Elena Lopez


Spring Flowers You Must Know About

Image Source Springtime is a season of renewal, hope and enthusiasm. Spring brings along many pretty flowers and fragrant blooms. They can inspire, invigorate and make us dream. This is a list of several spring flower names you absolutely must…


Caring for Winter Bulb Flowers

Image source Bulbs bloom into flowers, year in and year out. They can store the energy a flower needs to grow, much like a battery stores power, and bloom in the next season. Bulbs are hardy to grow flowers out…


A List of Unique Flower Names

Image source Flower is one of the most tender and most elegant elements found. You don’t necessarily have to be an aesthete to appreciate its beauty. Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed his appreciation as follows. “Flowers are a proud assertion that…


A List of Flowers Starting With E

Image source Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature and have been used for centuries by humans to beautify their gardens and homes. Some flowers even have medicinal benefits and are used for reasons other than beautification….


Things to Know About Rainbow Zinnias

Image Source   Zinnia flowers are often called rainbow zinnias due to their availability in every color of the rainbow spectrum. There are nearly 20 different species of zinnias and 100 cultivars. They come in various shades and hues of…