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The Casablanca flower, also known as Lilium Casa Blanca or the Oriental Lily Casa Blanca, is a perennial bulb belonging to the Lilium family. Casablanca Oriental lilies belong to the lily family and were developed as a hybrid variety of oriental lilies. These unmistakably gorgeous white lilies are specifically bred for their beauty.

The magnificent and fragrant blooms of the oriental Casablanca lily are large, outward-facing, trumpet or bowl-shaped flowers. These flowers have gracefully and elegantly recurved milky-white petals with contrasting red-orange anthers in the center.

Each Casablanca lily plant can produce between 6-8 flowers per stem. Each flower has six pristine white petals with tiny dots that line the centerline. The bright red or red-orange anthers stand out in stark contrast and lend a unique beauty to the flowers. Casablanca lilies are also highly fragrant and can liven up any room or occasion with their sweetly scented blooms.

Growth and Care

Casablanca lilies are perennial flowering plants that grow from bulbs. These lilies are relatively hardy and are easy to grow and maintain. They require moderate levels of care and are best suited to areas that come under the USDA hardiness zones between 5 and 9.

Casablanca flowers are also well-suited to growth in containers. These bulbs can be grown in groups of 3, 6, or 12 bulbs and make for a striking garden display. They make for excellent fresh-cut flowers and bloom for up to 4 weeks in mid-summer when potted or planted between fall and early spring.

The plants grow up to 3-4 feet in height and 1-2 feet in width. They have rigid stems with linear dark green leaves. Fully bloomed Casablanca lilies can measure up to 10 inches in diameter! These plants are not picky about the type of soil. They grow well in moist and well-drained soils in full sun or partial shade. It is best to avoid dry soils for growing Casablanca lilies. In colder climates or during winters, thick layers of mulch are required to prevent damage to the roots. Once the plant has flowered, it is best to cut back the leaves and stem as they turn yellow. Casablanca lilies will self-seed and produce fresh batches of flowers during the summer season.

What do Casablanca Flowers Symbolize?

As a hybrid lily, Casablanca flowers are very popular in the floral industry. They make for excellent floral displays and are popular choices for a wide variety of occasions. Only three or four large blooms are actually required to make a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece for any occasion. These large blooms are strikingly beautiful and are bound to draw the attention and admiration of onlookers.

The Casablanca flower meaning is very unique. In general, the pure white Casablanca flower meaning symbolizes celebrations. This is the singular and unique meaning of the oriental Casablanca lily. These flowers are used to celebrate all kinds of events and occasions. They are used to celebrate, love, affection, marriages, births, and even deaths. They are a mainstay in most special occasions that celebrate the joy of living.

The singular and unique oriental Casablanca flower meaning is universally accepted. These flowers represent the joy and happiness of celebrations and all of the emotions that come from celebrating life’s milestones and purpose. Unlike other flowers that have multiple meanings, symbols, and colors, the single color of the Casablanca lily stands for the celebration of life.

As a lily, the Casablanca flower meaning also symbolizes femininity, love, purity, grief, and happiness. This dynamic symbolism makes the flower a perfect gift to loved ones, friends, married couples, and near and dear ones who have passed away.


As a sign of femininity, the sweet and fragrant lily flowers represent the promises of pure love and fruitful life. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, young brides were given garlands of lily flowers to wear in their hair. The pure white Casablanca flower is associated with the elegant and strong femininity of women and the beauty of their lives.


The lily flower is also a symbol of love. This meaning comes from the Victorian Era that frowned upon the honest and open expression of raw human emotions. Since emotional outbursts and unfiltered expressions were looked down upon, the Victorians developed a secret language of flowers called floriography. Floriography was the communication of feelings through the language of flowers. Flowers were assigned special meanings so that messages could be communicated through floral gifts and bouquets. The lily was imbued with meanings of love because the Romans would fill their pillows and quilts with sweet-scented lily flowers. The flower became synonymous with love-making and the feelings of love and affection. The Victorians continued this tradition of presenting women lovers with lily flowers, making the lily a sign of pure love.


In Christian weddings, white or Casablanca lilies are popularly used. This practice stems from the ancient association of the color white with purity and virginity. White lilies, including the Casablanca lily and the Madonna lily, are used in religious ceremonies, and in chapels and churches as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Happiness and Grief

While lilies, especially Casablanca flowers, are a sign of cheer and celebration. They are also a symbol of grief. They are used in bouquets during funerals and wakes to convey our condolences to the family members of the deceased. The Casablanca flower meaning does not express joy or happiness only but is also a beautiful reminder of a life well-lived. These flowers are popularly used in memorial services and funerals as a symbol of peace, serenity, and life’s passing. These serene white flowers are a testimony to life’s mortality and beautifully convey our sadness upon someone’s passing in a way that cannot be done with words.

What do the Various Colors of the Casablanca Flower Mean?

The Oriental Casablanca lily is a striking flower that makes for an excellent addition to any garden, floral decoration, or bouquet. These large and lovely blooms have a beautiful milky-white color and contrasting red-orange anthers. They are easy to grow, exquisitely fragrant, and are popular attractions for bees and butterflies.

The Casablanca lily is a member of the Oriental Hybrids Divisions and one of 9 different types of oriental hybrid lilies classified by the Royal Horticultural Society in the U.K. The oriental hybrid lilies are medium-sized to very large trumpet or bowl-shaped flowers with flat or recurved petals. The inner petals of hybrid lilies are broad. The margins of the petals are twisted or ruffled. The petals are lined with spots in the center and overlap at the base to give the flower the appearance of a ‘closed’ center. These flowers often have linear or scattered, broad to very broad dark green leaves.

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While oriental hybrid lilies come in a wide variety of colors such as white, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow, the Casablanca lily is an exclusively white-colored flower. The milky white petals of the Casablanca are unique just as the universally accepted singular meaning of celebration associated with the flower.

The Casablanca flower’s meaning of celebration is beautifully represented by the color white which is also symbolic of the flower’s association with purity, love, happiness, grief, and femininity. These flowers are used almost exclusively in white-themed floral arrangements and decorations. The symbolic Casablanca flower meaning makes it a versatile flower that can be used on various special occasions and celebrations.

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of the Casablanca Flower

The Oriental Casablanca Lily is a hybrid oriental variety that has been classified by the Royal Horticultural Society. This lily has been regarded as the best white oriental lily ever by horticulture professionals! In 1993, it won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

In addition to making for excellent cut flowers, the beauty of the oriental Casablanca lily also makes it a perfect border plant. These exquisite flowers can set off and contrast more colorful blooms. They make for wonderful additions to the borders of flower beds in gardens or containers.

As beautiful as these flowers may be, like most varieties of lilies, the Casablanca lily is extremely toxic to cats. If consumed by cats, these lilies can cause kidney damage and liver toxicity even in very small quantities. So make sure to keep your little feline companions away from lily plants. Curious as cats can be, it is best to grow these lilies outdoors if you have feline companions at home.

Best Time to Gift Someone Casablanca Flowers

As you know, the Casablanca lily is the perfect symbol of celebration. These flowers are representative of the joy and love for life. They make for excellent gifts to announce an upcoming celebration such as the birth of a child, a marriage, or even the celebration of a loved one through a memorial service.

The white Casablanca lilies make for great birthday gifts and romantic bouquets to be given during engagements or marriage ceremonies and anniversaries. They also symbolize a life well lived during the funeral of a loved one. As a symbol of purity, beauty, innocence, and joy, the Casablanca lily is an appropriate gift for momentous life occasions such as births, weddings, and funerals.