Consider a planet sans flowers, or an environment with just one type of flower. That bloom, regardless of how lovely it seems, may just as easily be a patch of grass. If you want to add some colour and diversity to your landscape, begin with the list of flowers that start with D.

Here’s a list of flowers that start with d:


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Daffodil plants grow on multiple continents, including Europe And North America. They are suitable for garden beds, boundaries, and rock gardens. This flower blooms for a long period, from late December through February, based on the Daffodil plant type. Daffodil flowers might be found growing pretty much any time in the cooler months in mild climates, but it is ideal to grow them while the Daffodil plant fibers remain tender.


Dahlias are members of the Asteraceae (Aster) family and have lovely pink blooms. Daisies and sunflowers are also included. Dahlias typically reach heights of three to four feet and thus are found primarily in Mexico, Cali, the Usa, Africa, and Central America.


The Daisy flower is a signifier of pureness, innocence, elegance, and sincerity. Many societies have used the flowers as icons of fertility, conception, auspiciousness, and joy, and they are frequently used in wedding ceremonies. Daisys are one of the few blossoms whose entire head is understood to shut at dark prior to actually opening up in the early hours.


Delosperma nubigenum, often called as the ice plant, is indigenous to South Africa’s hilly terrain. Delosperma are beautiful potted plants with their icy foliage and dainty blossoms that come from rugged, dry places (thus their namesake, which implies “hard fruit”). Delospermas can be seen in gardens for years, but they are just now starting to be recognized among the most resilient succulents for milder temperatures. Delospermas are a gratifying species to cultivate because they are easy to breed from clippings or seeds. Even in the toughest climates, this succulent proves to be extremely hardy.


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Delphiniums are resilient blooms that cover a wide range of colors, most commonly bluish-purple or white. Delphinium blooms emerge in midsummer, with tall spikes of grouped flowers that create a striking contrast to the remainder of the landscape. Delphinium flowers can reach a height of 6 feet (1.83 m).

Desert Rose

Adenium obesum, sometimes referred to as the Desert Rose, is a lovely decorative shrub. Even though it blossoms in the spring and early summer, it can thrive all year round in certain areas. Due to their brilliant flowers and ease of maintenance, they are a popular pick among gardening enthusiasts. While Desert Roses can be planted outdoors in warmer climates, this tropical desert plant likes screened light or dappled shade to keep strong during the winter months.


In the list of flowers that start with d, Daniella is a particular favorite. It is a plant with yellow blooms that grow all year. This flower exists in a range of colors, including blues, pink, mauve, and white. Dianella is a popular bare soil plant because of its thick leaves. It offers good protection for all other plants such as cacti and succulents. They’re also frequently utilized in gardens to lure butterflies.


Inside the Caryophyllaceae group, Dianthus is a genus with roughly 300 members. They’re a colorful decorative garden plant that comes in a variety of hues. The majority of photographs of Dianthus blooms feature pretty pink flowers with red patterns on the blooms.

Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

The Dutchman’s pipe is a flowering cactus that yields lovely blooms. In warmer places, it can be cultivated as an interior pot plant or as a garden plant. Even during late summer and early fall, the Dutchman’s pipe plant produces yellow to red flowers.

Dutchman’s Breeches

Dutchman’s breeches (Dicentra cucullaria) is also recognized as squirrel corn, Dutchman’s britches, and, rarely, Dutchmansbreeches and Dutchman’s boot. These short woodland perennial wildflowers grow up to 0.5 meters high and thus are indigenous to the eastern United States (rich wooded areas at lowish elevations). Around the winter and early spring, they produce 1-sided groups of scented white flowers. The flower is on a lone erect stalk with lengthy, elliptical leaves spreading in opposing directions along the stem.

Dwarf Crested Iris

The Dwarf Crested Iris is a little flower which develops to be around 3 feet tall. It likes terrain that is rich in natural content and therefore can thrive in sheltered regions. In parts Of North america, tiny irises are typically located among or under pine trees. They grow a purple flower that blooms in the warmer months, usually in April in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chamomile Dyer’s

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Golden Marguerite, sometimes known as Dyer’s Chamomile, is a strong but often weak annual flower. They usually pass away in the late summer. The fragrant yellow blossoms, on the other hand, usually survive a lengthy spell (two to three weeks, on average).


D. inoxia, which is native to Central America and the southern United States, and D. metel, and is indigenous to Southeast Asia, are the main decorative types. Spiked, spherical seed pods appear after the spectacular flowers decay and therefore should be trimmed to avoid rapid spread. Datura grows in practically any soil type and enjoys direct sun.


Drumstick flowers are a striking accent to just about any garden area, with their bright yellow one-inch bulbs poised on 3 feet (0.91 m) stems. They may be used as a clipped flower that lasts for months or in dry arrangements. Drumstick flower is an annual in its indigenous Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, but it’s cultivated as a partially hardy perennial in the northern United States. It grows well in a wide range of conditions, from direct sunlight to dappled shade.


These fleeting but convenient to grow flowers come in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, purple, orange, white, and pink. Daylilies prefer well-draining ground that has plenty of organic compounds and direct sun, while they are adaptable to a variety of soil types. However, certain kinds will fade in direct sunlight and will profit from some shelter.

Desert Marigold

From early summer through July, this arid Southwestern indigenous blooms with vivid blossoms. Desert marigold is another name in the list of flowers that start with d and it can bloom up to 3 feet high and has a droopy form. It prefers bright light and rapidly draining soil in its native environment. Desert marigolds are drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, makes them suitable for xeriscaping and garden beds.

Dew Flower

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Dew flower peaks of purple, pink, or white blossoms grow in mid-spring. It flourishes in direct sunlight and well-draining ground and is ideal for sunlit boundaries, garden beds, and wildflowers gardens. It is indigenous to the plains and southwestern United States. It blooms between one three feet in height and broad, and its flowers are bigger than other Penstemon species.


This attractive wildflower is known for its towers of bell-shaped blossoms. Digitalis, often known as foxglove, available in a variety of hues and can reach up to eight feet in height in certain types. The majority are biennials that self-seed, although a handful are real perennials. They need wet, well-draining grounds and open to partial light, with certain perennial types favoring partial shade.


Because of their culinary and medicinal uses, dandelions are associated with wellness. It also represents the comfort of the sun rising, as well as the optimism that it offers. The dandelion’s Latin name is Taraxacum, which is not really a pleasant name. Nevertheless, the nickname is derived from a French term to describe “lion’s tooth.” The dandelion’s floral connotation is that it is a present to a beloved one providing pleasure and an assurance of complete loyalty. This flower represents serenity, domestic warmth, and harmony. It is typically seen in gardens, and as a result, it is one of the household’s identifiers.


The Daphne flower is associated with attractiveness and tenderness, two attributes that make you happy. It is a plant that grows in the Thymelaeaceae family that originated in China and then moved to Japan and Korea. Upon blooming, it produces red berries, however this is a rare occurrence. “Fragrant” is the Latin particular epithet odora. They’re known for their fragrant blossoms and vividly colored fruit. Pink and purple are the predominant colors. Daphne odora is a seductress who tempts growers with her sweet-scented scent. Because of thick foliage, Daphne odora has the added benefit of being fairly deer repellent.

Dogwood Flower

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Regardless of the fact that dogwood trees typically bloom inside the spring, they have all-year attractiveness. They have lovely foliage in the summer and early fall, and also delicious fruit in the late fall. The dogwood has been one of the most often planted flowering trees. Cornus Florida blooms represent perseverance, dependability, and persistence. This blossom also connotes love and devotion, therefore you can offer it to anyone you find appealing or with whom you have feelings of attachment. The dogwood blossom advises us to appreciate the present situation and our feelings rather than delving too deeply into issues without receiving a response from the other side.

This was a list of flowers that start with d. They can help your decor or garden look more colorful and cheerful.