Bib Flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

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You may have already seen it without recognizing, but do you know what the bib flower is? A bib flower typically has five-petals and a lovely shape. Some of the popular flowers that come under this category are-Pansy (Viola tricolor var. hortensis) and Violets (Viola). Wild pansy, one of the ancestors of garden pansy, is a little frail plant with small tricolored (purple, yellow, and white with streaks) flowers that measure 2-3 inches and have a moderate flavor. Since the nineteenth century, later species have captivated European gardeners and flower enthusiasts. Violets are found in approximately 500 different species, including the closely related pansies, which are vividly coloured hybrid plants with identical petals.

These are also the plants that thrive in wet, shady locations and are often seen on the outskirts of forests. Their aesthetic colors are pleasing to the eye, and they could be a great addition to your garden. The significance of the bib flower meaning is the cherry on top. The cultural and historical importance of these flowers is evident from the fact that they were used as symbols against discrimination too.

The etymology bib flower meaning or “pentas” is straightforward. These flowers have five petals, and “penta” is a prefix that means “five.” Each of these petals represents a particular trait – faith, hope, charity, justice, and peace. The bib flowers are part of a vast genus of flowering plants that come in white, red, purple, and pink. They are appealing to hummingbirds and pollinators and require little maintenance.

In this article, we will be discussing the bib flower meaning, symbolism and colors so that you can know better about these beauties.

What do Bib flowers symbolize?

The five-petaled flower (usually, but not always, the rose) is a symbol of the “feminine mystique.” It has a lot to do with Roman and post-Roman faiths. Some bib flowers like pansy also symbolize feelings of love. Pansies can also indicate freedom of thought and reflection. Pansies are frequently used as get-well flowers too. They express that you empathize with someone’s grief and distress. These blooms are also the February birth flower.

Cupid, who represents desire, attraction, and passionate love, is said to have changed the viola (wild pansy) into a flower of fervent love. Cupid fired one of his legendary arrows at the imperial votaress. But he didn’t make it. The arrow, instead, struck the bloom of a wild viola! As a result, the viola’s juices took on cupid’s characteristics and were thought to be useful in love potions. There exists a major difference in the significance of a pansy based on its hue which we will discuss in the next section of this article.

Another bib flower that is associated with February birth month is Violet. The pleasant violet flower represents truth, loyalty, as well as modesty, spiritual wisdom, and humility. This dependable bloomer is named after its typical purple petals, which corresponds to February’s purple birthstone, amethyst. Violets were created in Greek mythology when one of Artemis’ nymphs, who had all pledged to remain maidens, was followed by her twin brother, Apollo. Artemis changed her nymph into a violet to protect her, which led to the violet being a symbol of modesty.

The violet has Christian roots as well, representing the Virgin Mary’s modesty. The violet also denotes spiritual insight, faithfulness, and humility, all which are shown in religious art. Violets have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history. Violets were supposed to be used as funeral decorations by the Greeks and Romans. While the Persians used them to relieve rage and headaches. In Ancient Rome, violet blossoms were used to make wine, which they believed might cure drunkenness. Violet flowers blossom in white, blue, and yellow.

What do various colors of the Bib flowers mean?

As mentioned earlier, we will now discuss the bib flower meaning associated with different colors of pansies and violets.

  • Yellow Pansy- The yellow color of pansies is associated with enthusiasm, positive vibes, and happiness.

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  • Purple Pansy- Purple pansies are used to represent nobility, beauty, and monarchy.

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  • Red Pansy- Red pansies are commonly associated with love, passion, and affection.

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  • Orange Pansy- Orange pansies aren’t as popular as other colors. However, they normally represent joy, prosperity, and optimism.

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  • White Pansy- White pansies, like other white flowers, are associated with faith, simplicity, and purity.

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  • Blue Pansy- Blue pansies are often associated with loyalty and honesty.

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Coming on to the violets, they too, offer different interpretations of bib flower meaning based on the color of the flower.

  • Purple Violets- The purple petals are thought to represent “I’ll always be true.”

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  • White Violets- The white variation represents “taking a risk.”
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Interesting facts about Bib flowers

The bib flower meaning is synonymous with LGBTQ love. In fact, in 1926, a female character in the play The Captive brought a bouquet of violets to another female character, causing a scandal. The issues of lesbianism in this play sparked outrage and calls for censorship, according to literary professor Sherrie Inness, who wrote in the National Women’s Studies Association Journal. As a result, in 1927, the New York City district attorney’s office shut the production.

Violet sales were also down as a result of the relationship. However, for the play’s Paris premiere, some ladies put the flower on their lapels to indicate their support. Tennessee Williams included violets and their meaning into his drama Suddenly Last Summer by naming a character Mrs. Violet Venable. Violets are also the reason why the color purple is in the Pride flag.

Pansy is a word from Christopher Looby’s book Flowers of Manhood that persisted, especially for men who dressed flamboyantly. The flower’s strong, vibrant colours may have inspired the link.

As a result, several homosexual bars have had names like “The Pansy Club” throughout history. Later in the 1920s, drag queens like as Jean Malin helped popularise gay-friendly pubs in major cities, a trend dubbed “the Pansy Craze” by historian George Chauncey.

  • The state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey, and Wisconsin is the violet. The dog violet is the county flower of Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. The purple violet is New Brunswick’s provincial flower.
  • Violets and badges representing them are sold in fund-raising activities in Australia and New Zealand around Violet Day in remembrance of World War I troops who died.
  • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s signature flower was the violet. When his wife died in 1814, he used it to cover her grave. Furthermore, some of Bonaparte’s supporters were known to use violet flowers to determine whether subjects were loyal to the emperor by asking them if they liked the flowers.
  • Pansies are edible and can be used in cake decoration. These beautiful flowers are also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • The blossoms of the pansy can be used to manufacture syrup, flavored honey, and natural colors.

Best time to gift someone bib flowers

If you have loved ones who celebrate their birthday in the month of February, Bib flowers would be the perfect gift for them as they are February birth flowers. Moreover, these flowers can also be gifted to show empathy to someone who is sad or is going through a traumatic time.