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La Dispute flower is a flower design popularized by the Post-Hardcore American band, La Dispute. It is not a particular species of a flower. However, you can take any flower and make it look like a La Dispute flower. This might be done by taking a photo of a particular flower from the top. Apart from that, you can sketch one. La Dispute flower is considered powerful imagery in the music scene because of the band. Therefore, it is also very popular among tattoo artists as well as their enthusiasts. As with any powerful symbol, it keeps on taking and shedding meaning. It might mean different things for different people. Meaning keeps evolving for abstract symbols. However, most meanings associated with a La Dispute flower are consistent among the fans. The La Dispute flower meaning in this sense can vary a lot.

The design of the La Dispute flower was made by Adam Vass. He is the bass guitarist of the band. According to one interview, he began sketching for a design whimsically. as most creative artists do. The design was not preplanned and he had no idea what the final design would look like. He first sketched parts of a rose from the vertical perspective. He also incorporated the geometry of Michigan state flower Apple Blossom from a vertical perspective. He further added that he added parts from a third flower, which had a lot of petals. He emphasized that the kind of flowers he picked were not important for him, but the final design was.

Perhaps, that’s why most of the hardcore fans of the band do not focus on the kind of flowers incorporated into the design. They focus on the symbolic meanings associated with the design and treat it as abstract. Moreover, they also associate the design with themes that La Dispute’s songs often dabble in. Many were under the impression that the design was made from a lotus. But Vass made it clear that he does not think of the La Dispute flower as a Lotus. This misconception may have stemmed from the fact that this design is very popular among tattoo artists. Thus, it is often displayed by them to their customers, most of whom do not know where it emerged from.

Thus, the people who get this flower as a tattoo are not necessarily fans of the band. The bright side of this is that this symbol takes on more personal meanings for these people. For a symbol to become more powerful and dominant, that is very important. Another interesting thing to note is the design’s popularity among tattoo artists as well as enthusiasts. The La Dispute flower is partly popular due to its aesthetics and not its association with a band. That means that there is a lot of artistic value in Vass’s sketch. Here, the La Dispute flower meaning carries a lot of potential due to its artistic roots.

If you want to get the real flowers that have inspired this hybrid and abstract flower design, then you should probably go with Roses and Apple Blossom.

What does La Dispute Flower symbolize?

As mentioned by Vass himself, his focus was on the geometry of the design. Thus, the flower can be interpreted to symbolize perfect geometry and symmetry. Most artists try to perfect their art as well as they can. It becomes their life. And perfect symmetry and geometry have stood for perfection over the course of history. The most prominent example of this is ‘The Vitruvian Man’ made by the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci back in the 15th century. Even people with OCD try to keep everything nicely symmetrical as they obsess over perfection. So, the surface meaning that can be associated with the La Dispute Flower is clear.

Apart from that, the La Dispute flower can also stand for the ideals and values of the band itself. It can also stand for the thematic concepts that they deal with in their songs. Dryer, who writes most songs for the band, has said that he is often inspired by prose. This is quite odd as most musicians tend to prefer poetry over prose. Nevertheless, his inspirations include Kurt Vonnegut and Vladimir Nabokov. Thus, the La Dispute flower has comet to mean social equality, pacifism as well as common decency. However, these themes are conveyed through tunes that are quite hardcore and sound violent. The messages of peace and pacificism are conveyed through contradictions, as often life is.

The roots of the band lay in loss and grief. In many of their albums, they deal in symbolism that is related to loss of something, grief, and physical space. The band admitted that they were too analytic and literal in the beginning. However, they got a break from the literal and delved into the abstract. The La Dispute flower is the perfect symbol for that. On the surface, it seems very symmetrical and perfectly geometrical. However, it has no basis in reality. It is based on several flowers. In a sense, it is an abstraction of a flower or perhaps, many flowers.

Another thing to note here is the band’s connection to the roadside. In many of their tracks as well as their whole fourth album Panorama, they dive deep into roadside accidents and tragedy. In America, people often leave flowers whenever someone dies on the road. The flowers are kept at that very place. The La Dispute flower fits this grim theme perfectly. In this context, the La Dispute flower meaning is a bit objective.

For many people who are aware of the band, but do not associate with their songs, the La Dispute flower is simply about creativity. The La Dispute flower is about creative expression. It’s a symbol that is used by a band of musicians (read “artists”), and anyone who loves art would probably like the La Dispute flower. Moreover, if one comes to know about the story of how the La Dispute flower was created, one will probably associate it with creative freedom. Creative freedom comes along with the ability to create your own meaning.

Perhaps that is why many tattoo artists love the La Dispute flower. It gives them the ability to experiment and create something new. Moreover, the band itself is a bit underrated and not so commercial. So, in the lingo of the music industry, they are not considered “sell-outs”. That gives a whole different and very political meaning to the La Dispute logo. Many fans don’t like to give the La Dispute flower meaning a political tone.

What do the various colors of La Dispute Flower mean?

As mentioned before, the La Dispute Flower is very popular among tattoo artists, painters, sketch artists, etc. Thus, there is no one La Dispute flower that exists. There are many variations of the La Dispute flower available all over the internet as well as in the real world. Those variations come with their own meanings and symbolism. For instance, there is one style of the La Dispute flower in which there are arrows stuck in the flower. This might symbolize hurting something innocent. This might also stand for a broken heart or a hurt soul. Similarly, there are a lot of variations of this logo and each one carries its own connotations.

As it’s quite a famous tattoo design, it also carries a lot of personal meanings. Most people get tattoos to embed a particular meaning, feeling, or emotion into them, so they do not forget about it. Otherwise, they get a tattoo to remember an incident, instance, or someone. Thus, on a personal level, the La Dispute flower can symbolize a million different things.

The symbolization of the La Dispute flowers can also change with color. If it is red in color, it may mean a broken heart. If it is black, then it can mean the death of a loved one. In fact, the band itself deals with the theme of death and loss quite often. It’s hard to pin down a particular meaning for a symbol that has evolved so much over time and is also partly an abstraction.

All in all, it’s sufficient to say that you can go down two roads while finding meaning in the La Dispute flower. You can associate its symbolization and meaning in the context of the La Dispute band. Or, you can find your own meaning in the La Dispute flower itself without considering the band and the creator of the logo altogether. In its truest sense, the La Dispute flower meaning will definitely vary from color to color.

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Gifting Someone La Dispute Flower

It’s impossible to gift someone a La Dispute Flower as it does not exist in reality. However, you can make your own by combining a rose, an Apple Blossom, and another flower with a lot of petals. In other words, you will have to create an artificial La Dispute flower or arrange flowers in a way so that they resemble a La Dispute flower. Apart from that, you can also sketch one and gift the sketch to someone.

Any representation of the flower is the perfect gift for any ardent fan of the La Dispute band. The representation can be digital or physical, but you should put some effort into making it.

The symbolization of the La Dispute flower is a tricky subject as it is not a real flower. To really understand the meaning of the flower by associating it with Adam Vass and the band, you should go through their discography. That way, the La Dispute flower meaning can be properly grasped by anyone who is willing to learn more about it.