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Flower agate is a volcanic rock which was created through metamorphosis in the depths of Mother Earth. Even though it is a rock, it is referred to as a flower due to the colorful formations. There are illusions of white and pink colored flowers on the body of the rock. Chalcedony and quartz are the main components which and this rock was discovered in Madagascar recently in 2018. However, it is believed to be used more than 2000 years back in BC.

Category- Chalcedony variety

Crystal habit- Cryptocrystalline silica

Luster- Waxy


It is believed that flower agate was named by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, naturalist and physicist. He was born in 372 BC and was the pupil of the great Aristotle. He became the head of the academy founded by Aristotle in Athens, Greece.

He had great knowledge in the fields of metaphysics, physics, philosophy, physiology, human anatomy, zoology, botany, chemistry, ethics, politics, and history. He wrote six books about the growth of plants. He even wrote books on moral characters, sensation, physics, metaphysics, and stones. Most of his writings are lost, however it has been established, he classified different types of rocks and gems based on their behaviour when subjected to heat and presence of minerals. He died in 287 BC.

Even though in the modern days it was found in 2018, we can find the presence of this stone even in Bronze Age Minoan culture. Archaeological recovery at the Knossos site in Heraklion, Crete, Greece confirmed that it was used in hardstone carving in the ancient era.

What does flower agate symbolize?

Flower agate meaning is widely accepted as a stone which helps the user to bridge the gap between his/her emotions and reality. Hence it is used for treating patients who have mental imbalances like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc.

Flower Agate is believed to activate the heart and root chakras together. If someone has deep pain, then after the heart chakra is activated, they will feel emotionally calm and embrace life. Even people with suicidal tendencies are advised to use this stone in the form of a jewelry on their body or stone to hold on to in their palms.

It is believed that the energies of Flower agate resonate with the energy of the person who is wearing it, and it helps in cleansing the system of any deep-rooted traumatic pain. Even if someone is doing the regular activities and are unaware of the pain they carry in their psyche, this stone will detect it and will try to soothe the owner.

Flower Agate helps the user to release the constraints and moving up spiritually to higher levels of self-awareness. If you place flower Agate directly on your heart during meditation, you will feel the healing powers of it sooner. 

Flower Agate meaning

Flower Agate meaning as per Bible is something which will nullify the effects of any poison. This stone was used to cure many diseases in ancient Greece, including contagious diseases. It was believed that if this stone is placed in the hand or mouth of the patient, it will bring down the fever.

Not only the look of this stone resembles flowers, but this stone also has a gentle, symbolic, and nourishing energy. The look of this stone can be compared to a field or garden full of flowers. If you observe the stone closely, you will find the circles and dots representing seeds. This is a metaphorical understanding which the gemmologists have done as they believe in the spiritual and healing power of gemstones.

The floral plumes present inside the stone represents the blossom. This stone represents life just like the life of a plant which germinates from a seed and then blooms into a full-grown tree. Even creatures take birth in the form of an embryo and then grow into a full-grown animal which includes Homo Sapiens (humans) too.

It is believed by spiritual leaders that flower Agate helps us envision the process of growth and propels us towards a higher plane in life away from materialistic desires. It teaches us to honour and appreciate each and every aspect of our respective lives.

Flower Agate manifests our highest potential and helps us to increase our self-realisation. It also protects us from fears and self-doubt. It motivates us to chase our dreams and the innate energy which is there inside us. This stone ignites the passion within us to explore our complete potential.

What do the various colors of the flower agate mean?

Flower agate stone is usually found in a light pink color however, the presence of other colors too have been found. Layers of cream or dark brown colors make the stone look very colorful. Flower Agate stone can be easily recognised due to the plumes of saturated white dots. They are not flat growth within the stone, and if you observe closely, you will find that they are three-dimensional in nature. The shapes vary from flower-like shape to round, oblong, cylindrical to mostly free flowing shapes.

In large chunks of Agate stone, you will find these white plumes as bursts of color. Due to the rarity of this stone, the gemstone lovers rank this quite high in the world of crystals and gemstones.

Craftsmen and carvers, love this rock because this crystal can be cut in many forms and the chemical durability makes the carving to remain strong for many years. These rocks are used for creating jewellery, statues, and other artefacts. They are most commonly used in palm stones. They can even be cut into a pyramid or obelisk shapes.

Lace Agate

Lace Agate as the name signifies is a variety that exhibits a lace-like pattern within the Flower Agate stone. This stone is believed to have a feminine and maternal aura to it. These patterns mostly manifest into shapes which resemble eyes or swirls. There are lacy bands or zigzags too have been noticed inside the formation of the stone which makes it extremely mysterious in nature.

Blue lace Agate is reported to be found in Africa, and the mysterious resemblance to the depths of sea make it a soothing stone to wear and meditate with. This is a rare variety, and the appearance is enchanting.

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Typically found in Mexico, Crazy Lace Agate, is another sub-type of Lace Agate. They are available in bright colors and often carry a complex pattern. It is believed that these stones denote positive energy and zeal to live life fully. The colors are randomly distributed like the various incidents in life. They are mostly available in the combinations of red and white which complement each other beautifully. Some rocks also include the hues of yellow and grey in between.

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Moss Agate

Moss Agate, another variant of this stone is green or greenish blue in color. As the name suggests, the pattern exhibits a moss-like look which is created due to the presence of manganese and iron oxides. Even though it might look like that there is vegetative growth, after testing in gem labs, it has been clarified, there is no living organism present in it. The presence of chalcedony and oxidized iron hornblende gives this stone a greenish moss like look.

There are fern like stones too which have been identified in this variety of the rock. Flower agate meaning looks like that the layers are holding on to some great mysterious stories within itself. However, the soft hues make the presence of this stone very comforting. The appearance is ethereal and flower Agate meaning is full of feminine energy. It is also believed that if you meditate with this stone, you will restore your emotional balance if you have undergone any traumatic experience in the past. If you have witnessed wars, rape, murder, being trapped in a politically unrest situation, kidnap, terrorist activities etc. then this stone works as a healer. 

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Turritella Agate

Also known as Elimia tenera, these stones are formed as a result of metamorphosis for thousands of years under the Earth. The main ingredients are the shells of fossilized freshwater Turritellas, and gastropods. Sometimes even fossilised corals or petrified wood gets trapped in high-pressure zones and metamorphosed into such beautiful rocks. Traces of other organic remains too have been found in Turritella Agate.

These flower Agate meaning signifies life as fossilised live organisms create the base of this rock. These Agates are believed to create an ideal environment for emotional recovery in the patient and signify to move forward in life.

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Coldwater agate

Coldwater Agates are formed from silica gels and were not a result of volcanic eruptions and metamorphosis. Hence these rocks are formed within the limestone and are sedimentary in nature. That is the reason why these Agates are not that colorful and most of them are available in hues of white and grey.

Flower Agate meaning of this rock is peace and purity as color white signifies that. People who are struggling with anger-management are advised to meditate with this rock.

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Greek Agate

This rock is found in the Sicily area, in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. The colors vary from white to tan and since this area was a Greek colony, it has the influence of the culture there. It is believed that in that era, Greek used this variety of Agates for making jewellery, beads, and other fashion garments. This type of stone signifies continuity of life and fertility. Gemmologists advice childless couples to use this stone to meditate with the desire of having children in the near future.

This is one of the oldest places on earth which was inhabited by civilisation since 12,000 BC. The earliest archaeological evidence of human life and activities was found around that time using carbon dating.

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Brazilian Agate

The huge size and layered nodules make these Agates suitable for carving statues and miniatures. They are available in brownish tones which are inter-layered with white and grey streaks and sometimes chunks. Mineralogists believe that Quartz interferes with the original ingredient of chalcedony and such layers are formed. They can be dyed in various colors to be made useful for ornaments.

Polyhedroid Agate

Polyhedroid Agate got the name because of the flat-sided shape which is similar to a polyhedron. Mineralogists believe that due to the high temperature and pressure inside the Earth, these rocks changed shapes of the pre-existing crystals and took such shapes of concentric polygons.

The various layers of this Agate represent the various aspects of life like physical, emotional, psychological, financial, educational etc. This stone in short depicts life and everyone should keep it at home for the positive vibrational qualities of it. 

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Interesting facts and characteristics of the flower agate

If you examine the physical appearance of the Flower Agate stone closely, you will realise that every stone looks different from the other. This stone is the most classic example of the quote ”nature never repeats itself.”

Some are large and full, and some are bursting with colors of joy. There will be cuts visible inside the stone and give you the feeling that the seeds have not bloomed yet. This variation in asymmetry is the key to the primary Flower Agate meaning.

Healing Properties

Since this stone was discovered recently the healers and meditators are still discovering the healing properties of this stone. The old scriptures where the benefits of this stone might have been written have been destroyed, and hence the challenges exist.

Flower Agate’s radiant energy has helped people to recover from ailments and diseases which were primarily psychological in nature.

Emotional Support

As mentioned earlier, this crystal ignites passion and purpose in life to people who have lost the zeal to live a fulfilling life. They are believed to correct the chakras in life. If all the seven chakras are clean and working in harmony, then we get to enjoy a healthy and blissful life.

Flower Agate tackles the dark or negative energy which has pushed one into the abyss of depression. It gravitates the user towards light and positivity. 

Spiritual Manifestation

This stone is believed to be more beneficial for women as its energies synchronize with maternal or feminine vibrations.

Many spiritual gurus advise people with past traumas to use Flower Agate while meditating. They also advise them to keep the crystal under the pillow, and it is believed to take away all the worries and darkness from within. More than an emotional trauma, this stone is believed to help the people trapped in spiritual confusion.

Best time to gift someone flower Agate

This stone can be gifted to anyone with a wish about their complete well-being. If someone is suffering from emotional trauma or mental disbalance, this stone is believed to bring in a lot of positivity in them. In healing fraternity, this stone is believed to be a crystal which gets things done. If someone has lost the zest in life, this stone of growth and manifestation can restore it back for him/her.