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Erica, is also commonly known as Heath or Heathers and is a genus of 800 species of flowering plants belonging to the Ericaceae family. Most of the species are native to South Africa.

Ericas are evergreen and they require very low maintenance. Ericas need sandy, acidic and light soil. They grow well on cliffs or slopes of mountains. Although some species can grow to be tall trees or bushes. But mostly remain close to the ground grow as low shrubs. These beautiful flowering shrubs can be an attractive addition to the garden. The leaves are usually leathery, small and narrow and are mostly needle-shaped. The shapes of the flowers are like bells or tubes.

The genus or scientific name is derived from the Greek word “ereike”, meaning “to break”. This is because some species of Erica were used in an infusion in order to break up bladder stones.

What are the various meaning of Erica or Heather flower?

Erica flower meaning can be discovered in the Victorian times. It is believed that Queen Victoria had popularized the meaning of Erica flower as good luck because of her belief in Scottish traditions and Scottish folklore. The other popular belief is that since this flower was scarce, Victorians associated it with good luck.

In the 16th century, a Scottish clan called Clan Ranald, also associated Erica flowers with good luck and protection. This is because they wore white Erica in their bonnets and believed this made them win the battle.

In Scotland, it is common tradition to include a sprig of white heather in the bouquet of the bride to usher in good luck.

What do Erica flowers symbolize?

Erica flower meaning and symbolism are good fortune, good luck, protection, wealth and admiration. Many people believe in carrying a Erica flower always as a lucky charm.

The other significant Erica flower meaning is that it stands for independence and confidence. This is because these shrubs mostly grow in very difficult and hard terrains like slopes of mountains and cliffs. Such terrains are quite hard for any other flowers to grow. If you wish to convey to someone that they have a very strong personality, and they can handle any tough situation, a floral arrangement of Erica flowers would be a perfect gift.

What do the various colors of the Erica flower mean?

Erica flowers are a sign of beauty as they come in various colors, including red, pink, purple white and yellow. Each color stands for an emotion and plays a big role in their symbolism, so we should pay attention to what each color signifies. The Erica flower meaning and its various colors are listed below.

Red: Red color Erica flower symbolizes admiration. But in ancient times the color red was associated with blood and thus many people avoided carrying them to their homes or gift it to someone.

Pink: The beautiful pink Erica flower is a symbol of romance and passion. These flowers can convey your true feelings and emotions towards someone you really love and respect.

Purple: The gorgeous purple Erica flower stands for admiration and beauty. They can be a perfect gift for someone whom you admire and respect a lot.

White: The pretty white Erica flowers means good luck or wishes which come true. White Erica flowers also symbolizes protection and purity. It can be used to decorate homes to bring in good luck and positive energy. White Erica flowers are also used in wedding arrangements as it stands for purity and innocence. As per legends, wherever Erica flowers blossom, it is believed that fairies are living nearby.

Yellow: The yellow Erica flower meaning is joy. It also signifies friendship. A lovely bouquet of yellow Erica flowers can be gifted to friends to spread joy and happiness.

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Interesting facts and characteristics of the Erica flower

Ericas can be planted in hanging baskets, beds, containers, and pots. They look very attractive and act as great ornamental flowers for the garden.

Each small Erica flower can have up to thirty seeds.

Most of the species have narrow and small leaves arranged in whorls, with beautiful flowers that look like miniature bells. The flowers have around four or five sepals that form the calyx, and the flower corolla consists of separate petals.

The height of most Ericas are between 12 and 20 inches (30 and 50 centimeters) high.

Besides the color of the flowers, the foliage can be of different colors: yellow, green, orange and bronze are all attractive and eye-catching.

Best time to prune Erica plants is in the month of April and May. Pruning ensures that the plants are healthy and they grow well.

Ericas have medicinal benefits as well. For centuries some species like Erica manipuliflora , Erica australis and Erica arborea have been used in folk medicine and infusions. This is because they have antibiotic, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumoral properties.

Best time to gift someone Erica flowers

There is no perfect time to gift someone Erica flowers. Flowers can be gifted during any special occasion or any regular day to make someone feel special.

Since Erica flowers stand for good fortune, a vase or a bouquet of Erica flower can be gifted on birthdays and house-warming ceremonies. If a friend starts his own venture or business then you can gift a bouquet of Erica flower to wish him good luck. It is a perfect gift for someone who wants to achieve something in life as Erica flowers usher in good luck.

Weddings are a beginning of a new journey, a bunch of beautiful Erica white flowers can bring good fortune for the new couple.

Erica flower meaning is also protection. You can gift a bunch of beautiful yellow Erica flowers to someone who needs protection or someone you really care about.

Erica flowers are a sign of admiration. Red and pink Erica flowers can make an excellent gift to show the love of your life how much you really admire her. And how much you want them to be a part of your life.

So, when you gift Erica flowers you spread the joy of good luck and fortune to your friends and family.