What Makes Pink Lilies Bouquets the Best Wedding Decor


Lilies are a common presence in most celebrations due to their elegance and enchanting beauty. Wedding decors reach their peak when pink lilies come in. Lilies adorn many medals, crests, currency, and motifs of many nations. The word Lily is common to many languages to denote the flower and has many graceful meanings:

i. Pure.

ii. Innocent.

iii. Dignity.

iv. Enchanting.

v. Cheerful.

vi. Artless beauty.

Each culture has a distinct use of lilies to denote happy occasions.

Pink Lilies Bouquets in Royal Weddings

Pink lilies bouquets have a special place in Victorian floriography to illustrate love. Royal weddings in Britain and France were stuffed with Pink lilies bouquets to symbolize the long marital life filled with bliss and commitment.

The Most Important Person in a Wedding

No doubt, it is the bride. Most heads turn when the bride’s party walks up the aisle. The talks after weddings spin around the bride’s attire and appearance. A striking feature of the bride is always the bouquet that she brought along holding gracefully in front of the flowing dress. The bride, her dress, and the whole entourage seem like an extension of the bouquet that the bride carries. We can safely say that the ultimate accessory of the bride is the bouquet that she carries. The bouquet exhibits her persona, flavor, and individual poise. The gown and bouquet compliment each other and become the star attractions of the day.

Which Among the Wedding Details Is Going To Be The Most Photographed?

We know by now that it will be the bouquet carried by the bride. A pink lilies bouquet will melt the hearts of the guests irrespective of whether it belongs to any of the following categories:

i. Modern.

ii. Boho.

iii. Traditional.

iv. Whimsical.

v. Rustic.

The bride appearing and walking up chaperoned by the bride’s maids is in itself a cheerful sight. Imagine them all carrying pink lilies bouquet and matching gowns. The awe-inspiring procession is unparalleled and magnificent.

Pink Lilies Bouquets for a Special Wedding

Great wedding managers fashion the wedding decors in tandem with the bouquet that the bride will be carrying. Experienced event managers will have a portfolio album of many styles of weddings for the bride and groom to choose from. Invariably themes centered on pink lilies bouquets are the most fascinating to an aesthetic eye. The two factors that determine the superiority of this bouquet are the grandeur associated with the flower and the feelings of passion and romance-related to pink. These two, the flower and the color, make an awesome pair for any wedding.

The Rich History and Tradition of Pink Lilies Bouquets in Weddings

Flowers and weddings are two inseparable entities that date back to very ancient times. Epics and fables of all cultures are ripe with descriptions of flowers that adorned celebrated weddings.

Ancient Romans imagined that flowers should form the central concept of marriages. The Roman traditions associated flowers with:

i. Fidelity.

ii. New beginnings.

iii. Hope of fertility.

Pink lilies were in high demand throughout Rome during spring which was also the auspicious time for marital unions.

Pink Lilies in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were rooted in traditional beliefs and customs that could not be avoided. Spices and herbs with strong scents adorned marriage spaces to ward off the following:

i. Bad Luck.

ii. Evil spirits.

iii. Bad health.

iv. Wicked spells.

Dill and dill oil used to be anointed on the face and hairs of both the bride and groom to escalate sexual yearning. The newlyweds entered a bridal chamber abundant with pink lily flowers that smelled of nature in the spring. No culture or time of history had a wedding event where pink lilies did not have prominence.

Wedding bouquets of the Victorian Era

A portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day is displayed at Buckingham Palace. The queen is seen carrying a Tussie-Mussie bouquet in a filigree holder. The holder contains a bunch of flowers splashed with pink lilies and surrounded by orange blossoms and moss. This set the trend for modern weddings where the bride walked in carrying a floral bouquet.

The Victorian era also saw lovers sending pink lilies along with messages and gifts. Every flower had a distinct meaning and pink lilies represented romance, love, and passion. People of the era believed that the flowers fetched by the bride conveyed her emotions. The flowers on the wedding day were supposed to become the bride’s flowers for her remaining life. So, the brides paid special attention and care while choosing their wedding flowers. Brides carrying pink lilies bouquets were highly appreciated and adored by the wedding guests even at such an early period.

Pink Lilies Bouquets Tips From Events Experts

We have seen the pink lilies bouquet that the bride carries is the focal point of the whole ceremony. Its chic, classic, and timeless style can provide effortless quality to the bride and is the perfect choice for any wedding.

Experts offer a few tips to get more out of your pink lilies bouquets at the wedding:

i. Keep it small: That way it looks royal giving out a romantic and refined demeanor.

ii. Keep it simple: A fashionable dress belonging to the times, will get complemented by a slim bouquet.

iii. Delicate appearance: If the mother of the bride can replace the traditional corsage with a delicate bouquet of pink lilies, it will set the stage for a perfect wedding.

iv. Tie with silk or satin: Add more elegance to the enchantress of a bouquet by holding it all together with a silk ribbon.

v. Maintain the subtlety: Dot a big bouquet with pink lilies to add texture. This shall accentuate the pink flavor.

vi. Add roses and orchids: The combination of the two in a clever arrangement will highlight the pink lilies to add more flavor to the wedding theme.

vii. The modern look: Lacing with vines and creating an asymmetric shape will make it modern. This pink lilies bouquet will nicely match with an intricately designed wedding gown.

Why do pink lilies bouquets provide effortless quality?

The enchanting rank of the flowers allows the bride to concentrate on fashion instead of on the flowers. Timeless pink lilies combined with the overall vibe create an abundance of positive energy.

Inspiring Pink Ideas for Your Wedding Day


Pink lilies are very versatile according to wedding planners. Every season and style will unfold a new prospect with these flowers. They find it easy to create beautiful themes centered on the pink lilies bouquet that the bride will be carrying. A lot of flowers to complement the pink lilies of different hues and shades are available. The most favorite flowers to decorate a pink lily themed wedding are:

i. Roses.

ii. Protea.

iii. Ranunculus.

iv. Dahlias.

v. Peonies.

No doubt, you will be carrying a pink lilies bouquet on your wedding day. Let us spice up the ambiance with some great ideas.

i. Flowering branches: Pink lilies bouquets designed to resemble flowers that are sticking to branches are great for an intimate wedding in spring.

ii. The Full Bouquet: An overflowing bouquet that rubs against your pretty gown is a huge attraction.

iii. The pink cocktail: A bunch of complementing blooms centered around pink lilies splashes kindness and love all around. A great choice for a large wedding.

iv. The long of the lily: A long pink lilies bouquet where the pink flowers contrast against white flowers is a sight to behold and dazzle the crowd.

v. The prolific bouquet to complement the bride: A splash of roses, peonies, and orchids to chaperone the pink lilies will complement the exuberance of the bride too.

vi. The flowing bouquet: This is an overall theme for the bride as well as the bride’s maids. The central bouquet held by the bride has a thick bushy center of pink lilies. A flowery hedge intertwined cleverly with bougainvillea flowers of matching colors will be overflowing on all sides. The bride’s maids will be carrying the same bouquets less the pink lilies. This is a perfect pattern that makes the bride stand out like a diamond in a bunch of stones.

vii. The textural bouquet: Pink lilies are surrounded with round flowers in pairs to create an appearance of abundance in these wedding bouquets. Blush garden roses are a great choice for the pairs of flowers. A thin green border made of ferns or astilbe or both will add to the rich look.

There is no replacement for the ambiance and cheer that a bride carrying a pink lilies bouquet can create. An experienced florist will provide unique and stylish ideas that will go down in the memory of attendees and will stay there. Let us nail the million dollar question now. Which flower best suits a wedding bouquet? At the end of the day, it is a personal choice. However, logic and expert opinions point towards pink lilies. Whatever is the personal preferences in style and outlook on beauty, pink lilies bouquets qualify to fulfill each of those. If you are still not convinced and have question, please do not hesitate to scroll up and go for a second reading.