Elena Lopez


A List of Flowers That Start With Z

Image Source Flowers add color to the world. They add beauty to our lives. Flowers are all around us. Apart from growing in beautifully tended gardens and the untamed wilderness, they are also found as part of art, literature, culture,…


List of Flowers That Start With I

Image Source Flowers are one of those rarities that suit every purpose and every situation. With a host of varieties in the world and at your local florist’s, we will be focusing on a niche: list of flowers that start…


A List of The Most Fragrant Roses

Image Source Roses are the queen of flowers, and they are called so for a reason. Apart from being the most beautiful flowers, they impart a delightful fragrance and uplift the mood of the surroundings. So if you are an…


Floristry Industry and Trends

Like many other industries, the floristry industry is witnessing rapid evolution and disruption with evolving farming practices, consumer demands and technology innovation. From an increasing focus on sustainability and local sourcing to biophilic floral design trends, this research report highlights…