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The begonia flowers are members of the Begoniaceae family. There are more than 1500 species of begonia flowers. These flowers predominantly grow in the equatorial regions. Begonias are native flowers of Central American, African, Asian, and South American countries.

The petals of Begonia flowers are smooth and thin. These flowers look beautiful and grow in many colors. You will find these flowers in single as well as double blooms. You can grow these flowers easily while keeping them in shade. Begonias can be used to decorate the interior and exterior of your home.

A French botanist called Charles Plumier discovered the begonia and named it after a Caribbean politician. The name means to repay or pay back a favor. The name also means danger. This is how it is linked to cautiousness even today.

Begonia Flower Meaning – What does a begonia connotate?

Begonia is a common flower but it also implies things. If you know the begonia flower meaning, you will be able to express your feelings by giving begonias to the people you love. Many people adore begonia. You will also benefit from knowing what a begonia says. Begonias carry special meanings.

The implication or begonia flower meaning is interesting. It stands as a sign of caution. It can be given to warn someone about an upcoming situation for which they are unprepared or misfortunes. But begonias can signify some positive things too, like respect and gratitude.

Begonia flower meaning can be multiple. They are:

  • Peaceful communication
  • Remarkability and distinctness
  • Negative thoughts
  • Caution about misfortune
  • Tranquility and righteousness
  • Being grateful
  • Being careful.

Peaceful communication – If you want to have a peaceful and pleasant conversation with someone, you can start by giving the begonias. These flowers are ideal to give when you want to have a nice and warm talk with a person.

Remarkability and distinctness – The beauty of begonia flowers make them unique. They have a distinct and remarkable look, and they represent these qualities too. It stands for remarkable appearance and a distinct character.

Negative Thoughts – Begonia flowers are also associated with negative thoughts. This is established since they are linked with caution and warning. In some cultures, it is believed that these flowers have negative energy surrounding them.

Caution about misfortune – Begonias carry multiple meanings and this grim one might not be the most important. But if you feel the need to make someone cautious about upcoming bad luck, you can do so by giving begonias. You can also give these flowers to anyone who is recovering from an accident.

Tranquility and righteousness – It was a practice to gift begonias when someone was feeling guilty or remorseful. If someone felt they had committed a sin or a wrong deed, they asked for forgiveness through giving these flowers. As the recipient mostly forgave the sender, these flowers stand for righteousness and tranquility.

Being grateful – Begonia flower meaning or meanings are not all negative. If you want to thank someone for something, you can give them a bunch of begonias. These flowers stand for gratefulness too.

Being careful – In the bygone days, it was normal to give begonias to someone who was about to go on a journey or if one was worried about his well-being. You can gift a bouquet of begonias to someone to wish them a safe journey. The flowers will also remind them to be careful if they have planned a dangerous activity.

What do Begonias symbolize?

A begonia symbolizes affection and love. Begonias speak the language of pleasure, longing, happiness, and desire. These flowers also stand for unseen dangers. But they have been also seen as symbols of misfortune and bad luck. Interestingly, the symbolism of begonias is so diverse and contradicting, they also represent peace, gratitude, and harmony. It implies the desire for warm communication. The different colors of begonia symbolize different things. For example, Purple ones signify the loss of innocence and death of love. Hence, it is used in funerals.

What do the various colors of the flower mean?

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Red – Love, power, passion, romance, energy, and even rejection in a few countries. If you find someone attractive or love them, you can give them a red begonia. This flower will let the recipient know you find them appealing.

Begonias, Begonias Yellow, Yellow Color

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Yellow – Yellow flowers mean joy, hope, wealth, happiness, and new beginnings. But what a yellow begonia means different in different countries. In Africa, it symbolizes death but in China, it stands for good luck.

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White – Purity, spirituality, and innocence. The color white has a positive meaning everywhere on earth. You can gift white begonias to anyone you want.

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Purple – Wisdom, nobility. Spirituality, creativity, and royalty. You can give purple begonias to tell someone you respect them, and they are important to you.


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Blue – A blue begonia stands for passion, artistry, and creativity.

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Golden – You can give gold begonias to wish success to someone. Gold stands for satisfaction, wealth, and joy.


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Pink – Like red, the color pink hints at romance and love, but subtly. Pink begonias are a good Valentine’s Day gift.

Interesting Facts and characteristics of Begonias

  • Charles Plumier had discovered the Begonia in 11690.
  • Begonia flowers and leaves can be used as food items.
  • Begonia seed is about 1/100th of an inch and is one of the world’s smallest seeds.
  • Begonia has medicinal uses like treating a common cold, sore throat, diabetes, minor cuts, and blood sugar.
  • Begonia plants can have any of the three kinds of roots – fibrous-rooted, tuberous rooted, and rhizomatous-rooted.
  • Some Begonias grow only 5 to 6 cm tall and some grow till 3 meters!
  • There is a hybrid cultivar of Begonias called Kimjongilla in North Korea, named after Kim Jong II.
  • The leaves of begonias have varied shapes, forms, and appearances. They can be egg-shaped, heart-shaped, round, etc.
  • Begonia plants helped in polishing the blades of swords.
  • Begonia carries a secret message. It tells you to be wary and practical. Do be in a false sense of security. Always pay back if you owe something to another person. You will be drawing good Karma.

The Best time to gift Begonia flowers

These flowers are not only well-known but are also very versatile. They are suitable as gifts for many occasions. Whatever is being celebrated, you will never go wrong by giving a bouquet of Begonias. It will be a perfect gift for days like Mother’s Day, Appreciation gifts, or because you want to make someone smile.

You can also send a pot of these flowers to someone if you want them to be careful about something. Warn them that they need to watch out for something.

You can celebrate success with these flowers, renew a dying friendship or forge a new one by giving Begonias.