A flower wilting

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A wilted flower is a flower that has died or dried because of a lack of sunlight and water. It is the opposite of a beautiful and vibrant flower. When it wilts, a flower bends downwards or sags towards the ground, signifying it is tired or weak.

Wilting means when non-woody parts of plants lose their rigidity. The dehydrated cells in the stems and leaves find it difficult to remain erect, and ultimately the plant begins to wilt. This generally occurs when the turgor pressure falls toward zero in non-lignified plants because of a lack of water. The rate at which the plant loses water is greater than water absorption.

Loss of water may happen due to several reasons. Drought conditions are where the soil moisture drops, which is unfavorable for the plant. An increase in salinity leads water to diffuse from the plant and causes the plant to shrink. Clogging of the vascular system of the plant due to bacteria or fungi. Saturation in soil, where the plant does not obtain enough oxygen for cellular respiration, and so water is not transported to the plant. And lastly, fall in the temperature where the plant’s vascular system stops functioning. All these reasons lead to the loss of water and the flower wilt. Wilting in a plant reduces the ability of the plant to grow and transpire. Permanent wilting can lead to the plant dying.

There are no specific areas or regions where you can find wilted flowers. Any region which has lacked water or unfavorable conditions for the plant to grow and blossom will lead to wilting. However, there are ways to prevent wilting if you care for your plant. Provide enough water, sunlight, and manure and keep the soil moisture for a healthy growing plant.

While there is no specific scientific name for a wilted flower, individual flowers have their scientific names. For example, Rosa is the scientific name for a rose. Lilium is the scientific name for a lily.

What does the Wilted flower symbolize?

In different cultures and legends, flowers connote various meanings and symbolize passion, friendship, love, joy, purity, blessing, etc. Flowers are also associated with pleasure, beauty, novelty, and youth. But as these beautiful blooms begin to wilt or die, they symbolize fragility, the end of life, and moving toward death. 

Wilted flower also means losing strength, assurance, vitality, and the motivation to live and work hard. In many cultures, wilted flowers are never kept at home and are immediately removed as it attracts negative energy.

It is a popular belief that a flower loses its “chi” when it dries or wilts. When kept at home, a wilted flowering plant can drain the house of its vigor and vitality because these flowers were earlier alive but have died due to lack of care and unsuitable conditions. Wilted flower means death and decay. The same is believed for plastic flowers as in feng shui, plastic is associated with something which has died, and thus it attracts negative energy.

It’s also a common phenomenon to dream of flowers. Dreaming of flowers is considered to be a good sign. It is associated with happiness, joy, and positivity. But when you dream of a wilted flower, it denotes bad luck, disappointment, or a warning for a difficult period in life. It can also mean the end of a relationship or career.

But a wilted flower is not always associated with negativity and sadness. When a wilted flower is dried and placed on an altar, it symbolizes something dear to you. It attracts and preserves positive energy. Wilted flowers are now a popular option to be given as gifts for weddings and birthdays. A bouquet of the wilted flower looks beautiful. It symbolizes longevity as the beauty of the flowers can be preserved for a longer time.

Meaning of the Wilted flower colors

Red color

The color red signifies love, friendship, passion, and desire. It also represents joy and happiness and is generally gifted or used for happy occasions like weddings, birthdays, or any important function. But a wilted red flower means heartbreak, the end of a relationship; the love is over or signifying that someone would rather die.

While a beautiful red blossomed flower like a red rose is associated with positivity, vibrancy, and cheer, a withered red flower means pain and sadness.

White color

White stands for purity, peace, and unadulterated beauty. A wilted white rose may mean fleeting beauty or a person who made no impression.

Yellow color

In many cultures, the yellow, wilted flower stands for enlightenment, a bright future, abundance, and sunshine.

Orange color

Wilted orange flowers, in many cultures, symbolize festivities. In other cultures, they represent a guiding path for souls who have passed away.

Interesting facts about the Wilted flowers

  • Some flowers make for the ideal homemade potpourri. Once they start wilting, pick out the petals and dry them. You can then make your concoction of fragrant leaves, spices, and barks, along with the petals, and decorate your home. These look not only very good but also smell amazing. You can mix and match a variety of wilting flowers and create a plethora of olfactory pleasures.
  • If you are into arts and crafts, you can put your wilting flowers to amazing use. You can press the petals under a heavy book or any other flat object, extending the flowers’ life and beauty. One consideration is that this flower pressing works best if you choose to do so before they start wilting. You must also ensure there is no moisture in the petals before you start pressing them.
  • Some flowers have this amazing ability to improve your skin and make them glow. A prime example of this is a Rose. While fresh roses provide aesthetic nourishment, wilting roses can be used to make wonderful Rose water. Rose water can help soothe and moisturize your skin.
  • If you have a home garden, wilting flowers make for wonderful compost. Flowers contain a lot of nutrients, and they also decompose very fast. This makes them an ideal material to be used for composting. You can also remove the petals, use them for potpourri or pressing, and use the rest for composting.
  • In Victorian times, leaves and flowers that retained fragrance were preserved and used as perfumes to adorn homes. Rose petals were scattered on the floor, and white cloth and containers were filled with dried flowers to freshen drawers and cabinets.
  • Dried flowers are growing in popularity in urban times, and many florists keep dried flower bouquets as a popular gift option. Many commercial nurseries are also growing flowers to dry them and sell them as an option for fresh flowers.
  • Some plants wilt at night, and this phenomenon is called nyctinasty. Leaves of many plants have joint growths, which are called pulvini. As a result of this, the leaves wilt during darkness.

Best time to gift Wilted flowers

Want to give something unique and different? Why not give wilted flowers to that special someone? Wilted flowers will last longer, and a bouquet of wilted flowers also looks attractive. If you are creative enough, you can create beautiful art pieces in a clear frame by displaying pressed flowers. Your loved one will surely admire your creativity and thoughtfulness.

You can gift wilted flowers to a friend or relative for a housewarming. Wilted flowers look great as part of home decoration. For example, dried osmanthus flowers can be given as a gift for home decorations and natural room fragrances. They also come in various colors, like orange, yellow, and white.

Beautiful wreaths can be made from wilted flowers. Add a ribbon, bow, and bells to make it more attractive. Make a handmade wreath for your friend or a loved one and gift it during Christmas. We are sure they will love using it as a beautiful decoration on their fireplace or doors.


Wilted flowers have an advantage over live flowers because they are all dried and have a longer life. Wilted flowers are often used for home decorations or to beautify the house. Real flowers are more expensive, so many prefer gifting wilted or dried flowers. It has been a trend now to gift wilted flowers because of their vintage color, ease of care, and they also look attractive.

However, whether it’s a fresh or wilted flower, beauty exists in both and looks charming. Use the form of the flower that best suits your purpose.

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