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The zinnia flower (Zinnia elegans or Zinnia violacea) can be found everywhere, but most originate in North America and Central America. Contrary to popular belief, the name Zinnia is not derived from Latin but is named after a famous botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.

Zinnias come from the Asteraceae, which also includes daisies. The plants grow as tiny bushes, tolerating low temperatures but not frost. Zinnia flowers come in many different types as well as colors. While some varieties can be arrow-shaped, others can be narrow and flat. We can find them in beautiful shades of orange, white, red, and pink.

It is a plant that rapidly grows and flowers. They grow in the summer and die with frost. In appropriate conditions, it also sheds seeds that grow into plants during the following season. These plants can be grown in your garden or flower pots as well. They make a beautiful bunch of flowers to be kept in a vase.

What does the Zinnia flower symbolize?

The wide variety of the zinnia flower, not just in colors but also in types, symbolizes various values tied to friendship and strength. 

The zinnia flower symbolizes strength, endurance, and long life. The common zinnia is also called “youth and old age.” No matter how much you cut zinnia, it keeps growing back. This signifies that no matter how difficult life gets, one must constantly fight and come back.

It is common for someone to give zinnia when a friend is going away for a long time. The zinnia flower is appropriate for the goodbyes filled with hopes of meeting again. These flowers have been used to show someone their importance for many years. They are still part of the farewell tradition, and beautifully so!

Zinnia flowers symbolize care and appreciation towards our romantic partners and other important people, like friends and family. The beautiful shades of zinnia are an excellent way to show someone how much you love them.

If someone has departed the earthly world, the zinnia flower can express how much you remember them. For the people in your heart, zinnias remind you of your love towards them. It is not uncommon for people to lay zinnia flowers at the grave. They symbolize someone who has permanently gone from your life.

Zinnias shows your hidden feelings deep inside your heart. It also symbolizes that you like someone or are involved in something entirely with your heart. They show your most substantial feelings, which are not expressible through mere words.

If you have ever seen zinnia flowers, you would know how easily they catch your attention. They also fight through drought and low temperatures to continuously bloom like a bright smile. This makes them worthy of and a symbol of acclaim while proudly holding up their colorful blossoms.

Nothing is more beautiful than a colorful bunch of zinnia flowers. Zinnia flowers symbolize beauty and grace with their countless colors and beautiful shapes.

Spiritually, the zinnia flower signifies unbroken faith. The flower blooms through thick and thin, and only a few things can keep it from growing. This shows that they symbolize trust that cannot be easily shaken.

All in all, the zinnia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • endurance
  • farewell
  • affection
  • remembrance
  • feelings of the heart
  • acclaim
  • beauty      

Meaning of the Zinnia flower colors

Pink color

Pink zinnias hold a special place for romantic partners. Their beautiful color reminds us of our love and affection for our partners. They make an excellent gift for our significant other. 

This flower is not meant for our other loved ones like family and friends and should only be gifted to our love interests. The pink color also adds to the aesthetics of the homes and can be kept in vases.

Purple color

In ancient times, the color purple was thought to be bold and unique. So, it was only reserved for the upper class, mainly the royals. Hence, the purple color signifies royalty and class. 

Like many other purple flowers, the purple zinnia flower is also highly thought of. A beautiful purple zinnia looks unique and attractive. It will be an excellent gift to someone who holds a high place in your life or someone who is very special and unique to you.

Yellow color

We are filled with positivity and joy when we see the color red. It reminds us of the warm sun rays which fill our lives with light. The yellow zinnia flower shows optimism and happiness. Who can stop themselves from beaming with joy after watching the beautiful yellow zinnia dancing in the sunlight?

They can instantly uplift your mood, making an excellent color choice if you want to keep zinnia flowers at home. The yellow zinnia flowers also show remembrance and are appropriate to be laid on a loved one’s grave.

Red color

When we think of red, we immediately think of love and romance. Red can also negatively represent anger or hostility, but a flower usually doesn’t have negative symbolism. 

Red zinnia flowers can be the perfect gift not just to your significant other but also to other loved ones. It can also express your love for the first time to your romantic partner.

White color

White color symbolizes purity and peace. The white zinnia flower signifies good, pure thoughts and well wishes. It brings a lot of positive energy into the surroundings they are in. They look very serene and create a peaceful environment.

The white zinnia flower signifies freedom, light, knowledge, and progress. Many people choose to keep many white zinnia flowers in their homes for the positivity and wellness they bring in.

Magenta color

The magenta color is always thought to be bold. Same with the magenta-colored zinnia flower. They are supposed to be brave and are an excellent way to express your strong feelings towards someone. It also symbolizes strong passion. 

It will make a wonderful gift to someone you are strongly attracted to. The color is also very bright and can add a lively pop to the surroundings. They will make good decoration pieces for your living room.

Deep red color

Unlike the red color, which can sometimes denote negative feelings of aggression and hostility, the deep red color is usually calmer and reserved. The deep red zinnia flower symbolizes strong, deep, positive emotions. Usually, they show your love and commitment towards your partner.

This colored flower should not be gifted to family and friends; rather, it is meant for your romantic partner to show your commitment.

Orange color

An orange zinnia flower is used to wish someone a long, healthy life. The color orange itself symbolizes good health and vitality. It is a symbol of life and can be gifted to someone on the path to recovery.

They are also a good color choice to be kept at home. Looking at them can uplift your mood and bring in health. 

Green color

The color green is most abundant in nature. It shows us growth and prosperity. The green-colored zinnia flower symbolizes the same. It shows us to keep growing no matter the hardships. It also represents the fifth chakra, the chakra of the heart. 

A green-colored zinnia symbolizes the renewal or growth of love. It can also signify a family, business, or new job change. It is given to someone who needs good wishes to prosper.

Blue color

Blue-colored zinnia flowers are not very common, but they exist. This shows their uniqueness, and they make a perfect gift for a unique person in your life.

It also signifies several traits that make our relationships more robust, like trust, faith, and 

Mixed colors

Mixed color zinnias combine lots of emotions. They show a deep love and miss a friend or romantic partner. When your friend or beloved departs from you for a short or long time, gift mixed-color zinnia flowers. This shows them that you will remember them and miss them. It will also send a message that you expect them to return soon.

Interesting facts about the Zinnia flowers

  • Zinnia flowers have several different species. Initially, there were about twenty, but from the 18th century, several other species have been made by crossing over the basic twenty species. 
  • The flower is strong and durable. It blooms on a stem that lasts for a long time. 
  • Zinnia flowers grow in all colors except brown and black. Though blue zinnia flowers are also not common, they do exist.
  • Some zinnia flowers can also grow multicolored petals.
  • They grow in the early summer or spring season after the last frost. This is because the zinnia plant can survive low temperatures, but it cannot survive frost.
  • It can be planted as an annual crop with a lifespan of one year or a perennial crop of more than two years.
  • The zinnia flower attracts hummingbirds and butterflies due to its colorful nature. These make your garden look even more beautiful.
  • The zinnia plant can vary mainly in size. They can be eight inches tall or even four feet tall. Similarly, they can spread across a small patch of one inch or even spread to seven inches across.
  • When the Spanish discovered the zinnia flower in Mexico, they called it the sickness of the eye or “mal de ojos.”
  • The zinnia flower is very fragrant, and everyone enjoys its smell.

How to grow Zinnia flowers

The zinnia flower is a plant loved by beginner gardeners as it grows rapidly and is easy to maintain.

  1. Plant the zinnias in well-drained soil, which is fertile and rich in hummus.
  2. Choose an area where they can get at least 6 hours of sun daily.
  3. Add compost to the area where zinnias will be planted to enrich the soil.
  4. Water regularly. 
  5. Apply an occasional light dose of a well-balanced fertilizer.

How to care for Zinnia flowers

  1. Keep excess moisture away from the foliage by watering at the base of the plant to keep the zinnias healthy and prevent disease.
  2. Once every 14 days, liquid fertilizer should be added to them.
  3. Remove old dead flowers from the plant to encourage the growth of new flowers.

Best time to gift Zinnia flowers

Zinnia flowers signify a range of different emotions but almost all positive ones. They are appropriate for any occasion, but remember the colors to avoid giving the wrong flower.

For your romantic partners, magenta, deep red, and pink zinnia flowers can be an excellent gift to express your love. Blue zinnia flowers can show their uniqueness and specialty. You can also give them mixed zinnia flowers if you want them to know you miss them.

For other loved ones like friends and family, avoid giving pink and deep red zinnia flowers. Instead, red zinnia flowers are an excellent choice to show them that you love and care.

Yellow and orange zinnia flowers are appropriate to wish someone good health. These can be good gifts if someone is sick or recovering.

Although they are not traditional gifts for birthdays, giving them to someone on their special day wouldn’t be wrong.


Zinnia flowers are colorful and joyful, bringing grace and beauty to our lives. They are a constant reminder of strength and endurance and motivate us to keep fighting despite our many ups and downs. They come with strong expressions of love and care. Whenever someone receives zinnia flowers as a gift, they know that the gift comes from your heart!

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