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As a flower, honeysuckle is attractive, sweet smelling and symbolizes happiness in life.

The honeysuckle flower belongs to the Lonicera and Caprifoliaceae family. Honeysuckle grows on shrubs as well as vines and found mostly in the temperate climates. These evergreen plants grow all over the world and many species can be found in China too. Honeysuckle is easy to grow and does not need special care and grows well in regular gardens.

Depending on where it grows, honeysuckle is an evergreen or a deciduous plant. It sheds its leaves in the Himalayan foothills and regrows each spring. It has tubular flowers with two-lips. The flowers grow in pairs and are very fragrant. Honeysuckle also bears fruit – red, black, or orange – which attracts wildlife. Honeysuckle is also known for its nectar which is a source of food for bees.

Honeysuckle flowers come in many colors – yellow, orange, pink and white (Chinese honeysuckle), white and yellowish purple.

Honeysuckle is propagated by cuttings from the vine or shrub as well as seeds. The seeds have to be cold in order to start the germination process. The easiest way is to sow seeds in soil and refrigerate it for three months. It will then germinate and start growing.


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The Latin name for honeysuckle Lonicera Japonica can be attributed to Adam Lonicer, a Renaissance botanist. It is believed that the plant/shrub gets its name due to the way in which bees and hummingbirds flock to the flowers, for nectar. Honeysuckle flower meaning is different around the world and generally means happiness.

What does Honeysuckle symbolize?

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Over the years, honeysuckle has been assigned many meanings. It is mainly viewed a symbol of kindness and happiness. Honeysuckle vines are very hardy and hard to kill once it is established in a garden. This aspect is used often to symbolize strong, long lasting bonds and devotion. Each color represents a specific meaning as well.

  • Happiness: Because of its fragrant scent, hummingbirds flock to this plant/vine, hence symbolizing affection and happiness.
  • Love: Because of the way the vines cling to structures to cling, it is as a symbol of love. It is also said to represent feelings for an old or first love – a reminder of nostalgic and happy times gone by.
  • Good fortune: Honeysuckle also brings luck and fortune to a home and protect against evil. It is a good plant to give as a gift to those you wish good luck, fortune and all good things.

The honeysuckle flower holds special significance in many cultures as well. In medieval England, the Druids used symbols of the honeysuckle to denote happiness, joy in life and following one’s own path. In China, the honeysuckle played a key role in medicine. As a cooling herb, it is believed to promote positivity and remove toxins from the body. In France, honeysuckle flower meaning is devotion, fidelity and love.

What do the different colors of the honey suckle flower mean?

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Purity: White honeysuckle represents purity and innocence and is ideal for expressing untainted love.

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Friendship: Yellow honeysuckle flower meaning is friendship, respect and trust.

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Romance: Pink honeysuckle is an ideal gift to represent romance and playfulness.

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Passion: Red represents love and passion, an ideal gift for the love in your life.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the honeysuckle flower

Honeysuckle flower meaning, whether it is a shrub or vine, is a symbol of affection, happiness and good fortune. It is a good plant to give as a gift, regardless of occasion. It is also the birth flower for the month of June.

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Honeysuckle has around 200 species and found in many countries. It grows well in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Honeysuckle shrubs and vines need moist soil with good drainage to thrive. It grows well in full sun.

Honeysuckles grow as shrubs and in vine form. The shrub can grow up to 30 feet (ca. 9 m), while the wine climbs up to 80 feet (ca. 24 m).

Honeysuckle is considered ornamental in many countries and used quite a lot in floral arrangements.

Honeysuckle flowers are usually trumpet shaped and grow in pairs. There are many colors of flowers too – red, white, yellow, purple, orange, and red. Honeysuckle is best known for its fragrance.

Honeysuckle starts blooming in the spring when the weather starts to warm up and right through to fall, based on the variety.

Honeysuckle flowers have nectar and is very attractive to hummingbirds and pollinators like bees and butterflies. Once the flower is pollinated, its color changes from white to yellow.

Honeysuckle berries were used in the old days to dye fabrics.

Planting honeysuckle in front of a home was thought to ward off witches and evil spirits.

Other interesting facts

  • Another common name for honeysuckle is woodbine.
  • It belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family, and its flowering season is from June to September.
  • Honeysuckle grows well as a hedge or vine in an urban setting and in woodlands.
  • The leaves of a honeysuckle are dark green and oval shaped. They grow just like the flowers, in pairs and opposite each other.
  • The honeysuckle flower has many colors and different shape. For instance, the Chinese honeysuckle flower has petals and looks like a star. Flowers can be orange, white, yellow, red and pink.
  • Honeysuckle supports many species of birds and pollinating insects. These pollinators are drawn to the flower due to its fragrance, berries and nectar.

When to gift honeysuckle flowers or a vine

Honeysuckle is an easy to grow shrub/vine. It does well in a sunny spot and needs moist soil which drains well. Honeysuckle can be grown in a pot on a terrace and guided up a trellis. When planted in a garden, it can be used as a hedge or grown on a fence for full coverage. Once it is planted in the ground, it settles in and dies out in the winter. It starts to grow again in the spring and starts to flower when the weather is warm.

Now that you know the honeysuckle flower meaning based on color, you can pick the right one based on the occasion. Honeysuckle is a great plant to gift whether it is for a housewarming party or as a symbol of love and affection. It is a good just because gift as well – there is no need for any specific occasion. Give someone you care about a honeysuckle plant to let them know that you care about them.


Honeysuckle is a cheerful plant due to its pretty flowers and fragrance. It adds beauty and attracts butterflies in any garden. This hardy plant serves a reminder of happiness, love and affection in everyone’s life. Give honeysuckle as a gift to someone you care about to let them know you are thinking of them!