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The wax flower is beautiful, delicate, and fragrant, with five waxy petals on each stem. The small leaves of the wax flower contain scented oil glands that create a beautiful aroma when crushed. The flowers of this plant also have a lovely scent.

The wax flower was discovered by a famous French botanist named Louiche Desfontaines. This flower was originally called Geraldton Wax; it was named after the town Geraldton where it was discovered.

The botanical name of the wax flower is Chamelaucium which belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It is believed to have stemmed from the Greek words white dwarf (Leucos and Chamai, respectively). It refers to the plants traditionally, small white-colored petals. In Latin, this flower means “Uncinatum,” which means hooked. It refers to the hooked-shaped leaves of this plant.

Wax flower is native to Western Australia but is also popular in Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Indianapolis, and other parts of the US. This plant enjoys a subtropical environment and a warm and dry climate.

What does the Wax flower symbolize?

Wax flowers have been associated with popular symbolism and meaning. The flower is symbolic of enduring riches and wealth. This flower expresses best wishes, good luck, and long-lasting success. Wax flower meaning is also associated with lasting love or love that endures tests and trials.

In Australia, the wax flower is used for weddings to symbolize a new beginning and a wedding filled with happy and long-lasting memories. That’s why this flower is very popular in a wedding corsage.

All in all, the wax flower symbolic meanings are:

  • good luck
  • happy memories
  • new beginning
  • good fortune
  • happiness
  • long-lasting love

Meaning of the Wax flower colors

White color

The color white in the language of flowers stands for purity, innocence, and positivity, while the white wax flowers are known to spread good vibes and positivity. They also symbolize a new beginning. White wax flowers are ideal for wedding corsages, bouquets, and floral crowns.

Pink color

The color pink is associated with romance. These romantic, long-lasting pink wax flower blooms are the best gift to express your feelings to someone special.

Yellow color

Yellow wax flowers mean joy, happiness, and good wishes. A bouquet of yellow wax flowers will convey best wishes and happiness to someone. This beautiful yellow bloom will surely bring the receiver much warmth and care.

Purple color

Purple wax flower means wealth and riches. A bouquet of purple wax flowers can also mean extreme adoration.

Interesting facts about the Wax flowers

  • Wax flowers are shrubs that grow very quickly and can grow as tall as 6 feet.
  • This flowering plant produces huge quantities of oil from its glands, and its leaves are known to give off a fresh, clean lemony scent when it is crushed.
  • Because of their unique smell and long-lasting vase life, cut flowers of wax flowers are a great choice for bouquets and flower arrangements.
  • Wax flowers are used as decorative items and for floral arrangements. These native spring blossoms have a romantic and rustic feel and emanate a fresh floral scent, making them an obvious wedding choice. Their simple style makes them suitable for any wedding without overpowering the existing décor of the wedding.
  • These beautiful flowers are also used as floral crowns. A wax flower crown looks very pretty as a bridal headpiece. A wax floral crown is ideal for brides who like a bohemian look. Wax flowers are also relatively inexpensive and suit those on a budget.
  • Wax flower wedding bouquets are quite popular as well. The bride can have a bouquet of Wax flowers in various colors.
  • An arrangement of the wax flower is a perfect addition as a table centerpiece or at the reception of a hotel or office. These flowers are also used as table napkin decorations for formal dinners and cake embellishments. These beautiful blossoms will provide a fresh, cleansing smell, which surely will leave you feeling energetic and uplifted.
  • Four common hybrid species are identified as wax flowers. They are the Bundara Excelsior with large pink flowers, Album with white flowers, University with its red stems and rose-purple flowers, and Purple Pride with reddish-purple flowers.

How to grow Wax flowers

Wax flowers bloom in the early spring or late winter season. They are a wonderful addition to garden plants because of their low maintenance.

  1. Plant the wax flower in sandy loam soil.
  2. Top up the soil with organic mulch before planting.
  3. Choose a spot with full sun to help them grow and bloom. 
  4. Water young plants regularly.
  5. Add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil if needed.

How to care for Wax flowers

  1. Once the wax flower plants mature, water thoroughly and regularly if it’s too hot.
  2. Apply a slow-release fertilizer once a year each spring.
  3. Prune the plants after the end of their blooming season. 
  4. Deadhead plants after their flowers begin to fade.

Best time to gift Wax flowers

The hardy nature of wax flowers allows them to stay fresh in a vase for 3 weeks after cutting. You can give your loved one a bouquet of wax flowers as a gift for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Wax flowers stand for long-lasting love. Gift these pretty blooms to that special someone. Nothing can be more heartwarming than a beautiful bouquet that symbolizes true love. So, next time for your wedding anniversary, give your partner a bouquet of wax flowers instead of the usual roses.

The flower is symbolic of good wishes. Hence, a bouquet of wax flowers is a perfect gift to wish someone good luck for starting a new journey or a promotion in the office. Wax flower means long-lasting marriages; therefore, it is common to give a bouquet of wax flowers to a newly married couple.

These gorgeous fresh, lemony flowers look wonderful as a table centerpiece. Wax flowers exude beauty and fragrance. And hence, it’s a lovely housewarming gift or if you are visiting a friend’s house for dinner.


The wax flower is a hardy showpiece that blooms in the dead of winter. It’s the perfect flower to bring hope that the coldest days are coming to an end.

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