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The elegant moonflower, also known as the moon vine, has many deep meanings. These flowers are night beauties, and almost all moonflower meanings are directed toward their special quality of blooming at night.

The scientific name of the moonflower is Ipomoea alba. These flowers are most commonly seen in white, but you might spot purple moonflowers sometimes. As the name suggests, the moonflower blooms in the evening and is shaped like a moon. The flower is an absolute night beauty, attracting many night insects, bats, and moths.

The moonflower is a twining perennial vine endemic to the American tropics. In cooler areas, it grows quickly enough to be considered an annual. Moonflowers, linked to morning glory, create stunning white flowers that bloom in the early evening and close at daybreak. The white blossoms attract night-flying moths, which pollinate the moonflower.

The moonflowers are native to tropical North America and South America. Argentina, Northern Mexico, Florida, and the West Indies are where you will find them growing into beautiful, healthy vines. 

What does the Moonflower symbolize?

This flower’s meaning and symbolism revolve around the fact that it is a night flower. The moonflower represents the beauty that comes out of the darkness. It also stands for dreaming of love. 

This trumpet-shaped flower calls out to anyone who feels low. It uplifts the soul with its pleasant smell and by just shining bright against the night sky. This flower looks like a ray of hope amidst dark and distressing times and brings joy to everyone.

All in all, the moonflower symbolic meanings are:

  • mysticism
  • enchantment
  • spiritual enlightenment
  • awakening of the soul

Meaning of the Moonflower colors

White color

The white moonflower is more common and is widely grown as an ornamental plant. The white variety is quite visible and looks like the moon when it fully blooms. When the plant blossoms with many flowers, it will look like there are so many little moons in your garden. 

The white moonflower is associated with dreams and romance as it is a night flower. It is also an encouraging flower as it blooms in the darkness and teaches one to bloom despite trying times.

Purple color

The purple moonflower also describes its elegance as it stands against the night sky. The purple blends so beautifully with the darkness and shows growth and emergence. 

While the white moonflower is bright and beautiful at night, the purple moonflower is more subtle and mixes well with the darkness.

Interesting facts about the Moonflower

  • Apart from being a popular choice as an ornamental plant, the moonflower has also been used to make rubber with a milky liquid.
  • Moonflower is now popular in many places, including Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and some Pacific islands. The warm weather in these places is just right for these beauties to take their place and bloom.
  • Since they are night flowers, they always find meaning in the darkness of the night, dreams, and everything associated with nighttime.
  • This plant is mostly propagated naturally by seeds, and you can even spot them along roads and railway lines.

How to grow Moonflower

Moonflowers can grow quite fast and are usually considered easy to maintain. They look beautiful when dense and bushy but grow perfectly well with support. These flowers are night beauties and look best when planted toward the moon. They glow in the darkness and uplift every soul that needs it.

  1. Plant moonflowers in well-draining soil with slightly acidic to neutral pH. 
  2. Place them in an area with full sun to partial shade where they can get at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days.
  3. Water the young plants regularly, but don’t let them sit in overly soggy soil, or they’ll rot.
  4. Use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus.

How to care for Moonflower

  1. Once established, water the moonflowers when the top inch of the soil feels dry.
  2. Apply with a half-strength, high-phosphorus fertilizer every three to four weeks when the plant is in bloom.
  3. Deadhead blooms you can reach.
  4. Pluck out volunteer plants to prevent uncontrolled spread.

Best time to gift Moonflower

Moonflower’s meaning shows how they can bloom and prosper despite the tough dark times of life. Gifting flowers like moonflowers will uplift anyone who is experiencing challenges and teaches you to glow despite the darkness that is all around.

These flowers are vines and can be a great addition to bouquets, as moonflower meaning also has love and intimacy. 

Moonflowers can also be used for weddings as they are subtle and perfectly complement any wedding theme.


The moonflower is a fantastic flowering plant created specifically for night owls. This nocturnal flower has a particular scent that cannot be replicated elsewhere. One scent of this quickly climbing plant is all it takes to instantly fall in love with its flower. 

As a gardener, you’ll like the low-maintenance, unconstrained growth pattern that gives a splash of color to your yard. Plant one today and enjoy the nocturnal scent that will enchant you.
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