Baby Blue Eyes Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

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Baby blue eyes are a beautiful flowering plant that grows in certain parts of California, especially in the Baja area. However, it is also found in many other states of America. The scientific name of baby blue eyes is Nemophila. The plant features cup-shaped, 5-petaled flowers in different shades – purple, white, and blue. These are stunning blooms that add visual interest and color to any type of landscape.

Are you curious to know what baby blue eyes flower meaning? In Greek, Nemophila means a plant that is fond of meadows. In Latin, the word means a plant that loves woods. The truth is the plant likes sunny exposures and also is appreciative of half-shade, which is uncommon with annuals.

To elaborate more on baby blue eyes flower meaning, Nemophila is a scientific name, which originates from two Greek words. The word “nemos” refers to “glade” or “wooden pasture.” On the other hand, the word “phileo” refers “to love.”

Nemophila menziesii or baby blue eyes is a shrub-like, low spreading plant, which features succulent flowers and stems with 6 curved blue petals. This flowering plant may have a height of six to twelve inches or fifteen to thirty-one cm. Its width is more than a foot or 31 cm. These flowers have a soft and romantic hue, which looks good with many other pastel blooms, which can be seen in native wildflower gardens.

.Did you know that baby blue eyes are a beautiful flowering plant to use in containers, rockeries, and also massed in annual gardens as border plants? These flowers are among those that display annual color first after melting ice and snow.

As mentioned before, these plants are native wildflowers in arid zones and the state of California. Baby blue eyes are not difficult to grow and maintain as garden plants and are a crucial inclusion of the coastal prairie.

A majority of the species in this genus include the words “baby blue eyes” in the common names. That is due to the sky blue color of this flower. Nemophila parviflora refers to “Smallflower Baby Blue Eyes” Meanwhile, Nemophila spatulata means “Sierra Baby Blue Eyes.” Last, “Eastwood Baby Blue Eyes” is the common name for Nemophila pulchella.

What do baby blue eyes flowers symbolize?

Now that you know the baby blue eyes flower meaning, let us try to understand what the flower symbolizes in this section. The beautiful flower blooms everywhere in the Sierra foothills. The plant can be seen in vernal, shady meadows at mid and low elevations.

It is extremely an enchanting sight to see these flowers shining in the dews of the early morning. There is a deep relationship between this flowering plant with water that flourishes in the moist meadow’s watery womb. Its delicate leaves and stems grow very close to the soil.

Thus, its affinity for water is very pronounced. The flower, in essence, addresses qualities, such as trust, innocence, and tender sensitivity. These are usually related to a person’s early relationship with their dads or another prominent masculine figure, which are disturbed in some ways. The father was not present quite frequently or there was no genuine presence or absence of support.

The beautiful bloom tries to cover the element of vulnerability over time with the help of a false “hardening”. Such feelings could be emotional distancing, cynicism, spiritual alienation, or mistrust. The baby blue eyes are a flower, which is helpful for both men and women. However, it is particularly required for several men struggling to become stronger by ignoring their pain.


What do the various colors of the baby blue eyes flower mean?

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Apart from knowing the baby blue eyes flowers’ meaning and symbolism, we will now focus on the different colors of the baby blue eyes flowers. These flowers are available in different colors from a definite purple to a true blue. Not only are these flowers stunning but their plants do not attract pests, are easy to reseed, and are fast-growing. The flowers are short-lived and have a diameter of about 2 cm. They start blooming in late spring and continue up to September.

Additionally, nemophila produces many blooms ranging from simple flowers featuring 5 rounded petals, white, purple, or blue.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the baby blue eyes flower

There are two types of nemophilas. Nemophila maculate features small lobed leaves and form a spread-out tuft. Plus, the stems are usually white flowers with purple-colored veins having a purple spot on each of its five petals. Contrary to the first type, nemophila menziesii has flowers, which are sky blue. The flowers look original, sumptuous, intriguing, and fascinating.

As mentioned, these flowering plants have annual growing cushions with a diameter ranging between 30 and 40 cm. These plants are covered with blooms from spring onwards. The flowers look attractive because of their colors opening in flat corollas and featuring 5 petals. The petals are white but streaked finely with blue. They are covered with plain purplish-blue or purple with a deep purple or white heart with white borders.

These flowering plants can be cultivated in semi-mountainous areas and on the seashore. They have an annual vegetative cycle. During the sprint, the plants grow from seeds, which are organically sown in the fall. You may leave these to resow in the garden with mild winters. Else, these plants should be resown each year.

Baby blue eyes plants should be watered regularly if the weather is dry. These flowering plants grow best in fresh soil, particularly in summer. When the season ends, the plants should be folded to the ground.


Best time to gift someone baby blue eyes flowers

You are now aware of everything starting from the baby blue eyes flower meaning to what it symbolizes. Let us now know when the best time to gift these flowers to someone is. The California native plant is found in woodland soils. These bloom well in the entire summer if you water them well and when the night temperature is below 65% Fahrenheit.

You may also expect these blooms in late winter as the temperatures are moderate then. The plants bloom until early summer and late spring so you now know when to gift them to your loved ones.