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The Laurel flower is home to eastern North America. It has a habitat that extends from southern Maine to northern Florida. As well as west to Indiana and Louisiana. The emblem flower of Connecticut, as well as Pennsylvania, is the mountain laurel.

Mountain laurel (Kalmia) is the word of a genus, not a specific flora. Heaths, yew, blueberry, and cranberry are all members of the Ericaceae family, which contains this blossom. This family includes both consumable and poisonous species, yet practically people cultivate them for decorative purposes in certain forms.

Pehr Kalm, a Swedish botanist who first reported it in European periodicals, gave the flower the scientific name Kalmia.

Mountain laurel flower meaning originally comes from its similarity to actual laurel varieties such as bay laurel, which are mostly found in Mediterranean regions. Spoonwood, regardless of the fact that the timber is hazardous, and calico bush, due to the scattered or striped blossoms, are two other frequent names.

What does the Laurel flower symbolize?

The laurel (Kalmia) flower grows in harsh environments. The Kalmia has the metaphorical connotation of tenacity in floral linguistics. Due to its twisted trunks and tendency of blooming closely alongside, it also sometimes represent deception. In several communities, people consider the word ambition as laurel flower meaning. This traces to the early Greeks who used to adorn poets, intellectuals, and other Greek philosophers with laurel blossoms. Sportsmen, soldiers, and statesmen would all use such a headpiece to show off their position.

Apollo, the god of archery, music, dance, and several other aspects fell in love with Daphne in Greek mythology. She didn’t want to spend any time with the infatuated god, so she was transformed into a laurel tree as she was trying to flee. As a token of his devotion, he plucked a branch from the tree. Instead of representing ambition or endurance, the laurel in this narrative represents Daphne’s betrayal by rejecting to love Apollo.

The other significant laurel flower meaning and symbolism include:


The laurel (Kalmadi) flowers are bright and stunning blossoms, these flowers have been raised as aesthetic and gardening flowers.

It has been used to beautify many portions of the artworks, and its gorgeous oval, cup-shaped blossoms set them apart and render them unique.

It’s a lovely flower with amazing colors that complement its artistic attributes.


Laurel flowers are commonly used in rituals and occasions commemorating major afflictions that people have faced throughout their lives.

People gift this flower to someone who has accomplished truly extraordinary in their area of employment or education.


The most remarkable quality of laurel (Kalmia) flowers is their capacity to thrive in environments that are unsuitable for most flora, such as mountain range locations.

Regardless of the hurdles, this floral has the capacity to grow in harsh settings and bloom magnificently.

It is noted for its capacity to adjust well to unfavorable environments and for its capacity to persist irrespective of where it is discovered.

This flower is telling you to remain strong and have faith in your capacity to fight as much as possible.


Laurel flower meaning is associated with history. Significance with a great influence on what it symbolizes and speaks for.

It symbolizes treachery or deceit by someone you feel about. If someone has bothered you and you want folks to realize, this is floral to send them.

What do the various colors of the Laurel flower mean?

The majority of Laurel flowers are red or white. It gives the laurel flower meaning when placed in a bouquet.

The various colors and laurel flower meanings are enlisted below:


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White color represents purity, revival, loss, memories, and healing. The bloom of the white mountain laurel (Kalmia) is appropriate to give to someone who is genuine. You can also give them to someone who is physically unwell to convey your best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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Pink is a color that represents warmth, kindness, friendship, the beginnings of love, and youth. Giving a gift to anyone you care about sends a message of affection and love to them.


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Red is a color that represents passionate love, sensuality, fortune, healthy life, and full of hope.

This might be a wonderful gift to commemorate your love and passion with your sweetheart on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.


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Purple is a color associated with prosperity, sophistication, loyal devotion, and intelligence. This might be an excellent floral gift for people you trust or regard as a leader. This conveys a message of respect and honor.

Interesting facts and characteristics of the Laurel flower

  1. Mountain laurel (Kalmia) can reach a height of 5 to 15 feet (4.57 m) and a width of the same length.
  2. Laurels flower grow best in shady areas, but they can tolerate a vast range of light environments. They will thrive optimum if they have sunrise and afternoon shift to mid-afternoon cover. They need acidic, well-draining soil to thrive. If you’re cultivating these flowers in the household, adding mulch to assist them to stay hydrated may be beneficial.
  3. The flower flourishes in May and produces rose to white flowers with violet streaks.
  4. After they’ve bloomed, minor pruning will stimulate more blooming and a bushier shape.
  5. Both humans and animals are sickened by this plant. While the plant is unlikely to cause death in humans, it can irritate the skin, eyes, and other mucus membranes. It produces nausea and vomiting in certain individuals as well.
  6. This wildflower grows in the southeastern United States, the mass of varieties have been developed to flourish in cooler regions rather. ‘Ostbo Red,’ ‘Bullseye,’ and the dwarf variety ‘Elf’ are all great choices.

The Best time to gift someone Laurel (Kalmai) flowers

You can choose Laurel flower to peruse it to deliver a message when you’re upset with anyone’s actions, based on the interpretation you choose to ascribe to it. Due to the dishonest meaning ascribed to this blossom, it can assist you to indicate that you feel somebody performed dismissively or perhaps unjustly. Instead, use it to honor someone who has lately conquered difficulty for a much more hopeful message.

The blossoms of the laurel flowers are sometimes used as a sign of endurance by current flower admirers. This is related to the plant’s preference for rocky, difficult, steep, and high-altitude environments. It’s a terrific approach to express your admiration for someone who has succeeded despite adversity.