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The bird of paradise is a flower that looks like a beautiful bird. When you see this flower for the first time, you can mistake it for a bird. The vibrant colors and the intricate petals make this flower resemble the real bird of paradise. 

This flower belongs to the Strelitziaceae family of flowers and is native to South Africa, a country equally colorful. It is unique because five floral families belong to this species. 

The English explorer Joseph Banks discovered the bird of paradise flower in the Cape of Good Hope jungles. He had named this Strelitzia genus flower after Queen Charlotte, King George III’s wife and the princess of Mecklenburg Strelitz.

The bird of paradise flower has other names also, like Crane flower or Crane’s Bill. The scientific jargon for this flower is Strelitzia reginae, which grows in tropical areas.

What does the Bird of Paradise flower symbolize?

Bird of paradise was primarily linked with the royal family. This flower is greater because even its scientific name comes from a royal name. The flower looks truly royal owing to its colorful and attractive look. 

In historical times, this flower was linked with empresses and kings. This flower is an ideal gift for someone you want to show your adoration and respect.

Not only does the flower have the word ‘paradise’ in its name, but it also symbolizes the same. Paradise is considered a very beautiful place, so the flower symbolizes any beautiful place on this planet. 

Birds of paradise can also be symbols of someone’s attractiveness and charm. It also stands for something which can make your life brighter as the flower is so eye-grabbing and attractive.

Now the flower’s name is enough to make someone feel that they should be open to new experiences, aim higher and do what they have always wished to do. A bird of paradise has the shape of a bird about to fly away into the sky and is symbolic of a bird’s freedom to fly anywhere. Thus this flower can also be used to express our wish to be freer. 

The bird of paradise will make a good gift for any free-willed person or for someone who wants to try to do something new.

This flower is also a suitable gift for a person who is determined and puts in a lot of effort to succeed in life or for someone who has recently achieved something. 

This beautiful flower stands for excellence and success, which is why it can be gifted to anyone who has overcome trials and tribulations to get to a position they worked hard for.

This flower signifies a focused and clear mind and happiness. You can decorate your garden and your home with these flowers because their look will make you feel great. This flower will remind you that your happiness should be your priority and that you should not let anything affect you very badly.

All in all, the bird of paradise flower symbolic meanings are:

  • royalty
  • paradise
  • freedom
  • excellence
  • success
  • joy

Meaning of the Bird of Paradise flower colors

Orange color 

Orange represents vigor, confidence, and healing. According to Hindu Tantrism, the Sacral Chakra, or the Svadhishthana Chakra, is associated with creativity, procreation, and relationships. 

The second chakra is portrayed as bright orange, and an orange bird of paradise flower is believed to symbolize happiness, health, and boldness.

White color 

A white bird of paradise looks very dramatic and is very rare. White is associated with the enlightenment of the soul and purity. So the bird of paradise flower, meaning when it’s white, is to hold on to your spiritual faith and try to reach higher ideals. It also signifies Nirvana or heaven.

Yellow color

Yellow is a happy color that stands for hopefulness, joy, and good luck. A yellow bird of paradise also represents these positive attributes. Use yellow bird of paradise flowers to create an ambiance that will work to bring in opportunities and joy.

Strelitzia, Bird Of Paradise, Flower

Interesting facts about the Bird of Paradise flower

  • The bird of paradise flower is also known as the crane flower because it is shaped like a bird and its colors.
  • Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia Reginae are best grown indoors.
  • This flower blooms when winter is about to end, or spring is setting in.
  • Now grown as indoor plants, these were grown in gardens as tropical perennial evergreen plants.
  • The bird of paradise is a native flower of South Africa, and in the late 8th century, Europe was introduced to it.

How to grow Bird of Paradise flowers

Strelitzia is a simple plant with a few requirements, such as frequent feeding and watering. It’s one of the easier tropical or subtropical plants to keep because it has few pest problems.

  1. Place the birds of paradise in bright light to thrive.
  2. Water them thoroughly when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry, usually once a week.
  3. Mist the plant 1-2 times a week to boost humidity.
  4. Repot the plant once every 2-3 years to keep the plant manageable while providing fresh nutrients and encouraging new growth.
  5. Apply a balanced fertilizer formulated.

How to care for Bird of Paradise flowers

  1. Place the birds of paradise in a spot with full sun (or bright light indoors) for at least four to six hours to bloom sufficiently.
  2. Give just enough water to prevent the soil mixture from drying out completely.
  3. Use any balanced indoor fertilizer during the spring and summer for the best growth and flowering.
  4. Cutaway faded blooms and flower stalks.
  5. If you think the plant is becoming too big, remove only wilted leaves, and avoid removing healthy leaves.

Best time to gift Bird of Paradise flowers

The bird of paradise flowers carry powerful symbolic meanings, which makes these flowers wonderful gifts. This flower stands for faithfulness, success, and love. 

Gifting someone a bird of paradise reminds them to enjoy their life to the fullest and celebrate their freedom. The flower also symbolizes the unpredictability of life and reminds people of how beautiful nature is.


As long as you have the space for their massive tropical foliage, bird of paradise flowers are a lovely addition to any home. They are simple to care for and yield the most beautiful blooms.

It can instantly transform your home into an indoor forest.

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