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Rose is no ordinary flower. It is a very special, legendary one with a bloom that represents love, beauty, peace, among several other things. The word ‘Rose’ comes from the Latin word ‘Rosa’, meaning ‘love’. Rosa, Rosina, Rosie and Rosalie are some of the other popular rose names.

Have you ever noticed that our mind gets energized with positivity whenever we think of this splendid flower? What’s even special about rose is that you can eat it. The petals of a rose are amazing- they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes while their taste provides a soothing effect. Roses are widely used across cultures and traditions for a variety of purposes. If you admire this beautiful flower and eager to know more about it, this article is for you.

Roses: Amazing Facts You Should Know

Symbolize a Variety of Things

Roses, since centuries have been a symbol of peace, affection, desire and passion. Millions of roses are purchased on Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day to gift the near and dear ones. Roses also represent love, royalty and elegance, and these are only some of the reasons for them being so popular.

Roses also carry meanings that remain largely unknown. While the pink rose represents grace and happiness, the red one symbolizes passion and love. The peach rose signifies modesty while the orange rose is linked to fascination. Quite interesting, don’t you feel so?

A Range of Species

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Do you know that rose is one of the very few flowers on this planet that comes in over 100 species? They vary in size, shape and color, and can live for a long time. Some of the popular rose colors are red, white, yellow, green, pink, peach, and orange. Each color is associated with a meaning and it is good if you understand the same before gifting a variety to someone. The roses are also one of the most beautiful among God’s creations.

Rose in Space

In the year 2002, a rose called ‘Overnight Scentsation’ was taken to space. Scientists wanted to study the low gravity effects on the scent of roses. The idea was to learn how to enhance the fragrances of consumer products.

Genetically Engineered Blue Rose

A blue rose seemed impossible to create for years. This is because the rose petals do not have the enzyme required to create a blue pigment. However, after consistent efforts, the breeders came up with the first blue rose in 2009, by applying genetic engineering technology.

The Largest Rose Garden

You would be surprised to know that the largest rose garden in the world is a private one, located in the beautiful country of Italy. This garden is a treat to the eyes of rose lovers since it has over 7500 kinds of roses. Wow! Isn’t that great?

Rose and the U.S. President

George Washington was popularly known as the first rose breeder in the U.S. Among the several rose names, his variety, ‘Mary Washington’, named after his beloved mother stood out in the country.


Roses have been here for a long time now. They were one of the most adored during the historical and medieval era. This is because most species of roses survive for long periods, without the need for any special care. Furthermore, they look colorful and lovely. A flower basket, we feel, is incomplete without a rose or a bunch of roses. A rose bouquet can stay fresh and lively for days and weeks- it is for this reason that roses are the top priority when it comes to choosing gifts.

A Deep Connection with America

Rose, the fantastic flower, is native to the North American continent, especially to the USA. Fossil studies have proved that Roses were present in Colorado about 35 million years ago. Rose cultivation is also a billion-dollar industry in the United States. In fact, around 900 acres of the country’s greenhouse is dedicated to the cultivation of fresh, red roses. Billions of lovely roses are purchased in the USA alone every year. Another interesting fact is that over 60% of the total rose production in the U.S. comes from California state.

Black Rose is an Illusion

If you are a rose lover, you would certainly have heard about the black rose. You might even have seen black roses on TV or movie shows. Well, if you think there exists a black rose, you are wrong. It is just an illusion of the mind. Some dark rose species that are deep crimson may trick your eye, making you believe they are black. Have you heard of a rose name ‘Turkish Halfeti’? This rose breed is very rare and has a shade close to black, but if you observe closely, you will realize it is dark crimson.

Most Expensive Rose

When you think of the most expensive rose, several rose names might come to your mind. One of them is ‘Juliet Rose’. There was a time when this breed was expensive, but it is being mass-produced now, making it affordable. Another rose by name ‘Rainbow Rose’ is the costliest one. The breed comprises the seven colors of the rainbow, making it the loveliest thing on Earth. A bouquet of this multicolored rose will, however, cost you dearly.

Roses, no doubt, are the most admired flowers in the world. Apart from being used for gifting and decoration, the fruit of the rose plant is a rich source of vitamins C, A and B. For many countries, roses are also a source of income since they are exported to other nations.

To conclude, roses are such a kind of flower that can express your feelings in a manner better than words. While a red rose given on Valentine’s Day can say ‘I Love You’ in style, a yellow rose given during a funeral says ‘I care for you’. Such is the expressive ability of roses.

If you want to pick roses for an occasion, choose the right color and variety, and add value to your gifting gesture!