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Are you enthusiastic about flowers and searching for information about flowers that start with u? In this article, you will read about some commonly found, but very attractive flowers like Urn Plant, Ursinia, Uva Ursi, Ulex, Umbrella plant, and so on.

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like flowers. After all, these are nature’s beauty, and they have an irresistible charm. Flowers make the perfect gifts for most occasions like weddings, birthdays, proms, and even remembrance gifts. They are used for ornamental purposes are put on burials and used to decorate wedding venues. Flowers have enormous versatility. A flower vase is enough to make a table look ready for a party.

Perhaps your name or your favorite person’s name starts with ‘U’. Mauve that’s why you want to plant some flowers that start with u in your garden? We bring to you some knowledge about a list of flowers that start with u. After you read the article, you will also become aware of the conditions these flowers need to grow.

Flowers that start with U:

Urn Plant


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The scientific name of the Urn plant is Aechmea fasciata and it is a member of the bromeliad family. It is also known as the silver vase plant. Urn plant has even received the ‘Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Golden Merit’!

This flower blooms in the three months when winter is at its peak. This is a plant that grows best in temperate regions and is ideal for residential houses. It can also serve as a wonderful winter holiday decoration.

The roots of an urn plant should be able to spread easily. That is why it is important for this soil to grow in well-aerated light soil. It is best to grow an urn plant in a place that has a lot of light but not direct sunlight falling on it. The heat of the sun can burn its leaves.



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The scientific name of Ursinia is Ursinia antimonides and the ursinia flowers are also known as Orange African Daisies. These flowers are either orange or yellow and look similar to a daisy. Ursinia flowers grow during mid to end summer.

If you are planning to grow ursinia in your garden, you should ensure that the soil has good drainage. If you want one of the flowers that start with u and is low-maintenance, go for Orange African Daisies. These can survive in a drought too and you won’t need to water them daily.

Uva Ursi


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The scientific name of Uva Ursi is Arctosastaphylos uva-ursi and is also known as bearberry. It got the name ‘Bearberry’ from hunters who watched hibernating bears wake up to eat these plants. Uva Ursi flowers bloom in pink and white shades and are shaped like bells.

These flowers have health benefits too and are used to heal urinary tract disorders. If you want to grow a uva ursi, make sure to grow it in acidic soil having a pH balance between four and six. Bearberry can comfortably grow in light shade or even directly under the sun.

Ulex gallii


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Ulex gallii is the scientific name of Western Gorse flowers. These are yellow-colored non-toxic flowers and can grow in full sunlight. A Western Gorse plant can grow up to 6 feet (1.83 m) and it can survive at a temperature as low as 5 °F. If you want to plant a Ulex Gallii, you have to remember that the soil you grow it in has to be always a little dry. A Western Gorse plant cannot tolerate wet soil.

You can add Ulex flowers to your salad and use them while making tea. This flower is a symbol of celebration and happiness. These perennially blooming flowers have an aroma that is little like coconuts.

Umbrella Plant


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The scientific name of the Umbrella plant is Darmera Peltata. These flowers bloom in white and pink colors. You should not grow it under direct sunlight. Take care to place it in either full shade or partial shade. An umbrella plant is non-toxic and grows from 3 to 5 feet (1.52 m). This plant can even grow at -20 °F but you must remember that the soil it’s growing in has to be wet, or at least moist.

You can keep this plant on your patio or front lawn as its leaf fingers are believed to capture positive and good energy. These flowers also symbolize prosperity and wealth and are used in Feng Shui by the Chinese.

Umbrella Sedge


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The scientific name of the Umbrella sedge plant is Cyperus alternifolius. These flowers grow in three colors – yellow, green, and tan. This non-toxic plant grows up to one to two feet and cannot survive below 20 °F. Umbrella sedges can grow in areas having partial shade or full sun. This plant likes to grow in standing water. So you will have to ensure that the crown always has 1 to 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) of water.

You can grow this plant indoors but remember that it requires humidity and plenty of water to grow. You might have to invest in a humidifier if you want to grow an umbrella sedge indoors.

Uinta Cactus


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The scientific name of the Uinta basin hookless cactus is Sclerocactus wetlandicus and this plant can only grow under full sun. The lowest temperature which it can survive at is -10°F, and since it is a cactus, it is also drought-tolerant. This plant grows three to five feet high and the flower blooms in white and pink colors.

A Uinta cactus plant not only grows tall but also spreads out. Thus, it can be grown in a place that has enough space. You should grow this plant in a place that has both shade and moisture, preferably where other plants won’t grow.

Ugly Fruit Flower


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The Ugly Fruit Flower has two scientific names. They are – citrus reticulata and Citrus paradisi. You can grow this plant when summer is at its peak or wherever there is plenty of sunlight. The method of growing this plant is by planting seedlings, air layering, and cuttings.

An ugly fruit plant is a perennial evergreen plant. You can also grow this plant as a bonsai or dwarf tree in your garden. These plants are also grown as ornamental plants, and they require the soil to have plenty of fertilizer and humus.

Ulex Europeas

Ulex europaeus | Let's Plant

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Ulex Europeas is the scientific name of the common gorse. It is also called furze, or whine. The fragrance of this flower is akin to a coconut and the flower grows in vibrant yellow color and is shaped like a pea. The height of the Ulex Europeas plant is two to three meters.

Common Gorse is a native plant of the British Isles, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The shoot tips of the plant are made for tea while the flower buds serve as capers in vinegar and salads.

Umbrella Magnolia


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The scientific name of Umbrella Magnolia is Magnolia Tripetala. You should grow this plant either in partial shade or full shade. This plant has been maned Umbrella Magnolia because its large leaves look like an opened umbrella.

If you plant an umbrella magnolia, you must remember to water it frequently as it continuously needs the soil to be moist. You should not wait for the soil to become dry before watering.

The umbrella magnolia flowers are creamy-white in color, and they symbolize goodness and protection.

Upright Virgin’s Bower


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The scientific name of this plant is Clematis virginiana. The flowers of this plant are white and the plant thrives in dappled sunlight, full sun, partial shade, and deep shade. These plants are very tall and grow up to fifteen to twenty feet.

An upright virgin’s bower can survive occasional flooding and cannot survive at a temperature that goes below -10 °F. If you want to grow this plant, remember to keep the soil moist and never forget that it is not a non-toxic plant. The flowers have mid-range toxicity and if consumed, can irritate the skin. It can cause ulcers and pain in the mouth.

Conclusion of flowers that start with u

Most of these flowers are not commonly known throughout the world. But if you are interested in gardening, this list might be important for you. These plants are valuable and need care. So whether you are looking for information for commercial or personal reasons, this article is going to benefit you. If you want to go grow these plants successfully, you have to put in a lot of special attention. Most of these flowers are delicate and will need a lot of tending to maintain their beauty. These plants with elegant flowers draw birds, bees, and other pollinators. So you can select the one you like best and start growing it in your garden or home. But after you have chosen the best one for you, you must read and acquire more knowledge before planting it.