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Scientific studies have been able to reflect that flowers have a huge impact on human happiness. Although the biological function of a flower is to aid in the reproduction of the plant, they also come with a number of benefits for human beings. They have beneficial physical and mental manifestations for human beings. Flowers help bring people closer to each other and increase positive feelings like kindness and compassion. Flowers also hold the power to decrease stress and sadness, lift moods and enhance creative performance. Most people agree that flowers are extremely pleasing to the senses, with their bright and vibrant colors and enticing scents. They also hold the ability to light up a room in an instant! The symbolism of the various types of flowers varies worldwide, which is why they make excellent presents.

About 90% of plant species produce flowers. It is evident that there are an uncountable number of flowers. This post will list out some of the most popular flowers that start with S.

Keep reading for an expansive and non-exhaustive list of flowers that start with S. There is also some interesting information about them!

1) Sunflowers

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These are probably the most popular flowers in the list of flowers that start with S. They are known to be large and bright. These flowers are native to America and require large spaces and lots of sunshine. Contrary to popular belief, sunflowers can also be orange or red. The plant blooms annually and grows best under full and direct sunlight, in fertile and rich soil.

Sunflowers display a phenomenon called heliotropism. This means that they track and follow the Sun as it moves through the sky. It has been recorded in history that sunflowers were used for medicinal and healing purposes, for kidney, chest and pulmonary issues. Sunflowers are known to hold the ability to provide vibrant and nourishing energy. They are known to be “happy” flowers, and are the perfect way to light someone’s day up!

2) Saffron

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The Saffron Crocus plant is known for its styles and stigmas, which are dried and ground to make the expensive saffron spice. Although it is a perennial plant, it must be kept in mind that 2,25,000 stigmas or about 75,000 flowers must be picked to produce just one pound of saffron. Saffron gives off an orange color, and a pungent, earthy essence. Ironically, the flowers of this South-West Asian plant are lovely, delicate, purple blooms. They are perennial flowers that grow well under direct sunlight. They need well-draining soil because if they are left in swampy soil, they will rot.

Saffron flowers signify the powerful symbolism of re-birth, new beginnings, innocence and joy. A gift of saffron is an excellent way to exchange positive vibes and energies.

3) Sweet Peas

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These flowers resemble butterflies to a great extent and come from the Mediterranian region. Sweet peas are climbing plants that produce flowers in clusters. These flowers can be in a number of colors like pink, orange, yellow and red. They grow well in full sunlight and require moderate amounts of water. Planing sweet peas is an excellent idea, as they belong to the legume family and can restore the nitrogen levels in your soil.

They are beautiful blooms are perfect as cut flowers. The seeds of sweet peas are mildly poisonous and can not be ingested under any circumstances. They are true to their name and have a very sweet and strong smell. The flower traditionally holds the symbolism of blissful pleasure. It symbolizes friendship, kindness, thank yous, good wishes, and goodbyes.

4) Snowdrops

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These flowers can be found in the North American region, growing in woodlands, meadows and alongside ponds. The plant tends to flower in late winter to early spring, so it must ideally be planted in the fall. They are delicate looking flowers from a plant that can grow in most conditions and is highly adaptable. There are about 20 species of snowdrops. They are mildly poisonous in nature, owing to which they are a pest-free plant.

These flowers symbolize peace, religion and purity. In fact, they are one of the few flowers which come in a singular color – white! Owing to this, they are also called the “milk flowers”. Snowdrops also have medical benefits, and they contain the substance which is used to treat the slow dementia which comes with Alzheimer’s disease.

5) Sword Lilies

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These flowers are ornamental and extremely attractive. They get their name owing to their distinctive shape and appearance. Sword lilies are perennial flowers and produce long, blade-shaped petals with a strong smell. They come in multiple colors like purple, orange, red, yellow and white. Sword Lilies require direct sunlight and usually grow well in hot climates.

These flowers symbolize pride, victory and strength. They form a lovely part of any flower arrangement or bouquet because of their rich, colorful and classy colors. However, they are also known to be funeral flowers in certain countries and regions. They are quite easy to grow and deserve a spot in any garden.

6) Spider Flowers

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The reason behind the name of this flower is quite clear, due to its distinctive, protruding stamen. Spider flowers are native to the African tropics and Southern Africa. These flowers are very easy to maintain and can grow in most conditions. They require sunlight and moderate amounts of water. These flowers can be pink, purple or white. They hold huge amounts of nectar tend to attract hummingbirds and butterflies!

7) Snowflakes

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Snowflake is another popular flower that starts from S. A snowflake can be a summer snowflake or a winter snowflake, depending on which season it blooms. They are generally white, or rarely pink with green dots on them. The flowers grow well in rich and moist soil conditions under direct sunlight. However, these flowers are toxic to humans and animals, and hence must be kept away from children. On the upside, they are pest-free.

The snowflake flower symbolizes hope, purity, sympathy and innocence. They are an excellent pick of flowers to offer condolences to someone. They can easily be cut and put in a bud vase.

8) Siberian Iris

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These are among some extremely attractive flowers that start with S. They have a bold and distinctive color. Siberian Irises offer a perennial bloom. They are best suited to rich and fertile soil, with good drainage. They are excellent to be planted in any garden and can be planted in full sun or partially sunny areas.

The Iris flowers are used to convey messages and literally translate to “I have a message for you”. These flowers symbolize courage, hope, faith and wisdom. The Siberian Iris holds the ability to transform life for the better. They are also used to ward off evil energies in certain cultures. The Siberian Iris flower can be gifted to convey deep sentiments.

9) Shasta Daisy

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A Shasta Daisy can easily be recognized by its white blooms and yellow centers. These flowers are extremely popular, owing to their aesthetic component and ease of growth and maintenance. They bloom all year round and tend to attract bees, butterflies and birds to the garden. For best results, they must be grown under the full sun in moderately fertile soil.

The Shasta daisies symbolize innocence, simplicity and joy. They make excellent additions to any bouquet or garden. They are considered to be close cousins of sunflowers, which make them a very popular addition to the list of flowers that start with S.

10) Soapwort

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Soapwort flowers are native to Europe and Asia. The flowers bloom in clusters and give out a strong, sweet, floral smell, that is quite similar to that of cloves. These flowers grow rapidly and possess the ability to self-seed. They tend to grow well regardless of where they have been planted, and they require little maintenance. They come in many colors like blue, orange, white and red.

Soapwort flowers are poisonous and should not be ingested. However, the root of the plant has several medicinal benefits. These flowers are used to complement the ivy in gift bouquets. They symbolize pure love and innocence.

These were the 10 most popular flowers that start with S. It is important to remember that caring for flowers is not very difficult with the right tool. The right tool is knowledge! It is crucial that flowers are well cared for. Apart from being beautiful, flowers have several other benefits. They can improve mood, increase energy levels and also help focus. More importantly, they help build relationships and show care to other people in a wide array of situations.

Most flowers are delicate in nature and require attention and care. Be sure to offer it to them! Ensure that adequate research is done and care mechanisms are in place.