegant, and long-lasting rose that can be seen in wedding arrangements.
  • As the name suggests White O’hara has pale pink petals with a hint of blush at the center. These large roses are fragrant and make wonderful additions to wedding arrangements.
  • The deep pink Grande Dame rose is a hybrid variety that produces big blooms all through the year.
  • The peony shaped Rosalind is surely a rose for special events. The creamy pink bloom is packed with petals and blossoms with a fruity fragrance.
  • The long-lasting Pink Majolica is a very popular pink rose variety. It has layered petals and that holds up for a long time.
  • The bright pink, rich scented Yves Piaget is a rose with  a large number of petals. It is a wonderful pink rose that goes well in bouquets and arrangements.

Appropriate occasions to gift pink roses


A bouquet of pink roses is a suitable gift for a mother or wife on their anniversary. Though certain flowers are earmarked for particular anniversary years it’s fun to break rules and go bold sometimes!

Mother’s Day

The most preferred flower color for Mother’s Day is pink. It is needless to say why the pink rose is the best choice for this occasion. It symbolizes appreciation and is a great way to say ‘thank you’.


Is it a girl’s birthday? If it is, pink roses can never fail to impress! Your ultra-feminine gesture will be appreciated as it shows you appreciate her.

New Baby Girl

It may be cliché but what can be better than a cutesy pink bloom for a cute little girl! Pink is the typical color choice for baby girls. Pink roses are admired gift for mothers of newly born girls. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new mom, a bouquet of pink roses it is!

It sure feels nice to convey a message through flowers. However, if you are not a stickler for flower language and don’t follow it to the tee, pink roses can be the loveliest flowers to gift on any occasion.