Marjoram Flower

The marjoram plant has long since been prized for its various culinary, aromatic and medicine benefits. The ancient Egyptians would adorn their mummies with wreaths made of marjoram. In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite is said to have gifted marjoram to people, to remind them of her scent.

Marjoram is a herb that is commonly found in kitchen gardens across the country. But what is the marjoram flower meaning? In short, the flower of the marjoram plant is known for symbolizing both happiness as well as love. This is why marjoram flowers are a popular addition to wedding bouquets. Brides want to ensure that their marriage is full of happiness, and add the marjoram flower to their bouquets to invoke that.

This flower is also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. That further intensifies the association that the marjoram flower has with love. But this isn’t the kind of romantic love you see symbolized by the rose. Instead the marjoram flower meaning encapsulates various kinds of love. This can include the love you feel for your partner, your family, and even the divine.

What Do Marjoram Flowers Symbolize?

Marjoram played a major role in both Roman and Greek mythology. The goddess Aphrodite, known as Venus by the Roman’s, gifted this plant to people. This was so that they would smell the scent of the marjoram plant, and be reminded of her beauty.

In Greece, marjoram is also associated with weddings. This is why marjoram flowers can be used to make wreaths for the wedding. There are some people in Greece who still believe in running marjoram on their body before going to bed. This way they believe they’ll end up dreaming about their soulmate.

There are biblical associations with the marjoram flower as well. ‘Hyssop’, which in the Bible was used to marl the homes of News with old from a lamb, is believed to be marjoram. People living in Medieval Europe used to use marjoram as well

They believe that the marjoram flower could repel Satan, which was why they threw them to the floor during funerals. Marjoram flowers was also a seen as an effective charm that could deter witches. They also believed that marjoram could keep milk from getting spoiled during storms.

The marjoram flower is traditionally added to wedding bouquets as well as wreaths of all kinds. The marjoram flower meaning includes love and devotion, making this flower ideally suited to weddings. Marjoram has historically also been used in funerals as well. However, in the modern day, the marjoram flower is seen as a charming addition to any floral bouquets.

People who want to let their partners know how devoted they are to them, can also present them with marjoram flowers. Marjoram flower meaning includes joy as well as happiness. That also makes this a perfect flower to gift to someone who you want to inspire. So if someone you know has been feeling down, consider gifting them marjoram flowers.

What Do the Various Colors of the Marjoram Flower Symbolize?

Marjoram flowers can be found in three colors. They include:

1. Pink Marjoram Flower

The pink marjoram flower signifies innocence as well as love. If you enjoy spending time with someone, then gifting them pink marjoram flowers could be perfect. Pink marjoram flower meaning also includes pining for someone you are unable to confess to.

2. Purple Marjoram Flower

The purple marjoram flower meaning includes regarding someone highly, and wanting to let them know that they matter to you. This flower is also associated with intuition, as well spirituality. You can consider meditating in front of purple marjoram flowers, as it can help you to reach deep within yourself.

3. White Marjoram Flower

The white marjoram flower meaning includes purity as well as childlike innocence. This flower is meant to represent innocent love, or platonic love. If you want to gift a flower to your family or to your friends, then the white marjoram flower can be perfect.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Marjoram Flower

The marjoram flower belongs to the genus associated with Origanum. The leaves of the marjoram plant tend to be smooth and ovate. The leaves are also gray-green in color. The marjoram plant can grow to around 24 inches, and produces white, pink and purple flowers.

The foliage of the marjoram plant is highly aromatic, making it a popular choice when it comes to cooking. The fragrance of the marjoram plant is described as similar to, however less mild than that of oregano. Keep in mind however that the flowers of the marjoram plant aren’t consumed. Instead, you can gift marjoram flowers to the people you care about.

But what does it exactly mean to gift someone a marjoram flower? The marjoram flower meaning includes happiness as well as cheerfulness. If you enjoy spending time with somebody, and want to let them know how much you enjoy their company, then gift them marjoram flowers. These flowers are also associated with abundance and prosperity. This is as the marjoram plant itself has so many uses and benefits. From medicinal to culinary uses, the marjoram plant is highly versatile.

As the flowers of this much loved herb, marjoram flowers are associated with abundance. The marjoram flower meaning also includes adoration as well as caring for somebody. If you find someone in your life attractive, then marjoram flowers can be a good option to gift them. This is as marjoram flowers show that you find their beauty divine.

Marjoram flowers are also associated with truth as well as honesty. Having good character and integrity are also related to these flowers. Should you want to let someone know how much you value their presence in your life, then marjoram flowers could be perfect for them.

Best Time to Gift Someone Marjoram Flowers

The marjoram flower can be gifted to people at any time, provided you want to let them know how much you care about them. If you value having someone’s presence in your life, then let know by gifting them a marjoram flower.

Marjoram flowers are a wonderful gift that you can give to your partner, to your friends as well as to your family. Any time you want them to know how much you value them, gift them this flower.