Elena Lopez


Unusual Orchids You Must Know About

Image credit Orchids are one of the most beautiful, complex, diversified, and unrivaled flowering plants in the world. Orchids are perennial plants and are generally terrestrial, meaning, in their natural habitat, these plants attach themselves to the surface of other…


Interesting Facts About Tiger Lilies

Image credit The herbaceous perennials Tiger lilies that give rise to stately flowers in summer, are native to China, Korea and Japan. Lilium lancifolium or Lilium tigrinum, as they are officially known, are now grown in many parts of the…


How to Care for Stargazer Lilies

Image credit Flowers are known to add positive vibrations in our lives. We use flowers in almost every occasion as their color, their texture, beauty, and fragrance add to the positive energy that floats in the room. Many people prefer…


Interesting Facts About Hydrangeas

Image credit Having over more than 75 species in its family, Hydrangeas are mostly found in the countries of America, Japan, mountains of Himalayas, and Indonesia. They are also known by the name Hortensia. Although they are a shrub, this…


All You Need to Know About Aster Flowers

Image credit Flowers have had a close relationship with mankind since time immemorial. They are cultivated in gardens, given as gifts, used for various celebrations and also for religious purposes. Aster flowers are among the most popular variety of flowers…


Interesting Facts About Sunflowers

Image credit Sunflowers are beautiful tall flowers that can bloom quicker than many other garden blooms. These lovely flowers stand firm, facing the Sun, and perfectly represent positivity and confidence. Have you ever observed that you begin to feel fresh…