Plumeria flower: Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

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It was Charles Plumier, a 17th-century naturalist, who chronicled a great deal of New World flora and fauna that inspired the name ‘Plumeria’. Also known as “broken bread,” the blossoms are also known as frangipani. The holy food for church services would come from the household. The plumeria-scented perfume was made by the marquess of an Italian aristocratic family by the same name.

The “Frangipani gloves” were named after Marquis Frangipani Marechal des Armees of Louis XIII, a member of this dynasty who developed a way of perfuming gloves.

Plumeria Flower Meaning

  • A new beginning: As a symbol of the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life, the plumeria flower was used at wedding ceremonies and baptisms.
  • New life: You may have guessed that this is the ideal flower to give to a new mother or to use as a baptismal centerpiece.
  • The Grace: The people you care about need to be shown how much you appreciate them, and these simple yet lovely flowers are a great way to do that.
  • Spring: Symbolically, the Plumeria flower meaning is associated with blossom heralds and a fresh start.

The Etymological meaning of Plumeria Flower

A French botanist, Charles Plumier, originally documented this tropical bloom, Plumeria is named after him. When Charles discovers a Plumeria bloom in the 17th century, at least in one section of the globe it is considered a new species. Scientifically known as the frangipani flower, the term was given to Plumeria by an Italian lord in the 16th century who used to produce fragrant gloves.

For this reason, the plumeria flower is frequently used in fragrances for its powerful and alluring aroma. Some believe the term frangipani is derived from the French word frangipani, which translates to “coagulated milk,” which is a fitting description of the Plumeria bloom.

What do Plumeria flowers symbolize?

When it comes to Hawaiian culture, the Plumeria flower meaning is a sign of positivity, and it was often used to mark important events. When women wore Plumeria flowers behind their left ears, it implied they had a boyfriend or girlfriend. When the flowers were placed behind their right ears, it implied they were single.

The Plumeria flower meaning was revered in Hinduism as a sign of unwavering loyalty to a particular person. Weddings and other events celebrating the union of two people were common places for the usage of this flower. This flower was used as a sign of immortality in Buddhism. The Plumeria tree’s capacity to rebloom after being uprooted was one of the many reasons for its powerful symbolic importance.

The Plumeria tree, according to Mexican mythology, led to the birth of the gods, while the Plumeria flower symbolized life and rebirth in Mayan civilization. When it comes to symbolism, this Plumeria flower does have a long and rich history.

What do the various colors of the Plumeria flower mean?

White – Plumeria’s white flowers are often used at weddings and christenings as a sign of purity and spirituality. The white color of the Plumeria bloom contributes to the flower’s powerful spiritual meaning.

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Yellow – The color yellow connotes a sense of well-being, pleasure, and hope. You can’t go wrong if you give your best pals yellow Plumeria flowers as a token of friendship.

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Orange – In the same way, that yellow is a sign of positivity, orange is likewise a beautiful color. If you’re looking for a way to express your love and gratitude to someone special, this bright hue is a sure bet.


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Pink – The color pink is associated with feelings of tenderness, love, and romance.


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Red – Red Plumerias are lovely, and the color red and the powerful meaning behind the Plumeria flower offer an exceptionally clear signal of love and loyalty to the recipient.


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Purple – The color purple has long been associated with aristocracy, monarchy, and grace. You can’t go wrong with this flower as a present for someone special to you.


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GreenPlumeria flower meaning is associated with rebirth, the natural world, and vitality. Your day will be lighter and more optimistic when you have a green Plumeria flower in your house.


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Interesting facts and characteristics of the Plumeria flower

  • Plumeria is a member of the genus of tropical plants known for its brightly colored blooms and enticing aromas. The Italians gave them the name Frangipani in the 16th century, and it has stuck ever since.
  • Plumeria flowers have a perfume that is reminiscent of the scented gloves made famous by Marquis Frangipani. To get it through the milder winters of the continental United States, it is often cultivated in containers.
  • The oleander family (Apocynaceae) includes the Plumeria genus, which includes eight basic genera and many thousands of cultivars. It is named for Charles de Plumieus, a 17th-century French naturalist who toured the United States collecting data on the region’s plants and animals.
  • Plumeria is native to Central America and has since expanded across the world’s tropical areas. It may reach heights of up to 15 meters in tropical climates, depending on the species.
  • There are just a few deciduous Plumeria species. There is a wide range of leaf shapes among the many species. In the event of a stem injury, a deadly fluid will be released from the lesion, which is soft and pliable.
  • Three months of plumeria blooming is typical, while species like peas and obdusa flower all year round. Clusters of white, yellow, pink, or red flowers adorn this arrangement. Evenings are when flowers release their narcotic perfume into the atmosphere.
  • Flowering Plumeria has an abundance of symbolism that spans from elegance and beauty to spring and fresh life. One of the most popular flowers in religious ceremonies is the plumeria, which symbolizes everlasting life. Plumeria flower meaning is associated with devotion and commitment in Hinduism, and immortality in Buddhism.
  • Women in Hawaii wear the flowers in their hair and weave them into wreaths to give to tourists. Perfumes, colognes, and essential oils all have the sweet tropical aroma of flowers, which is one of the world’s most popular scents. Even if you’ve never smelled it before, you’ll identify it in perfume since it’s so commonplace.

Best time to gift someone Plumeria flowers

When it comes to flowers, plumerias are known for their elegance and meaning but are seldom offered as cut flowers. The gift of plumerias is a beautiful expression of your love and admiration for the recipient.

You may use them for a wide range of situations, but you should be cautious about who you give them to in the first place. White plumerias, for example, maybe connected with ghosts in certain cultures and used in funeral arrangements, which might give the incorrect impression!

Although plumerias are well-known for their elegance and the meaning behind their delicate appearance, they are seldom offered as cut flowers.

The gift of plumerias is a beautiful expression of your love and admiration for the recipient.

They may be used for a variety of events, but the recipient has to be mindful about whom they present them. It’s important to remember that in certain societies, white plumerias are connected with funerals and ghosts, which might give an incorrect impression!