Astrid Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

An asterid is a variety of plant that flowers. There are more than 80,000 varieties of asterids in the world. From common daisies to sunflowers, various popular kinds of flowers are known as asterids. An asterid is also known as a clade, which refers to plants that fall in the monophyletic group. Do you wonder about the asterid flower meaning?

Since there are so many different kinds of asterids, the flower meanings also tend to change with each flower. This means that you’ll find nearly every kind of flower meaning associated with asterids in general. Some of the plants that are well known, that are considered asterids including everything from morning glory to sweet potatoes. Even herbs such as mint and basil are considered asterids. Trees found in rainforest, such as the Brazil nut, is also considered an asterid.

What Do Asterid Flowers Symbolize?

Asterid flowers have different symbolism, depending on the plant you choose. Flowers like daisies and sunflowers are associated with positivity and abundance. Other plants, such as members of the nightshade family, carry darker connotations. To understand the asterid flower meaning, you’ll need to carefully consider the plant in question.

With over tens of thousands of plants associated with this category, finding an overarching symbol for this category of plants isn’t possible. The plants that fall in the asterid family include everything from olive to snapdragons, coffee to lilac, and more.

What Do the Various Colors of Asterid Flowers Symbolize?

Asterid flowers can be found in nearly every color you can imagine. This is as asterids encompass thousands of species of plants. Some very popular kinds plants, such as daisies as well as sunflowers, also fall this category.

To understand more about asterid flower meaning, let’s look at some popular varieties asterids, as well as what they mean.

1. Daisies

Daisies, often found in the color white, represent purity as well as innocence. Daisies are considered composite flowers, which means that a daisy consists of two flowers which have been combined to make one. Because a daisy is made of two flowers together, it represents love as well.

When the night comes, the petals of daisies close over the center that is yellow. During the day, they re-open as well. This is where the saying ‘fresh as a daisy’ comes from, referring to a good night’s sleep.

2. Sunflower

Sunflowers are known for having large yellow petals. These flowers tend to stand out due to their height, and symbolize happiness as well as joy. The meaning of the sunflower is associated with longevity as well as good fortune. Sunflowers also signify happiness as well as faithfulness.

In various faiths, the sunflower has been adopted as a symbol related to worship. Since the sunflower represents faith, this flower is commonly used in many rituals. The bright yellow sunflowers also have positive meanings associated with them. The buds of sunflowers also have a tendency to follow the Sun, which is why this flower is associated with loyalty. If you were thinking about asterid flower meanings, then this flower is one of the most positive out there.

3. Petunia

Petunias are found in various colors, from yellow to pink and even red. This asterid flower meaning has to do with having a soothing nature. However, in certain cases, this plant can signify anger or resentment as well. If you’ve recently had a fight with someone, then give them petunias. This is as although petunias represent anger, they also represent overcoming that anger to enjoy peace. In some cases, petunias can also signify having hope, and never losing that hope.

The color of petunias also plays a role in the meaning ascribed to it. Red petunias for example, represent passion and love. Pink petunias represent femininity as well as motherly love. Yellow petunias represent friendship while purple petunias represent fantasy and mystery. White petunias represent innocence whole blue petunias represent tranquility.

4. Lavender

The lavender plant is known for its silvery-green foliage, together with purple flowers. If you’ve been wondering about asterid flower meaning, then this plant signifies purity. The purple lavender is also associated with devotion as well as serenity and grace. The purple lavender flowers are also connected to the crown chakra, which is known as an energetic center for humans in their body.

5. Jasmine

The jasmine has a sweet smell that it’s particularly known for. The name ‘jasmine’ can be translated as ‘a gift from God’. Jasmine flowers are known to symbolize positive, warmth as well as sensuality. This asterid flower meaning is also associated with purity as well as innocence. White jasmines are also seen as a symbol of respect. If you give someone a bouquet of jasmine, then this indicates that you think highly of them.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of Asterisds

Do you find yourself thinking about the asterid flower meaning? Maybe you want to know more about what the plants that fall in this category signify. Asterid flowers generally tend to carry a positive feeling. Meanings including love, compassion as well as hope, are attributed to the flowers in this category.

A lot of asterid flowers are commonly used for decorating purposes, or to be given as gifts. Herbs like marjoram and basil are enjoyed by people across the world as well. The meaning behind different asterid flowers is unique. Each asterid represents something else. For this reason, it isn’t possible to ascribe one particular meaning to asterids. If you want to know more about the asterid flower meaning, then you’ll first need to pick an asterid plant of your choice. Say you picked sunflowers. Then, you’ll need to do your research on the meaning behind sunflowers.

This is as asterids, being a category of plants, don’t mean anything in particular. However, the various plants that fall within this category all have important meanings of their own.

Best Time to Gift Someone Asterid Flowers

There are tens of thousands of varieties of flowers that fall in the asterid category. Because of this, you can find asterid flowers that you can gift to people for nearly any occasion. Use this guide to learn about the different asterid flower meaning, and use that to pick the perfect gift.