Christmas Rose Flower

Christmas Rose is a flower that will bloom in your garden in the winter and turn it beautiful. Who wouldn’t be delighted to see plants that flower in December? The scientific name of the Christmas Rose is Hellebore. The actual Christmas Rose or the Helleborus Niger grows from November to March. The flowers of this plant are white. The flower has big sepals and the stamens in the middle look like a crown. The petals and stamens are in the center and the sepals protect them.

You might be thinking about the Christmas Rose flower meaning, or what the name of its genus, i.e. ‘Helleborus’ means. The plant is potentially poisonous, thus the name was derived from ‘elein’ which is Greek for ‘to injure’, and ‘bora’ meaning ‘food’. The Christmas rose flower is not a rose and belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. It is called so because the fragrance of this flower resembles that of a rose. Christmas Rose is also referred to as the ‘Pioneer Plant’. The flower used to grow in the mountainous regions of Asia Minor, and south and Central Europe. Later it was brought to America when the Christmas rose flower meaning became survival and pioneering.

The Lenten Rose or Helleborus orientalis is also considered to be a Christmas Rose, but in its truest sense, it is the sister plant of the Christmas Rose. Lenten rose grows in deep purple, yellow, and pink colors, and can be spotted too. The size of Helleborus orientalis can be small enough to put in a basket, or it can grow in a tall bush which needs a border or a big pot.

What Do Christmas Rose Flowers Symbolize?

The Christmas Rose flower meaning can be contrasting. On one hand, it symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and peace. On the other hand, it stands for anxiousness or impropriety.

During the Middle Ages, these flowers were used to drive away evil spirits. People used to plant them beside the entrance of their houses.

The Christmas Rose has been mentioned in Greek mythology. According to it, Melampus of Pylos, who was a healer, used it to treat King Argos’ daughters. The daughters were suffering from a mental illness, and they used to run naked running across the city. It was believed that the illness spread among other women too. Melampus, the soothsayer, cured the daughters by treating them with Helleborus.

The Christmas Rose has a legend attached to it, which makes it a symbol of hope and love. The flower represents hope because It is associated with Jesus and Mary. You should find out about the legend regarding the shepherd Madelon and the birth of Christ. The meaning of the Christmas rose flower meaning is also purity. You will find these flowers carved into confessionals.

What Do the Various Colors of the Christmas Rose Flower Mean?

Christmas roses are in demand during the winter. And they can be in white, black, pink, purple, light yellow, and green colors. They can have spots too. Flowers of every color have a different meaning, whether it be for a normal rose or a Christmas rose. When you want to send a certain message to a family member, friend, or a special person, the color of the flower plays an important role. The flowers become your messenger. Read on to know what the Christmas rose flower meaning is, based on its color:

  • White – White is a pure, modest, and spiritual color. A white Christmas rose flower represents innocence, respect, uprightness, and comfort. You can send these flowers to someone who’s bereaved to show your sympathy. A bouquet of these flowers can also be a symbol of apology and respect.
  • Black – Black is a spooky color and is a symbol of end or death. If you want to end the relationship with someone, you can send them black Christmas rose. Black flowers look mysterious and represent elusiveness too.
  • Pink – Pink is a beautiful and feminine color and the pink Christmas rose flower meaning can be love, elegance, gentleness, delight, and happiness. If you want to express your appreciation towards somebody, you can give a pink Christmas rose to them. It will be a good gift to show your affection to your romantic partner.
  • Purple – Purple Christmas rose looks ceremonious and royal. Purple symbolizes pride, triumph, and dignity. If you want to congratulate someone on their accomplishment, you can give them purple Christmas rose flowers.
  • Yellow – Yellow is a happy color. A yellow Christmas flower symbolizes achievement and pride. You can give yellow flowers to your friends as these Christmas flowers can make people joyful.
  • Green – Green color is a symbol of fertility, peace, and luxury. If someone is not well, and you want to wish them a speedy recovery, you can send green Christmas rose flowers to them. A green flower reminds people of spring and represents rebirth. You can also give these flowers to congratulate someone who is starting a new phase of life.


Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Christmas Rose Flower

  • Frost or snow does not affect the Christmas Rose. If it snows, the plant might droop a little. But as soon as the temperature starts warming up, the plant will straighten itself.
  • If the leaves droop without frost or snow, it means the plant needs water. After you water it, the leaves will perk up after a couple of hours.
  • Melampus, a physician, first mentioned the Christmas Rose way back in 1400 B.C.
  • Hellebore flowers have sepals and not typical petals.
  • Stamens and tiny petals in the middle of the sepals make the actual flower.
  • The sepals don’t die until the plant does.
  • It was used in herbal remedies.
  • Ingestion of Christmas Rose can cause abdominal cramps, salivation, diarrhea, and can kill.
  • Alexander the Great possibly died from Hellebore poisoning during his treatment.

Best Time to Gift Someone Christmas Rose Flowers

As the name suggests, the best time to give these flowers to someone is during Christmas. A Christmas bouquet made of these flowers will be a great replacement for the usual roses. Spread festive warmth by gifting Christmas roses. If you want to add these plants to your list of Christmas gifts, buy them in the second week of December.

The Christmas rose flowers have the potential to be toxic and can cause skin irritations among other things. Care should be taken to keep it out of reach of children and animals. A safer way of giving a Christmas Rose as a gift is to give its seeds to someone. It is a gift that keeps on giving as the flowers will bloom every winter.

You can give Christmas Rose flowers as gifts to seniors, nature lovers, colleagues, and anyone else who would favor flowers over edible gifts.