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The various species of forsythia flower are native to Eastern Asia and Southeastern Europe and thrive in dryer regions. 

Forsythia is a flowering plant genus belonging to the olive family Oleaceae. Considered a weed in some areas, the forsythia plant easily adapts to changing weather, such as cold and drought.

The name forsythia is derived from a chemist, William Forsyth. His nickname was “Forsythe.” Forsyth’s first name was spelled “Fors” and “turns” (the root word), which are the same sound. In England, forsythia is called “Forsythia.” In Scotland, it is called “Forsythe.” So, it’s possible that Forsythia’s name came from Sir William Forsyth’s last name.

The vibrant yellow, pink, and purple flowers on forsythia trees are a favorite among florists and landscape architects. This shrub also provides shelter for birds and other wildlife. 

The most commonly cultivated species of forsythia is Chinese forsythia. Forsythia grows to 3 to 4 feet (1.22 m) and spreads to form a canopy of vibrant yellow flowers.

What does the Forsythia flower symbolize?

The forsythia flower symbolizes friendship, and people wear it to honor loved ones who have passed away. The forsythia flower is also a symbol of abundance. The forsythia plant is often featured in floral arrangements, wreaths, and garlands and is a popular choice for many weddings. Some brides even wear a forsythia in their bridal bouquets to symbolize fertility, love, and hope.

The forsythia flower symbolizes dependability. It represents the understanding that you will always remain solid and competent, no matter how challenging. It exudes warmth and gentleness and symbolizes honesty and compassion. The Forsythia flower is also a symbol of protection and good luck.

All in all, the forsythia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • prodigious abundance
  • protection
  • invigorating focus
  • protection
  • healing

Meaning of the Forsythia flower colors

Yellow color

Yellow signifies happiness, loyalty, and new beginnings. It symbolizes that the sun is shining, birds are singing, and the grass is green. Yellow also symbolizes warmth, friendship, and happiness. The yellow forsythia flower is popular for weddings and other ceremonies because it symbolizes love and happiness.

Pink color

Pink represents sweet affection, gentleness, and charm. It is a symbol of happiness and sweetness. Pink forsythia flowers can be used as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude, friendship and love.

White color

This color signifies purity, spirituality, and innocence. White forsythia flowers symbolize faith, hope, and love. It is also said that white signifies eloquence and skill in writing and speaking.

Purple color

Purple signifies royalty, power, and sophistication. It represents generosity, kindness, and intelligence. Purple forsythia flowers are most commonly associated with royalty, which is why they are often worn in crowns during royal ceremonies.

Pink color

Although most people think of forsythia’s bright yellow flowers, there are many shades of pink too. The most famous shade of pink forsythia is called “Purple Heart.” The Purple Heart forsythia flowers have a subtle pink hue and are commonly used in wedding ceremonies.

Interesting facts about the Forsythia flowers

  • Forsythia flowers grow in clusters called panicles.
  • The trees of this species are deciduous and grow almost anywhere.
  • The forsythias, a deciduous, winter-blooming shrub that is native to Europe, parts of Eastern and Central Asia.
  • Its leaves are opposite, clustered along the branches, with serrated margins, and turn bright yellow in the fall.
  • When they are young, the forsythia flowers have six petals; they later become four petals as they grow.
  • Forsythia is also called The Easter Tree, a symbol of the upcoming spring.

How to grow Forsythia flowers

The forsythia is a hardy plant that can grow in different soil and climate conditions.

  1. Plant the forsythia in rich and well-drained soils to thrive.
  2. Place them in a spot with full sun to partial shade to thrive.
  3. Only fertilize your forsythia bush once it is about a year old and appears in good health. 
  4. Water new forsythia plants regularly (at least 2 inches of water a week) until they’re established.

How to care for Forsythia flowers

  1. Water the forsythia only if you have an extended period with no rainfall.
  2. Fertilize your forsythia in the spring.
  3. Prune your forsythia regularly to keep it free of dead branches.
  4. Prune back your forsythia at least once a year just after they have finished blooming in ​the spring.

Best time to gift Forsythia flowers

The autumnal colors of forsythia make a beautiful ornamental plant. Their stunning colors can be appreciated throughout the year. The best time to visit an orchard and buy a pair of forsythias is during the autumn off-season.

This is because, during this period, the flowers are still fresh and come at a much lesser price. 

However, the best time to give the forsythia flower as a gift is spring or early fall. This is when the blossoms are at their best. In July and August in the U.K., the forsythia blossoms are at their peak, and everyone can take pleasure in them.


Forsythia isn’t simply a lovely plant in the garden; it’s also a wonderful addition to any bouquet for conveying excitement and adoration.

Devoted love is an unusual concept for this cheery flower, but it’s a nice change from the usual romantic blossoms.

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