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Gardenia flowers (scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides) are well-known for their creamy white flowers and sweet, intoxicating smell. It is an all-time favorite in all kinds of gardens. It is a genus of flowering plants and shrubs with around 140 species varying from 2 feet to almost 50 feet in height. Gardenia flowers can be grown both outside and inside. They must be placed in the sun, and if kept indoors, they must not be in direct sunlight.

The gardenia flower has been named after Alexander Garden. He was a zoologist, botanist, correspondent to John Ellis, and physician. The man was of Scottish origin, but in the 18th century, he lived in Carolina (United States). Even though the flower was named after Alexander’s garden, its genus was classified as Carolus Linnaeus.

Gardenia is a plant genus belonging to the Rubiaceae family, which encompasses more than 60 species found in Asia and Africa. Gardenia jasminoides, one of China’s most famous Japanese species, appeared in Europe in 1754, but they can only be maintained in gardens. Gardenia Plate and common Radican varieties were especially appealing to Europeans.

These beautiful plants are famous for their waxy white blooms, heady fragrance, and leathery yet evergreen vegetation. These plants are grown as houseplants in cooler regions.

What does the Gardenia flower symbolize?

The gardenia flower symbolizes clarity and knowing more than one needs to know. Previously giving a gardenia flower to someone signified that they knew much more regarding something, although they weren’t speaking aloud. The gardenia flower is also associated with the meaning of clarity due to its gentle petals and white color.

Trust is another gardenia flower meaning; it will be a perfect gift for anyone who means a lot to you. Gardenia flowers are usually gifted to one’s partner to express respect and love toward them.

This beautiful flower symbolizes renewal and the start of something new. Gift gardenia flowers to individuals making further steps into the future and starting something new. These flowers are especially a symbol of renewal in a romantic manner since their whole symbolism is linked with the love and feelings one has towards their partner.

Hope is another gardenia flower meaning. This flower symbolizes believing in a new start and leaving the negative in the past. This flower reminds people to look into the future and not look back at what hurts. We must only grow out of the past and see them as learning experiences for better future choices.

The gardenia flower meaning is also a dream. These flowers have a unique significance in why they would appear in someone’s dreams since this implies their message was even stronger.

These beautiful flowers represent beauty in all forms and shapes. Some of the best artists have selected this lovely flower as a symbol of beauty that enchants and captivates many.

All in all, the gardenia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • clarity
  • trust
  • renewal
  • hope
  • dreams
  • beauty

Meaning of the Gardenia flower colors

White color

Gardenias are famous for their beautiful ivory-white petals, symbolizing refinement and purity. Each petal is a refined and graceful figure.

These gardenias are also known for representing purity as well as innocence. The white gardenia flower meaning includes friendship and even devotion and commitment.

Yellow color

These yellow-petaled flowers represent waves of pleasure and feelings of tremendous bliss. These blooms are as gorgeous as the sun rising.

The yellow gardenia flower symbolizes cheerfulness as well as optimism. This color is also perfect for gifting to a friend or a family member. 

If you want to let someone know that you enjoy having them in your life, then the yellow gardenia is the perfect flower to give them.

Red color

Red-petalled gardenias are associated with joyful feelings. Extreme happiness, despair, or excitement can all be encountered. Aside from that, Chinese cultures consider them a sign of good fortune and luck.

The red gardenia flower represents passion as well as deep love. If you truly love someone and want to express your feelings to them, send them red gardenias. 

Keep in mind, though, that gardenia is associated with secrecy. So if you don’t yet want to reveal who you are, red gardenias could be the perfect gift for the person you like.

Pink color

A pink-petalled gardenia symbolizes emotional support or beauty. Aside from that, it represents feminine beauty and power.A pink-petalled gardenia symbolizes emotional support or beauty. Aside from that, it represents feminine beauty and power.

Interesting facts about the Gardenia flowers

  • The Gardenia Flower originates in China, Japan, and Taiwan, where this flower started to grow almost three centuries ago. These flowers were used as yellow colors in China on food and fabric. Also, the fruits of the Gardenia flower were used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat anxiety, depression, and infection.
  • White gardenia flowers are scented, white, waxed, and bloomed from May to September.
  • Even though some of these flowers will wither in time, the beauty of gardenia flowers will not be affected. 
  • The gardenia flowers have a smell that is quite similar to jasmine flowers
  • Gardenia flowers are solitary or double, with many layers of petals in hybrid species.
  • In France, gardenia flowers are a traditional plant for special occasions. 
  • On the other hand, the British believed that the flower brought good chances and luck to any man. 

How to grow Gardenia flowers

A well-cared gardenia grows compactly with deep green foliage and blooms in early spring or summer, depending on where it is planted.

  1. Plant the gardenias in rich, well-draining, acidic soil that drains well.
  2. Place them in a location with light to a medium shade that doesn’t face competition from tree roots.
  3. Regularly cover the soil with a thick layer of mulch to control weeds and moisture.
  4. Give about one inch of water weekly.
  5. Feed the plants in mid-March and then again in late June using an acid-rich fertilizer.

How to care for Gardenia flowers

  1. Reduce watering the gardenias in the winter but keep the soil slightly moist.
  2. Stop feeding them in the fall to inhibit new growth before dormancy.
  3. Prune the plant after it has stopped blooming.
  4. Remove straggly branches and spent flowers to your liking.

Best time to gift Gardenia flowers

Gardenia flowers are regularly offered to symbolize a hidden or passionate love. So if you have romantic feelings for someone but don’t want them to know who you are, consider gifting them a gardenia.

Their gorgeous white color and sparkling smell may add a touch of elegance to any setting. As a result, they’re best offered at weddings, where these flowers can be given as gifts or used as decor, such as bouquets.

Other than this, this flower is also associated with friendship and protection. So if you have friends you cherish and want to stay friends with forever, then give them gardenia flowers.


The gardenia flower is cherished for its beauty and sweet scent. It is also a favorite among hedges and gardens. It is a symbol of love, refinement, and purity. 

Gardenias have also been heralded for their benefits during meditation to bring self-awareness and focus. 

It is used in many fields, such as art, beauty and fashion, gastronomy, magic, and rituals. Gardenias are used in wreaths, wedding displays, and bridal bouquets and are often grown in pots as houseplants.

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