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Hybrid house plants like gloxinia are the result of crossbreeding efforts. Sinningia is the genus’ scientific name because the most attractive hybrid plants may be traced back to the crossings of the Sinningia speciosa with other species of the genus. Sinningia villosa & Sinningia helleri are both native to Central and South America and are now found in the United States.

In the jungles of Brazil, for example, Sinningia speciosa has lived for a long period. Today, there are at least 60 to 80 hybrids in existence. 

It’s hard to tell the gloxinia from the many other flower-filled houseplants on the market, so what makes it unique? Intriguing funnel-shaped blooms are a hallmark of Brazilian exotica. 

In the first place, they get points for having the right uniform. White, pink, red, purple, blue-violet, and violet are just a few options. It is impossible to miss any of the vibrant hues present. The flowers might be monochromatic or two-toned. Some hybrids have a white edge or are somewhat curled on the edging. 

Gloxinia hybrids with blooms resembling rose petals are also available. Gloxinia, with that said, you can’t even come close to matching the queen of flowers’ beauty.

What does the Gloxinia flower symbolize?

The gloxinia flower is a symbol of instant attraction. You may not know how this all began, but it’s a beautiful symbol that might start your love life. 

A vase of gloxinias may serve as an alternative means of expressing affection if you see someone and fall in love at first sight. This flower might be a great beginning to a new relationship if the recipient understands what they symbolize.

All in all, the gloxinia flower symbolic meanings are:

  • instant attraction
  • love at first sight
  • happy life and marriage
  • affection
  • admiration
  • love
  • friendship

Meaning of the Gloxinia flower colors

Red color

The color red represents passion and love. Red gloxinia flowers are believed to indicate depth and strength in relationships.

Blue color

Blue flowers represent trust and peaceful energy and are the best gift for those you trust and admire. You can give blue gloxinia flowers to family, friends, or colleagues.

Pink color

Pink means gentleness and femininity and is typically linked with motherly love. Pink gloxinia flowers make a delightful Mother’s Day gift, new baby celebrations, or housewarmings.

White color

White symbolizes innocence and purity, but white gloxinia flowers can also express trust and dignity. They are a suitable gift for a range of occasions. 

Purple color

Purple signifies fantasy, enchantment, grace, and royalty. Purple gloxinia flowers also express respect and admiration. 


Interesting facts about the Gloxinia flowers

  • Inexperienced gardeners may mistakenly believe that the gloxinia hybrid plant has died after its blooms have faded. Gloxinias hibernate blossoming again, so be aware of this fact.
  • While gloxinia flowers have no distinct connection to luck, they have long been linked with assisting in matters of love and finding new relationships.
  • Gloxinia flowers only bloom once per season.
  • The gloxinia flower is associated with the star sign Cancer (June 23 – July 23).

How to grow Gloxinia flowers

Although gloxinias can be temperamental, it is a wonderfully attractive plant that adds a new layer of beauty to your indoor garden.

  1. Use a somewhat acidic potting mix that’s well-draining and loose to plant the gloxinia.
  2. Place them in a bright spot where there is indirect sunlight.
  3. Only water the plant when the soil seems dry beyond a half-inch.
  4. Use peat-lite fertilizers with the plant, and swap them out with a calcium nitrate fertilizer every once in a while.

How to care for Gloxinia flowers

  1. Cut away everything except the two leaves on the bottom of the plant once it has finished blooming. 
  2. Snip off the spent flowers from the bottom of the stem.
  3. Cut the vegetation down to the top of the soil after the plant has bloomed for a second time.
  4. Water the plant often enough to ensure it doesn’t get dried out, especially in the hotter months.
  5. Apply organic fertilizer when the dormancy period is over, and the bloom is about to restart.
  6. Watch out for insects and keep the plant in an organized and clean space.

Best time to gift Gloxinia flowers

Gloxinia flowers are appropriate for various gifting events and sentiments throughout the year.

Potted gloxinia plants make wonderful housewarming, Mother’s Day, and new baby celebration gifts, and they can also represent affection, appreciation, love, and friendship.


Gloxinias are reasonably simple to cultivate from seed, although the plants begin blooming in five to seven months. That mature plant may survive for years and produce additional blossoms in subsequent years is fantastic news.

Despite gloxinia’s tendency to be finicky, it is a stunning plant that will add a new level of elegance to your interior garden setup.

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