Flowers For Different Occasions

Flowers are widely available as it is usually given as a gift for any occasion, whether the recipient is celebrating their birthday, moving to another home or workplace, or grieving a loss. Flowers are a great way of expressing your love and care for them.

With lots of varieties and colors, choosing the right flowers can be overwhelming and challenging without a guide. There is a perfect flower that matches a specific occasion, and every flower holds a different meaning.

Here is a guide to know what kind of flowers to give on different occasions:

1. Flowers to give on Birthdays

One of the most awaited occasions for someone is their birthday. You can brighten someone’s day by gifting them flowers on their birthday. Knowing their favorite flowers is an advantage, but if you want to avoid asking because you want to surprise them, consider giving them the corresponding flowers matched for every birth month.

Birth MonthFlower
JanuaryCarnation (except yellow carnations)
MayLily of the Valley

Generally, yellow flowers are great to give as a gift for your friend’s birthday. Yellow flowers symbolize friendship, optimism, and joy, but avoid yellow carnations, as they mean disappointment and rejection. 

2. Flowers to give on a First Date

Your first date should be memorable, and one way for it to be always remembered is by gifting flowers to your date. 

Flowers to be given on a first date should be manageable and not overwhelming for your date. You can go for traditional red roses that work every time, but if you want something different, you can choose from tulips, orchids, and dandelions, as they are the most welcoming flowers for a date. 

Take note that you can still give flowers even after your first date.

3. Flowers to give on Anniversaries

Make your anniversary celebration extra special by giving your partner or spouse flowers as a gift. There are no better ways of celebrating an important and memorable occasion than by gifting flowers to express how you feel towards your other half.

Red or pink roses are normally given as a gift on anniversaries as they are fail-safe because they symbolize love and passion.

There are also corresponding flowers depending on the number of years you have been in a relationship or married:

# of YearsFlowerDescription
1st anniversaryCarnations(except yellow carnation)symbolize your new, passionate love
2nd AnniversaryCosmosportray the elegance of your youthful romance or marriage
3rd AnniversarySunflowersstand for a solid foundation for three years and more happy times in the coming years
4th AnniversaryGeraniumsexpress intimate love and affection between you and your partner
5th AnniversaryDaisiesrepresent faithfulness and everlasting love
10th AnniversaryDaffodilsreflect on the life you and your partner have shared and built together
15th AnniversaryRosesremind you and your partner of your passion and love for one another
20th AnniversaryAsterrepresents the wisdom and experiences you and your partner have had over the past 20 years of your relationship
25th AnniversaryIrisembodies the strength of your relationship
30th AnniversaryLilyremind you and your partner to dwell on all you have accomplished in your relationship for 30 years
40th AnniversaryGladiusserve as an instrument to communicate your feelings to your partner and how much they mean to you
50th AnniversaryYellow Roses mixed with Violetsstand for virtue and faithfulness (while yellow roses convey friendship, your partner can be considered your best friend)

4. Flowers to give on Valentine’s Day

On a romantic occasion like Valentine’s or Heart’s day, nothing beats red roses to be given to your special someone. While 3 red roses convey “I love you,” there are also other numbers of red roses that have different meanings:

  • A single-stem rose signifies love at first sight
  • 12 roses convey, “I want you to be mine,” and 
  • Thirty roses symbolize faithfulness.

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s day when you are just starting a relationship can go with lavender roses, which signify enchantment. If you are gifting flowers to your spouse, you can go for tulips instead of roses, which also communicate love.

Flowers to avoid are yellow roses, which represent friendship, and yellow carnations, which convey disappointment.

5. Flowers to give on Friendship Day

Make your best friend feel extra special on Friendship Day by giving them flowers. You can give your best friend tulips in a round box, a bouquet of yellow roses, or freesia in a special vase to make them happy. Flowers are a classic gift that suits everyone’s tastes, whether stylish or bohemian.

Finding the perfect flowers to give your best friend can be done easily and is also available online. Pick flowers that will convey joy to your dear friends.

6. Flowers to give on Mother’s Day

Flowers are the best way to greet your mom with a “Happy Mother’s Day.”  Gerbera daisies or pink and red carnations are always safe options because they represent cheerfulness, gratitude, love, and admiration, while the ideal choice of flowers to give on Mother’s day is a lily because a mother embodies purity and truthfulness, which is what lilies symbolize. They demonstrate your admiration for your mom and gratitude for her efforts and devotion.

7. Flowers to give on Grandparents Day

At some point in our lives, we are grateful for our grandparents. Aside from our parents, they are the ones who help to guide us and love us unconditionally. On Grandparents day, what is a better way to express our appreciation to them than gifting flowers?

Show your grandparents how much you care about them with a beautiful flower arrangement. You can pick the traditional roses; or lilies, which represent devotion and love that perfectly describe every grandparent. Sunflowers and gerbera daisies‘ bright colors can brighten their day. If you can’t choose one, you can choose a bouquet with mixed flowers. Sounds great!

8. Flowers to give at a Funeral

The loss of a loved one is hard, and sometimes we find it hard to find words to comfort and tell someone who is grieving that we care and we are there for them. Flowers can be a helpful way to communicate your emotions during this kind of occasion. You can offer to send the deceased’s relatives a beautiful floral arrangement. The funeral flowers convey your sympathy and support during this trying time while also representing hope.

Large and formal flower arrangements are common at a funeral using chrysanthemums, lilies, and roses.

The choice of flower colors also means a lot; white, blue, and green flowers represent humility, peace, and calmness, which bring comfort. Avoid orange and red flowers as they convey energy and passion, which should be given when celebrating a life and not mourning a death.


Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion as they convey many different feelings and emotions. There is never a wrong time to give flowers to someone, but it can be inappropriate on some occasions due to their meanings and the recipient’s culture.

Many factors must be considered before deciding what type of flowers to give on a particular occasion. Once you know the meanings and symbolism of flowers and their colors, it will be easier for you to choose the right flower arrangement. 

Different types of flowers symbolize love, friendship, happiness, or sadness; it is vital to know which flower suits which occasion. Whether celebrating a birthday or mourning a death, flowers are always likable, and you can always find ways to give flowers a little extra special.