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The periwinkle flower is a small evergreen plant that grows in the wild. They can tolerate harsh environmental conditions, and spotting them amongst larger plants is often difficult. 

This flower is native to Northwest Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Periwinkle flowers bloom in red, white, pink, and blue color. The periwinkle flower has been part of European history for thousands of years. 

The periwinkle flower got its name from Latin through Old and Middle English. The Romans used to call this flower “pervinca.” Over the years, it slowly evolved into its current name and became known as the periwinkle flower.

The name “periwinkle” most likely originates from “poule-de-Roche”—a French word that means “rock dove.” The name is derived from the blue color of the feathers of a dove. But that is not the only origin associated with a periwinkle flower.

The name periwinkle could also have been derived from another French word. “Pourpre” means purple in French. This is a name often associated with the origin of the periwinkle flower. Some periwinkle flowers come with a white center and lavender-blue petals.

In English botany, the name Periwinkle comes from the similarity in looks between the flower and a kind of shellfish called by the same name.

The periwinkle flower, or Vinca, is a genus from the Apocynaceae family. The Vinca genus has two variants within the Apocynaceae family: Vinca Major and Vinca Minor. Both these variants love the shade and thrive under shade. Periwinkles fall under the category of Vinca Major. The two variants differ in shape and size.

What does the Periwinkle (Vinca) flower symbolize?

The periwinkle (vinca) flower has a deep and strong connection with the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages. Flowers are given a lot of significance in Christianity, and Virgin Mary is associated with several flowers. 

This flower is also popularly known as the “Virgin flower,” especially the blue periwinkle flower, which closely corresponds to this symbolism. 

In the Victorian era, the periwinkle flower was associated with friendship and new beginnings; this meaning holds even today. This flower is an ideal gift for friends and close associates.

For the Ukranians, the periwinkle flower symbolizes eternal love, and they considered this an ideal gift for new weds to wish the newly-wed couples happiness and good luck.

The periwinkle flower also symbolizes recollecting fond memories from the past and remembering our dear ones who are no longer with us.

The periwinkle flower was seen as a symbol of hope for centuries. There is an interesting story associated with this flower. In medieval times, if a prisoner picked up a flower in jail and smelled it, the jailer would set the prisoner free.

All in all, the periwinkle (vinca) flower symbolic meanings are:

  • new and exciting beginnings
  • everlasting love
  • romance
  • friendship
  • strength
  • purity
  • achievement of dreams

Meaning of the Periwinkle (Vinca) flower colors

White color


The white periwinkle (vinca) flower symbolizes everlasting love and memories that are cherished forever. This flower is often used as decoration flowers for a wedding or as a wedding bouquet arrangement. Because it symbolizes love and eternal devotion, it’s a perfect flower for wedding decor.

Purity also has key connotations associated with the white periwinkle flower. Traditionally, white has been associated with religious rituals as a symbol of purity, purity of heart, faith, and hope. Regarding wedding décor and flowers, white is a hue that must be omitted from consideration.

Do not hesitate if you’re looking for a method to express to your loved one that your love will endure a lifetime by sending them an arrangement of white periwinkles.

Pink color


The color pink symbolizes romance, femininity, and love, while the pink periwinkle (vinca) flower has long been associated with love, passion, and enduring affection. 

If you want to show your lover how much you love and care for them, give them the pink periwinkle flower. This flower is an ideal gift for your partner as it will convey your deep emotions and feelings to your beloved. 

For this reason, you may offer the pink periwinkle flower to any lady with a particular place in your heart.

Blue color


The blue periwinkle (vinca) flower symbolizes a new start or a fresh beginning. If you fear stepping beyond your comfort zone, you could miss out on something amazing. The blue periwinkle flower represents a fresh start for a friend or member of your family. 

You can give this flower to someone who is starting a new venture or someone who is entering a new phase of life. Gifting a blue periwinkle flower gives the person good luck and happiness for his new beginnings.

The blue periwinkle flower also means friendship and trust. You can gift a beautiful bouquet of blue periwinkle flowers to a close friend or someone you adore.

Alternatively, you may offer a blue periwinkle flower to such a new acquaintance to help you get to know each other better and begin your journey together.

Red color


The red color stands for love, romance, and passion. Only your companion would be the right recipient of this present since it conveys feelings of love and desire. 

Undoubtedly you can gift a red periwinkle (vinca) flower to your partner to express your innermost feelings and true love. A bouquet of red periwinkle flowers is a perfect gift to be exchanged between lovers.

As a present for your spouse, you won’t be disappointed with the red periwinkle flower, which will convey the correct message.

Interesting facts about the Periwinkle (Vinca) flowers

  • In ancient times, this evergreen plant was used for medicinal purposes, especially folk medicine. The whole plant, including the stem, can be used for healing. Periwinkle (vinca) has been used to treat coughs, colds, coughs, diabetes, and sore throat. In earlier times, it was also used to heal lung and eye infections.
  • Another interesting fact associated with periwinkle flowers is that they can be a strengthening beverage to detoxify and cleanse your body. All you need to do is put periwinkle flowers to sit in wine for some time, and it will turn into a strengthening beverage with great benefits.
  • The original habitat of the periwinkle flower is Europe, and from there, it has been brought to North America and other continents.
  • Periwinkle tattoos are quite common, and a blue one represents hope, peace, and tranquility. It is also a symbol of devotion, sincerity, and faithfulness. People with a periwinkle tattoo convey the message that they are true to their word and the promises they make. Such people can forever be trusted.

How to grow Periwinkle (Vinca) flowers

These flowering plants are easy-to-care and grow for their shiny, dark green foliage and attractive, unique pinwheel-shaped flowers. They grow very fast, and the flowers are in bloom for a long duration.

  1. Plant the periwinkle (vinca) in soil rich in compost, but they can also tolerate poorer soils.
  2. Place them in partial sun or partial shade. Avoid too much full sun exposure to ensure that it maintains a healthy growth rate.
  3. Keep the soil moist but not wet.
  4. Apply fertilizer once a month to enhance foliage brilliance and bloom growth.

How to care for Periwinkle (Vinca) flowers

  1. Fertilize the periwinkle (vinca) once a month with an appropriately balanced fertilizer (equal parts nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium) if your soil needs more rich organic matter, but it is optional because periwinkle grows well in poor soil as well.
  2. Directly water the soil rather than wetting the leaves.
  3. Use a gentle insecticide soap diluted with water or neem oil to control pest problems.
  4. Remove and discard infected plants immediately.

Best time to gift Periwinkle (Vinca) flowers

The periwinkle (vinca) flower is very versatile and thus can be gifted on many occasions. You may feel that gifting a flower is an ordinary gesture. But in reality, there are various reasons for which you can choose to give a flower and a particular one. They are the perfect bloom to treat your loved ones with something special.

The periwinkle flower stands for peace, so this flower is perfect to be gifted to someone who had a traumatic experience or is undergoing some stress in life. When you give a periwinkle flower, you send a message of encouragement to that person.

Periwinkle flower means eternal love; you can gift these flowers to newlyweds. It is also a favorite flower gifted between lovers to express their love and passion for each other.

For ages, the periwinkle flower has been associated with friendship. So pleasantly surprise your friends with a beautiful bouquet of periwinkle flowers.

Periwinkle flowers are versatile and associated with several positive feelings and emotions. Hence, choose the color of the flower and the occasion to give someone a bunch of this beautiful periwinkle flower.

The periwinkle flower has an important message to give to all of us. This flower stands for friendship, reminding us to cherish friendship and keep our loved ones close to us. We often encounter negative moments, but it is important to brush them aside and keep only positive ones.

Life without love and friendship is like an empty vessel. We should keep filling the vessel with love to make it more meaningful, and the periwinkle flower is a reminder of that.


The periwinkle (vinca) flower, like other flowers, has a special meaning and importance of its own. Each flower’s meaning is heavily affected by the views and beliefs of individuals from other civilizations. They paid too much attention to floral meanings and nature as a whole back in the days of the ancient world. 

Now, it’s a popular flower to present as part of a bouquet or to grow for landscaping. Appreciate this species in any way you like, and let it represent whatever meaning feels right to you.

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