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Snapdragons are believed to have originated as wildflowers in Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy. However, these pretty flowers are now found all over the world, mostly in the United States, Europe, and North Africa. Snapdragons belong to the family Plantaginaceae, genus Antirrhinum. There are many interesting meanings of snapdragon flowers in different cultures. 

Snapdragon flowers or Antirrhinum in Greek means ‘dog-headed’ or ‘like a snout.’ Interestingly, in Holland, these flowers are known as ‘Lion’s lips’ and ‘Rabbit’s lips’ in Asia.

These two-lipped flowers resemble a dragon’s mouth when squeezed from the sides. Forty species of snapdragons bloom in a myriad of colors. Snapdragons are easy-to-grow seasonal flowers with attractive and colorful blossoms. They bloom profusely during winter and are long-lasting seasonal flowers. 

A few varieties of snapdragons are perennials, but most are annuals. They stop blooming during the summer. Bell-shaped snapdragons grow in clusters in an array of colors. They can be found in shades of pink, red, yellow, white, purple, and peach in single or double colors. Their meanings differ according to their color. Some snapdragon varieties have puffed petals resembling stuffed berets, and others are ruffled. These flowers can tolerate light frost. 

Snapdragons have an interesting history and are mentioned in folklore. It is believed that centuries ago, when there were few means of entertainment, people amused themselves by admiring these pretty flowers and snapping them open. In some countries, this flower is thought to ward off evil and witches.

What Does The Snapdragon Flower Symbolize?

Snapdragons are a symbol of grace. This flower blooms erect on tall stems looking straight at the sky gracefully. They also represent virtue with their upright and poised look. Snapdragon blooms are often gifted to express appreciation and love. They deliver a message of admiration and respect for someone. This versatile flower can be gifted to your mother, colleagues, and partner.

Snapdragon flowers symbolize strength. As they grow on rocks and uninhabited areas where other flowering plants can grow, they are believed to be able to fight against all odds. This gorgeous flower can be gifted to someone to tell them how strong and resilient they are.

Interestingly, these pretty dragon-faced flowers also represent deviousness and deception. In ancient times, lovers sent this flower to express love and lust. 

In Victorian times, these blooms were used to say sorry. These flowers make a good choice when you want to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Snapdragon flowers are also used to defend against falsehood. These flowers are believed to help in overcoming challenging situations.

These unique flowers with a dragon-like mouth symbolize the importance of respect and power. It expresses benevolence. This wildflower demands respect and admiration from everyone.

In some cultures, snapdragon flowers express denial. In olden times, women used these flowers to display that they were engaged or taken and were not willing to be disturbed.

Snapdragons, in many cultures, are believed to have the power to ward off or scare away evil and provide protection. In olden times in Germany, these flowers were hung above a baby’s crib to protect the baby from negativity, bad luck, and evil.

All in all, the snapdragon flower symbolic meanings are:

  • grace
  • strength
  • deviousness
  • deception
  • power
  • denial

Meaning Of The Snapdragon Flower Colors

Red color

Apart from symbolizing power, energy, and strength, red snapdragons also represent love, passion, positive energy, and romance. 

Red snapdragon flowers can be gifted to someone you love or admire. These flowers express a very straightforward message when verbal messages fail to deliver the feeling.

Purple color

Purple snapdragon flowers symbolize spirituality, elegance, and royalty. 

These flowers can be gifted to anyone you respect and want to express your admiration for their grace and beauty.

Yellow color

Yellow is a sunny and happy color. Yellow snapdragons represent happiness, smiles, and good luck. 

Yellow snapdragon flowers are wonderful to give to someone to wish them good luck and wish them well. These pretty yellow flowers send a positive message to anyone whom you want to see happy in life.

White color

White snapdragon flowers are symbols of purity, grace, and innocence.

White snapdragons are a good flower choice when you do not want to send a strong message to someone with a flower gift.

Orange color

Orange snapdragons represent positive energy, zeal, warmth, and enthusiasm. 

You can give these bright-colored snapdragons to uplift anyone’s mood and cheer them up.

Interesting Facts About The Snapdragon Flowers

  • Snapdragons have many other names. Some are Boca de dragon, calf’s snout, grand muflier, Grosse Lowenmaul, toad’s mouth, Garten Lowenmaul, and žabji gobec.
  • Different snapdragon varieties grow to various heights, from five inches to three feet.
  • Bumblebees are important pollinators as small insects cannot pollinate through the heavy petals of these flowers.
  • The Romans spread Leonis ora (lion’s mouth) or snapdragons throughout Europe.
  • Snapdragon seeds have medicinal uses. Cooking oil is produced from them and is an effective herbal remedy for treating swellings.
  • European folklore mentions stepping on snapdragon flowers can break evil magic spells.

How To Grow Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragons are easy-to-grow, old-fashioned cottage garden plants beloved by children and bees. They come in different colors and heights and can be grown in various situations. 

  1. Plant the snapdragon in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil with neutral pH between 6.2 and 7.0.
  2. Place the plant where it can receive at least 8 hours of sun daily.
  3. Maintain seedlings moist for the first few weeks.
  4. Feed with a general multipurpose plant every two weeks in the growing season.

How To Care For Snapdragon Flowers

  1. Once established, give the snapdragon 1 inch of water at the roots weekly.
  2. Add organic matter to keep the plant healthy and bloom.
  3. Apply standard, well-balanced all-purpose fertilizer when the plant first starts producing flowers.
  4. Water the plant well to minimize the risk of nitrogen burns and to allow the fertilizer to reach the roots.
  5. Snip off any leaves that look diseased as soon as you spot them.
  6. Deadhead blooms to encourage more flowers to be produced.

Best Time To Gift Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon flowers are an amazing gift for any occasion because they come in many colors and sizes. Its general symbolism of grace and strength makes them ideal for someone you appreciate, whether that person is a friend, family member, or a close loved one. 

Pick the appropriate color to complement and personalize your message for the occasion.


Snapdragons are stunning flowers known for their long stalks, vibrant hues, and one-of-a-kind blooms. These flowers truly have it all, with several uses, benefits, and particular meanings. 

Plant them in your garden or give them as cut flowers to offer a particular message to someone special.

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