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About flowers

There are over 500,000 species of flora in the world. Did you know that? That is more than the bird and some insect species together alone! Many varieties of plants and flowers grow in the wild. You will find them in forests, grasslands, tundra and even in deserts. You’ll find them in your own garden too. How do you choose what is best for you? Besides this, before you do make your choice, how do you even know what flowers are out there? If you are a novice, the task may seem difficult. Even if you are not such a novice, you will not have an idea of all the flowers that are available to you. You might want to know which ones are popular flowers.

Some flowers are common and you may think they’re must-haves for any garden, large or small. Certain types can be planted in containers and some need garden soil. What follows is a comprehensive list of popular flowers that you need to know about before you consider planting and growing.


The name of the aster originates from the word for “star” in Latin. Asters come in a range of colors from blue, violet, pink, red and white. The flowers attract butterflies for pollination. Uniquely, asters stay in bloom more than other colorful flowers do, right through fall months. They need full sun and partial shade to grow well. The soil they grow in should be drained well. They can grow up to 4 feet tall. They do well for up to a week as cut flowers indoors in your vase.


There are around 450 species of this flower. Geraniums have five petals and these popular flowers are available in white, blue, purple or pink. They are well-liked flowers because gardeners find them easy to tend to. They grow well in containers outdoors too and need full sunlight and well-drained soil conditions. Good as deer-resistant flowers, geraniums can grow up to 2.5 feet in height.


Known for their elegance and looks, these are popular flowers for their striking colors and abundant foliage. Literally, there are hundreds of varieties of this flower to choose from. This is what makes them popular flowers among gardeners and other folks alike. People love azaleas because they are low maintenance flowers. Requiring partial shade, they need soil that is drained properly. The flower blooms in the spring.


Lavender is a commonly grown plant that sprouts beautiful lilac blooms. It is a herb, so it serves as an aid in cooking as well. It is a versatile and easy-to-grow flower, and gives off the most glorious scent. Lavender needs very little water and full sunlight to thrive. Soil should be properly drained. Flowers grow up to around 3 feet and bloom all summer.


The orchid is considered in the higher species of flowers, and has around 27,000 species. Popular flowers of the phalaenopsis sub-species are seen in most gardens. Orchids come in bright, tropical shades of pink, purple, orange, red and white. They need full sun and partial shade to grow in well-drained soil conditions.


Roses come in close to 100 species of different types. Undeniably, the rose is a flower that is prized by many experts and novices alike. This is so because of its beauty and it is symbolic of all that is pure and vibrant. Roses come in a range of colors from the classic red to yellow, peach, pink, orange, blue and white. Roses can go through hybridization very easily and this makes them popular flowers to experiment with. They need full sunlight and well-drained soil to grow properly. Heights of this flower can reach 10 feet.


This is a flower that is very easy to grow. Snapdragons are loved for their uniquely shaped petals that look like an open mouth. The flower has a short lifespan, but makes for a great addition to a bouquet. It needs full sunlight and soil that is drained out properly. It blooms from the middle of summer to the middle of fall.


This is a beloved flower of many people. It has very attractive soft petals and foliage. A favorite of all those who have a green thumb, begonias can be found in over 1,500 species. These popular flowers are good for growing indoors too. They are versatile. When they are kept indoors, they need a sunny window sill and regular watering to thrive. The flower can grow up to 2 feet in height. Make sure that soil is drained well. The begonia is popular as it is resistant to deer. It blooms in the latter part of spring and continues till fall.


Delightful pansies bloom early in spring. The coming out of these flowers often signals the start of the season. Pansies come in shades of purple, white, blue, pink, red, orange and blue. These are popular flowers as they come in single-colored flowers, two-colored flowers or tricolors. They need full sunlight to partial shade to grow and can reach heights of 1 foot.


Bergenia flowers are demure and short. It is a popular choice for its delicate flowers and leaves. It requires damp soil to grow. Full sun is ideal for the flower, but it will grow in partial shade as well. The flower grows to a complete height of 1 to 2 feet. As the cooler months of this flower’s blooming are reached, the pink bergenia’s petals change color to brown or red. It is a deer-resistant bloom and that is why many folks want it in their gardens.


The buttercup is loved by everyone. There’s not a person who won’t agree that this adorable little yellow flower is endearing and one of the most popular flowers around. It needs a good amount of tending to, otherwise it is prone to spread. It can grow up to 2 feet in well-drained soil, but needs full sunlight. The flower blooms in late spring or early summer and continues to develop till fall.


The sunflower has a way of adding a bright spark to any garden. Known for its tall stalk and vibrant yellow petals, this is a large flower by any standard. Commonly, you will see the yellow variety the most and this the most liked. Still, these flowers do come in red and orange varieties and do well in full sunlight and properly-drained soil.

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The gladioli flower belongs to the family of iris flowers. It is a very commonly occurring kind of flower that needs full sunlight to grow. A popular flower, the gladioli needs sunny spots to grow and soil that is drained. Planting this flower with a lot of organic matter will help too.


Who can resist the heady scent of the lily? Everyone loves this flower for its very large, conspicuous petals and lengthy filaments. Much to everyone’s surprise, lilies are available in more colors than the traditional white variety. They come in pink, orange, yellow and red too. Some have distinguished spots and speckles that only add to the brilliance of this flower. Lilies grow well indoors, and outside. Their filaments can make pollen stains indoors. These beauties need full sunlight and soil that is drained well to grow. Flowers bloom from early spring right into fall. Lilies can grow up to 6 feet tall.


Calendula is famous for its edible petals used as garnishes in soups and salads. The petals are spicy in taste. Its orange hue adds a splash of color to a garden. It needs properly drained soil and full sunlight to grow, but it can manage growth in cool climates too. This flower starts blooming in late spring and continues to the middle of fall. It grows to an optimal height of 2 feet and is good for cut flowers that can be placed in your home.


Tulips are popular blooms all over the globe. The flower has a bulbous body and a long graceful stem, and comes in a variety of hues from yellow and orange, to pink, red and violet. Some grow in bicolored shades of violet and white and red and white. They are dazzling and need full sunlight and good, nutrient-rich, well-drained soil to flourish. They bloom in spring and grow to around 3 feet in height.


The iris is an exotic flower that stands out in any garden, large or small. This popular flower exists in every color spectrum. It grows in full sunlight and well-drained soil conditions. Irises can grow to a height of 6 feet. It blooms from the early part of spring to the beginning of fall. Depending on the species of this flower, bloom times may vary.


Carnations, with their bright and varied colors, make for most-wanted flowers by many people. Their petals have a unique and creased shape and this flower is symbolic of love. Carnations are long-time loves of many people. They are popular flowers in anyone’s book, and need full sunlight to grow well. They grow up to 2 feet on average in well-drained soil.