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Throughout history, many people have admired the twinning growth and bright colors of the Morning Glory flower. These gorgeous flowers are widely spread to the point where they become noxious weeds in a few areas. Provided they receive a little tender loving care, these enduring symbols of care and love thrive well in containers and entryways.

In this blog, we will take you on the beautiful journey of the Morning Glory flower meaning, types, symbolism, facts, and best occasions to present them.

Introduction to the Morning Glory Flower Meaning

The Morning Glory is grown as a decorative addition to a garden. There isn’t a single specific species of Morning Glory. In fact, there are over a thousand different species that use this name as an umbrella term.

Any flower that is a member of the Convolvulaceae family is considered a Morning Glory. There are over a dozen genera that fit into the larger family such as Rivea, Ipomoea, and Merremia.

Generally speaking, the Morning Glory flower is a flowering plant. The majority of them grow on vines, but a few species grow as freestanding flowers or shrubs. Wherever they settle, they form thick mats of creeping vines, eventually taking over the area. They establish deep roots that can last for years.

Some varieties are self-seeding. Morning Glories come in an array of vibrant colors. However, only a few species emit fragrances. The Morning Glory flower blooms in the morning and closes it by nightfall. Only a handful of species reopen the following day.

This flower species grows in many parts of the world. It is native to every continent except Antarctica.

The blooming window and season of this species vary. Most Morning Glory plants bloom in the summer, starting in May and continuing until October.

What do Morning Glory flowers symbolize?

This vibrant flower holds many meanings and symbols across various cultures. Its predominant meaning is love. The plant’s vining habits lend it this meaning. Vining plants are associated with clinging or attachment and therefore love.

Meaning in Japanese culture

Japanese gardeners were the first to crossbreed and cultivate the many species of Morning Glory. In this ancient culture, Morning Glory flowers represent obsession and unrequited love. It also symbolizes love and innocence. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this flower is a common gift between lovers.

Meaning in Chinese culture

In China, Morning Glories are used to decorate garden fences. They’re often grown on vines on the walls of homes. This ancient culture also associates this flower with love.

There is special folklore attached to the Morning Glory.

In the story, two lovers start neglecting their responsibilities to meet each other in secret. This angers the gods above. To punish the lovers, the gods banish them to different parts of the country where they are separated by the banks of a wide river. The lovers are permitted to meet each other only once a year. The Morning Glory flower has a constant propensity to climb and reach across wide, open areas. This reminds the people in the Chinese culture of the lovers’ desire to reunite.

Meaning in Victorian times

This was a popular bloom in the garden during Victorian times. Many varieties of Morning Glory quickly adapted to the rainy and cool climate in England. Therefore it attained an important role in enhancing the language of flowers. In fact, flowers were exchanged as a way to send coded messages.

Similar to the Chinese culture, in Victorian England, the flower represented unrequited love. If someone received a bouquet with Morning Glories, it signaled the sender’s undying or continuing love.

Meaning in Christianity

Several Christian groups associate this flower with the symbol of rebirth and renewal. The Morning Glory is indirectly mentioned in the Bible, in Exodus 16:7 which states the glory of God being witnessed in the early hours.

What is the various Morning Glory flower meaning?

There are hundreds if not thousands of species of Morning Glory. There are hundreds of cultivars arising from each. This gives florists and gardeners endless options to work with. Some of the most popular Morning Glory varieties are:

  • Hot pink Morning Glory

The color represents fun, joy, playfulness, energy, gratitude, and peacefulness.

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  • Purple or Indigo Morning Glory

This color represents wealth, royalty, healing, growth, grace, and hopefulness.

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  • Blue Morning Glory

This soothing color represents peace, desire, intuition, infinity, power, intelligence, and love.

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  • Red Morning Glory

The color presents power, wealth, seduction, love,

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  • White Morning Glory

White flowers represent innocence, rebirth, youth, healing, peacefulness, and purity.

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  • Yellow Morning Glory

The color yellow represents healing, new beginnings, warmth, and joy.

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Interesting facts and characteristics about the Morning Glory flower meaning

Here are some fun tidbits about this vibrant flower:

  • Although the flowers are beautiful, they are toxic to animals. When ingested, they cause vomiting and nausea.
  • The Morning Glory got its name because of its ability to bloom open and close during the day.
  • The flowers of this species come in an assortment of colors.
  • When you plant certain species of this flower in your garden, it will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • In Pre-Columbian societies, the extracts of the Morning Glory plants were used to manufacture rubber materials.

The best time to gift someone Morning Glory flowers

Morning Glory flowers are popular additions in the bouquets of wedding proposals and marriage ceremonies. If someone wants to show interest in another person, it is not uncommon to give the other person a bouquet of Morning Glories. These blooms make the perfect anniversary gifts because of their connection to devotional love. Morning Glory flower meaning vary from romance to wishing someone luck. If you’re thinking about giving someone a hanging plant container or a potted plant, the Morning Glory flower is a perfect choice. Lastly, if someone you know is starting a new venture or experiencing a figurative rebirth, do present them with a bouquet of Morning Glory.