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Plumeria is the scientific term for all the Frangipani variations.  Charles Plumier, a 17th-century naturalist, chronicled a great deal of New World flora and fauna that inspired the name ‘Plumeria,’ also known as “broken bread.” The holy food for church services would come from the household. The marquess made the plumeria-scented perfume of an Italian aristocratic family by the same name.

“Frangipani” originates from a nobleman, Marquis Frangipani, Maréchal des Armees of Louis XIII of the 16th century. He made an outstanding and popular perfume for scenting gloves. The flowers arrived in Europe having almost a sim stuck aroma simultaneously. Thus, the name stuck.

This flower is a tiny group from the dogbane family, and there are about eight categories from tropical America. Frangipani is commonly a ‘deciduous or semi-evergreen’ tree and shrub. It has modest and sharp edge leaves on succulent branches.

What does the Plumeria (Frangipani) flower symbolize?

In Hawaiian culture, the plumeria (frangipani) flower is a sign of positivity and is often used to mark important events. A woman’s relationship status also lies upon these flowers as a symbol if a woman is in a relationship or single. When a woman puts the flower behind her left ear, she is in a relationship. On the other hand, she is single when she puts it behind her right ear.

The plumeria flower’s meaning was revered in Hinduism as a sign of unwavering loyalty to a particular person. Weddings and other events celebrating the union of two people were common places for the usage of this flower. This flower also symbolizes the affection and dedication between two individuals.

In Buddhism, the plumeria flower was used as a sign of immortality. The plumeria tree’s capacity to rebloom after being uprooted was one of the many reasons for its powerful symbolic importance. The Buddhists also believe this flower signifies a new being and rebirth. The symbolic plumeria flower originated from its botanical aspects. The inhabitants of Laos believe the flower is a sign of religion and sacredness.

The plumeria tree, according to Mexican mythology, led to the birth of the gods, while the plumeria flower symbolizes life and rebirth in Mayan civilization. The Mayan aspirants think this flower signifies God’s origin and that it creates all the Gods.

All in all, the plumeria (frangipani) flower symbolic meanings are:

  • beauty
  • charm
  • grace
  • new life
  • new beginnings
  • creativity
  • wealth
  • perfection
  • fertility
  • strength
  • growth
  • romantic love

Meaning of the Plumeria (Frangipani) flower colors

White color

It is the most common type of plumeria (frangipani) flower and is the best-suited one for nearly every ceremony. Plumeria’s white flowers are often used at weddings and christenings as a sign of purity and spirituality. 

The white color of the plumeria flower contributes to the flower’s powerful spiritual meaning. One can endow this specific natural-toned plumeria flower to everyone they love or who played an important role in their life.

Orange color

Orange color is closely associated with the significance of joy, warmth, and encouragement. As the significance lies, one can offer orange plumeria (frangipani) flowers to someone who expects abundant optimistic energy and positivity.

If you’re looking for a way to express your love and gratitude to someone special, this bright hue of plumeria flower is a sure bet.

Yellow color

The yellow plumeria (frangipani) flower resembles the orange plumeria flower. Yellow symbolizes optimism, friendship, joy, and happiness and connotes well-being, pleasure, and hope. 

The yellow plumeria flower is precisely among the ample eye-catching blossoms. It is considered an excellent gift for family or friends. You can’t go wrong if you give your best pals yellow plumeria flowers as a token of friendship.

Pink color

Pink plumeria (frangipani) flowers are an excellent gift for a partner. The pink color signifies fantasy, elegance, beauty, gentleness, and womanhood. This color is also associated with feelings of tenderness, love, and romance. 

The smooth and soft pink color suits any delightful ceremony if one prefers to convey love and adore the beauty of their beloved.

Red color


Red plumerias (frangipani) are lovely, and the color red and the powerful meaning behind this flower offer an exceptionally clear signal of love and loyalty to the recipient.

These red flowers symbolize fantasy, affection, desire, and enthusiasm. Red plumeria flowers are also attention-seeking and thus suitable to express great feelings of affection and deepest emotions.

Purple color

Purple has long been associated with aristocracy, monarchy, and grace. This color symbolizes individualism, supremacy, elegance, compassion, and mystery.

The ordinary beauty of the Purple plumeria (frangipani) flower is best suited for any special ceremonies and events. You can’t go wrong with this flower as a present for someone special to you.

Green color

The green plumeria (frangipani) flower symbolizes the same, as green signifies wealth, strength, nature, a new being, and renewable energy. This green flower is associated with rebirth, the natural world, and vitality. 

One can endow these flowers to someone they admire most and expect their achievements. Your day will be lighter and more optimistic when you have a green plumeria flower in your house.

Interesting facts about the Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers

  • There are just a few deciduous plumeria (frangipani) species. There is a wide range of leaf shapes among the many species. In the event of a stem injury, a deadly fluid will be released from the lesion, which is soft and pliable.
  • Three months of plumeria blooming is typical, while species like peas and obtusa flower all year round. Clusters of white, yellow, pink, or red flowers adorn this arrangement. Evenings are when flowers release their narcotic perfume into the atmosphere.
  • Women in Hawaii wear the flowers in their hair and weave them into wreaths to give to tourists. Perfumes, colognes, and essential oils all have the sweet tropical aroma of flowers, one of the world’s most popular scents. Even if you’ve never smelled it, you’ll identify it in perfume since it’s a commonplace.
  • Plumeria plants do not include any nectar and accordingly deceive the pests that reach to pollinate it with its sweet, aromatic fragrance.
  • The “Sphinx moths” pollinate frangipanis at twilight, when the blossom odor is powerful.
  • It is Laos’s national flower named ‘Dok Champa.’

How to grow Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers

The plumeria (frangipani) is an excellent landscaping plant for the home garden, but it is also well adapted to pot culture.

  1. Plant the plumerias (frangipani) in well-draining, slightly acidic soil. 
  2. Choose a spot where they can get at least six hours of full sun.
  3. Water frequently so the soil never dries completely, but do not overwater.
  4. Apply fertilizer about every two to three weeks throughout their active growing season.

How to care for Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers

  1. Limit watering in the fall and fully stop when the plants become dormant in the winter.
  2. Resume regular waterings as new growth sprouts in the spring.
  3. Apply high phosphate (phosphorus) fertilizer to encourage blooms. 
  4. Avoid fertilizers high in nitrogen, which tend to produce leggy plants with few blooms.
  5. Remove damaged branches to control their size. 
  6. Trim the branch right where it joins with the main branch or trunk.

Best time to gift Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers

When it comes to flowers, plumerias (frangipani) are known for their elegance and meaning but are seldom offered as cut flowers. The gift of plumerias is a beautiful expression of your love and admiration for the recipient.

Plumeria flowers can create an outstanding gift for someone who can cultivate a tiny plant on their property or a small plant in a bowl on a terrace. This flower is a perfect gift for the one who appreciates lawn seems and relishes blossoms.

Celebrations in summer are excellent because these flowers look decent. Besides, there is a further possibility of blossoms or flower buds. Plumeria flowers look incredible, taking off at the end of spring. Additionally, there are often blossoms that last up to Autumn. During February, one can gift plumeria plants with flowers as well.

You may use these flowers for a wide range of situations, but you should be cautious about who you give them to in the first place. White plumerias, for example, may be connected with ghosts in certain cultures and used in funeral arrangements, which might give the incorrect impression!


The plumeria flower is simple, but it is stunningly eye-catching. Its simplicity and lovely aroma captivate people’s hearts. This lovely aroma is easily recognized because it has become one of the top notes in many well-known fragrances around the world.

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