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Veronica, sometimes known as Speedwell, is a low-maintenance perennial with tall spikes of tiny purple, blue, pink, or white petals. With over 500 species, Veronica is the biggest genus in the Plantaginaceae flowering plant family. It was formerly categorized as a member of the Scrophulariaceae family. Bird’s eye and gypsy weed are two additional popular names for this plant.

Veronica is a traditional garden flower closely related to snapdragons, foxgloves, and beard tongues and is known for its magnificent blooming spikes in a rainbow of soothing hues. 

Veronica’s towering spikes are often covered in beautiful tubular or saucer-shaped blooms from spring through October. The flowers are brilliant and lovely, and they attract a lot of pollinators.

This beautiful shrub blooms in clusters of 1 to 3 feet (0.91 m) tall from spring through fall. Most species of Veronica flowers are native to Europe. Although a tiny number are annuals, nearly all are long-lived perennials, especially those produced by amateur gardeners. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinating insects enjoy Veronica blooms, making them environmentally beneficial.

Carl Linnaeus adopted the genus Veronica for binomial nomenclature based on the widespread use of veronica in various European languages for plants in this group. The name most likely originated from Saint Veronica, whose Latin name is Berenice, which is ultimately taken from Greek.

The genus name Veronica is said to be derived from the Latin word Vera, which means truthful, and nica, which means image.

Speedwell originates from the fact that most flowers shed their petals after only a few days.

What does the Veronica flower symbolize?

In addition to being tasty and lovely, the Veronica flower is rich in symbolism and significance, with hundreds of years of history behind it.

The genus name Veronica gives Speedwell its Christian connotation. This establishes a connection between the plant and Saint Veronica. She was a woman who accompanied Jesus to the crucifixion on Mount Calvary. She wore a veil and offered it to Jesus to clean his face as he carried the heavy cross. The fabric magically revealed a vision of his face when he returned it to her. It was afterward designated as a relic of the early church.

Because the vivid blue blooms of many Veronica species were connected with Jesus’ eyes, the flower became associated with this tale. The modest and common flower gained the meanings of protection, healing, joy, and support as a result of this. The Veronica flower is associated with that peace, recovery, and healing.

It also represents the concepts of healing and optimism. Victorians often used Speedwell to represent triumph or victory.

Veronica is a symbol of devotion and commitment. This makes it ideal for wedding bouquets or arrangements to be given as a gift.

The Veronica flower’s meaning is often thought to be auspicious. Their appearance along roadsides and under hedgerows was thought to be a good omen that would help travelers get on their journey faster. They represent luck and positivity in this way.

Because of its significance and meaning, the Veronica flower is a favorite summer wedding flower. This flower represents faithfulness and love. It is ideal for a wedding set or even as a surprise gift for someone special. Also, the flower’s natural purple hue symbolizes royalty, making it an ideal present for someone special.

It might indicate loyalty and fidelity of the heart in marriage. A bouquet can be used to show that the marriage is unadulterated. It can also be used to demonstrate that there has been no infidelity.

Its low-maintenance requirements can be used to express carefree sentiments. It might be a sign that everything is okay and that there is no need to worry. When making a get-well basket or bouquet, this is a fantastic option.

All in all, the Veronica flower symbolic meanings are:

  • fidelity
  • love
  • healing
  • recovery
  • joyfulness
  • loyalty
  • kindness
  • devotion
  • commitment

Meaning of the Veronica flower colors

Blue color

Blue Veronica flower is often associated with openness, new experiences, serenity, quiet, trust, and disease recovery. The color blue, which is frequently deep and rich, can convey sentiments of loyalty when it comes to Veronica flowers.

Purple color

The purple Veronica flower is associated with the monarchy and the quality of being regal, elegance, intrigue, passion, and life changes. The burst of color from deep purple and blue tones represents strength and power.

Pink color

Joy, youth, and early or growing sentiments of love, tenderness, and delicacy are all associated with pink Veronica flowers.

White color

Innocence, purity, healing, new beginnings, romance, and devotion are all associated with white Veronica blossoms. White Veronica flowers are even more profound as the meaning of the Veronica flower is closely associated with that commitment and loyalty.

Lavender color

Lavender Veronica flowers conjure images of youthfulness, elegance, feminine beauty, joy, and contentment.

Interesting facts about the Veronica flowers

  • Veronica has long been a common ingredient in herbal medicines, particularly those used by Native Americans. Its plants contain compounds that aid in treating asthma and congestion caused by allergies.
  • The common name speedwell may refer to the plant’s medical properties since it was once thought to heal illnesses effectively and quickly.
  • Irish maritime tribes used Veronica flowers in a bygone practice of giving them to passengers to keep them safe.
  • Some Veronica species are edible and high in nutrients. V. Americana, for example, can have a watercress-like flavor.
  • Because of the similar-looking leaves, people might mistake a Veronica plant for members of the mint family. Their stems, on the other hand, can distinguish them. Mint has square-sided stems, whereas Veronica has rounder stems.

How to grow Veronica flowers

This carefree and easy-to-grow perennial adds an interesting texture to gardens with its flower spikes.

  1. Plant the Veronica in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
  2. Choose a spot where they can get full sun.
  3. Loosen the soil and mix in compost. 
  4. Water thoroughly.

How to care for Veronica flowers

  1. Water in the summer if the weekly rainfall is less than 1 inch.
  2. Stake tall varieties.
  3. Cover the soil with a thin layer of compost to maintain moisture, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch.
  4. Deadhead to extend the flowering period.
  5. Cut back stems to an inch above the soil line after the first fatal frost.
  6. Every few years, divide perennials in the autumn or spring.

Best time to gift Veronica flowers

Because of their long link with the concept of healing, Veronica flowers are frequently included in “Get Well Soon” bouquets. They are a wonderful gift for someone who is sick or in pain. This is because they symbolize healing and have numerous therapeutic characteristics.

It’s also a fantastic option for weddings and graduations since it signals the start of a new chapter. They represent new beginnings and freshness, making them an ideal gift for anyone embarking on a new venture.

The Veronica flowers’ classic meaning is often associated with loyalty and fidelity. Naturally, this is a great gift for weddings or new relationships. You can show your partner how committed to them you are with the help of a beautiful bouquet of Veronica flowers.

They also have many ties to Christianity. This flower is an amazing gift if you want to give someone flowers at an event in the church, such as christenings or engagements.

Some flowers express well-wishes, others express profound sympathy, while others say, “I love you.” Flower meanings elicit many emotions; the lovely blossoms may communicate what words can’t. Veronica flowers represent several wonderful things, so don’t hesitate to give them to your loved ones.


A Veronica flower represents a variety of excellent qualities. This flower’s meanings distinguish it from others. The flower’s numerous positive connotations remind us of all life’s pleasant things. This is something that a lovely Veronica flower may remind you of. 

As previously said, these flowers are adaptable and often connected with good thoughts and emotions. As a result, pick the color of the flower and the occasion for giving someone a bouquet of these lovely Veronica flowers.

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